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  • Heart Disease

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    Who ever knew two words could be so deadly? Heart Disease. Each year nearly 500,000 people die from heart disease (www.alternative-medicine-and-health.com). Why take that chance? It is best to take control of your health now before it is too late. If Americans educated themselves on this disease they could actually save their own life. The word heart disease is a general term for a number of different diseases that affect the heart (www.healthscout.com). Cardiovascular disease is the more specific term that refers to diseases that affect the heart itself and/or the blood vessel system, mostl

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    THE RISK OF THE SMOKING INTERVIEWER= ROHAYATI BINTI ZAKARIA INTERVIEWEE= DR. AJURA BINTI ABDUL JALIL - SPECIALIST IN HEART - UNIT STOMATOLOGY, INSTITUT PENYELIDIKAN PERUBATAN, JALAN PAHANG, KUALA LUMPUR 1. What the effect of passive smoking? We can divide it in two categories, short term and long term effects. SHORT TERM EFFECTS Most people know the long term effects when they smoking the disease that they will get from that habit for example is lung cancer, emphysema, premature ageing and etc. It’s important to understand in the short term smoking cigar

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    Survey Of Science

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    Science in the Real World Enrique Herrera Article 1. Birth control pills pose small but significant stroke risk MAYWOOD, Ill. - Birth control pills cause a small but significant increase in the risk of the most common type of stroke, according to a comprehensive report in the journal Med Link Neurology. For healthy young women without any stroke risk factors, the risk of stroke associated with oral contraceptives is small. Worldwide, more than 100 million women currently use oral contraceptives or have used them in the past. In the United States, there are about 40 brands of oral

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    What Is A Stroke

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    A stroke is a sudden episode that may affect consciousness, sensation, and movement, which results from a blockage or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain. It causes symptoms that last for at least 24 hours. A stroke (known medically as a cerebrovascular accident or CVA) occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is suddenly interrupted or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, spilling blood into the spaces surrounding brain cells. Brain cells die when they no longer receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood or there is sudden bleeding into or around the brain.  Types of Strok

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    Evaluating An Article

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    “Congenital Heart Disease and its effects on children and their families” Congenital heart defects (CHDs) are a common birth defect. In America, the CHD birth prevalence is 5 to 10 per 1000 live births (Smith et al. 34). CHDs are gross structural abnormalities of the heart or intrathoracic vessels that are actually or potentially of functional significance. In their written journal article, “Congenital Heart Disease and its effects on children and their families”, Mark Smith, Colin Newey, Madeline Jones, and Jeff Martin consider the approach required for supporting fa

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    Angina Pectoris: Human Health And Disease

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    Angina Pectoris (or plainly angina) is a sharp pain or discomfort in the chest that results from a lack of blood and oxygen to a part of the heart. If someone suffers from angina it does not necessarily mean they are having a heart attack or that they will have a heart attack. However, if you suffer from angina it means that a part of your heart is not receiving the right amount of blood and oxygen and that you have coronary artery disease. (1) There are four different types of angina and they include; stable angina, unstable angina, microvascular angina, and Prinzmetal’s angina (or variant an

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    Vitamin D Does The Source Matter

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    Vitamin D Supplements: Does the Source Matter? Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is formed when skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Vitamin D is also found in food and dietary supplements. The main function of vitamin D is to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood to support bone mineralization (hardening of bones), cell functions, and proper nerve and muscle function. [1] Vitamin D is needed for a healthy immune system to help the body fight off infections and prevent the development of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid

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    Stroke The Causes And Effects Health And Social

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    Care Essay In this assignment I discuss Paul who is a 65 year old male and has suffered a stroke. My aim is to explain what a stroke is, the causes and effects, and give you my understanding of how I as a Health Care Worker can help identify, meet and care for the client's needs following a stroke. For this assignment I will bring together the knowledge I have gained as a health care assistant student to date along with some research also. I have carried out my research using the internet, Irish heart foundation, stroke centre organisation, stroke.ie. My focus as a health care assistant

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    Lifestyle Diseases: Cardiovascular Diseases -sampada bista (iii pyes) 1. Meaning OF LIFESTYLE DISEASES * A disease associated with the way a person or group of people live. Lifestyle diseases include atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes and diseases associated with smoking and alcohol and drug abuse. * Lifestyle Diseases are diseases that are caused partly by unhealthy behaviours and partly by other factors. * They are called this because a person’s habits, behaviours and practices largely determine whether a person develops a li

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    High Blood Pressure Risks As You Age

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    As many people may think they know what high blood pressure is, there is even a greater amount that actually have it. Although high blood pressure may not be an illness that you can physically and distinctively see, you do see its affects daily on friends and family, and it definitely plays a huge role on American society as well as on the rest of the world. Throughout this essay the reader will be enlightened on what high blood pressure is exactly, when and why someone may get it, the symptoms, along with what it does to your body, and how to prevent and treat it. In order to understand Hig

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    Heart Attack: Symptoms And Risk Factors

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    Abstract I will be researching on the heart attack symptoms and risk factors. Heart attack happens when there is an obstruction of a coronary artery, leading to tissue damage. A heart attack is fatal when there is a subsequent disruption of the normal electrical signal of the heart ,leading to fibrillation. In addition, the major causes of heart attacks are age, angina, smoking, and stress. Knowledge of heart attack and stroke symptomology as well as calling 911 for a suspected heart attack or stroke are essential first steps in seeking care. In this research, I will

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