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  • Travel And Tourism

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    1. Compare the views of tourism expressed in text to with those of some of the other texts. In the text named ‘Backpackers hit the tourist trail’ written by Sarah Hall, she expresses how she feels about the extensive tourism of backpackers. She starts off by quoting the writer Alex Garland, author of the book The Beach, who states that it’s impossible to keep such places as Bali or Borocay to yourself and avoid the tourism that undoubtedly will increase in the near future. These remarkable cultural places are, according to Alex Garland, infected by mass tourism. He

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    The Westin

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    The Westin Hotel and Resorts ( Starwood) Organization, has been established since 1930 and delivers an experience like no other. It operates more than 1,128 Hotels, 334,239 rooms in more than 100 countries. Starwood Hotel and Resorts is a worldwide franchise, and is the most global high end Hotel in the world, has an award winning loyalty program and 154,000 talented associates. The Starwood is made up of nine distinct brands: * Sheraton * Four points * W Hotels * Aloft * The Luxury Collection * Le Meridien * Element * Westin * St. R

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    Knowing Hotels

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    Hotel Knowledge | Marketing 430 | Andrew Coleson | 1. What hotels like Hilton and The Ritz-Carlton are doing is a very daring strategy that could make for some either impressive service delivery or incredible service failure. I personally believe that this strategy will be a successful one. That said, this strategy is not full proof and is contingent on how the customer reacts. Imagine walking into a hotel that you frequent on a yearly basis. You walk in; the front staff knows your name, what room you will be in, who is accompanying you, how many days you will be staying, and any ot

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    Organizational Structure - Hospitality Industry –Hotels

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    The way an organization is established affects how or if the business is successful in accomplishing its goals. If the structure of an organization is contrary to the needs of its specific goals, the accomplishment of these goals will be hindered or it may even cause the organization to fail. Whether an organization is a “Mom & Pop” or a large conglomerate, it is essential to match the needs of the company with the correct structure. The organization on which I will focus in this writing is the hospitality industry – specifically hotels. Hotels have changed over the years from just being a

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    Environmental Responsibility

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    Environmental Responsibility Essay Kimpton hotels earth care program has evolve taking bigger steps because the organization move to California. California is known for recycling items such as bottles to newspapers. Kimpton managing from a state so true to the ecology system is right up the alley of what the company believes and practice daily. Another organization is Alcoa. Alcoa takes responsibility in the environment focusing on issues affecting society in the environment y . In this paper, readers will read and understand the importance of two companies Kimpton hotels and Alcoa tak

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