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  • Why Do Endowments Use Hedge Funds As Part Of Their Allocation

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    A university endowment as one focal point of its program activities as it seeks to explore the relationship between capital markets and society; university endowments serve as the main nexus where the engines of financial markets and higher education intersect. Universities use endowments to pay for new buildings, salaries and offer scholarships and there's no denying that university endowments are exciting places for managers to be. Endowments are still subject to relatively few regulations apart from a rule in the US forcing most of them to dispense at least 5% of their corpus annually. Weal

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    Bp Amoco Case

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    “The Harmonized Savings Plan at BP Amoco” (i) Compare the retirement plan offerings of BP America (prior to the merger) and Amoco and briefly summarize the differences [3 pt] Amoco’s plan emphasizes a low-cost, passive, focused approach and uses index funds with low expenses across key investment classes and styles - domestic bonds, large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap, international equities, money market, plus a balanced fund, US Savings Bonds, and Amoco stock. Ex post allocation by employees includes 56% company stock, 19% S&P500, and 17% money market. BP’s options

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    Delta Computers Case Study

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    I. SYNOPSIS Delta Computers, a computer product developer, manufacturer and retailer is experiencing a decline in market share from 18 percent to 6 percent as of today. One of the four firm’s division president, George Clinton is having concern regarding some performance indicators and thinks that the decline is caused by the informal approach in product development. He asked Donna Dole, one of the firm’s managers to write a brief description of the process they go through on product development. So they have something they can use in examining or changing the way they plan. II. POINT OF

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    Investing In Mutual Funds

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    Description: Mutual funds are a type of investment whereby funds are collectively pooled from many investors and professionally managed. Such funds are used to buy bonds, stocks, short-term money market instruments, and/or other assets or securities. Headline: MUTUAL FUNDS: THE BARE FACTS Mutual funds are operated by professional money managers. What the managers do is to invest the fund's capital and endeavor to generate capital gains and returns for the fund's investors. Managers actively and constantly monitor the bonds and stocks in the stock portfolio of the funds. A mutual fun

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