High School Papers

  • Remembered Event - My Last Competition

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    I never would have thought that a freshman in high school could obtain a high position such as varsity on a sports team. It’s pretty much common sense that the upper-classmen have the upper hand in gaining the varsity positions and a freshman tossed aside to be trained to achieve the varsity position once she hits the upper-classmen status. Retaining this knowledge, I still wanted to challenge this process, not because of the attention I would gain, but because it was my last chance. My family had put up our house for sale the summer before my freshman year and planned to move either mid-year

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    The Chubby 6th Grader

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    It’s funny to see how people react when I tell them that the show How I Met Your Mother changed my life, and I wish I could see the look on your face after reading that. But while it may sound weird, or even a little childish, it’s 100% true that How I Met Your Mother gave me the confidence I have today in regard to the social aspect of my life. Growing up, I was always pressured by my dad to get a girlfriend. Now most guys will say that their dad laid a few jokes or two on them when they got to high school about getting a girlfriend, but that’s not what I’m talking about. No, what I’m talk

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    Key To Life In High School

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    There are things we wish we knew when we were younger that we know now. We look back on life and wonder if someone would have told us how to live life a few years ago, we would not be in the same situation we are in now. For example, a relative telling you to not regret anything you do in life, or to always live in the moment and not look back. Advice is key to living a great life. If one listens to the people who have already experienced what he or she is now going through, one could embrace life and live it to the best of their potential. One should listen to their elders; they know what

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    Professional Effectiveness - The Grow Model

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    One of the most successful and accepted coaching methods in the workplace is the GROW model. Coaching lets a coachee become more aware of what they can do with their life and prepares them to take more accountability for it. This technique is achieved through sessions, as in: ? Goal ? Reality ? Options ? Will In the Goal stage, the coach enables the coachee to establish where they want to be or what they want to achieve. Once the coachee creates some goals for themselves, the coach and coachee work together to

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