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  • Tolerance

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    Ice breakers almost always include the question of, “Where are you from?” and having grown up in Naperville, Illinois, whenever I bring that up to people, I often get the response, “Oh wow, wasn’t that named one of the country’s most mean towns to live in?”. That question is usually followed by the immediate judgement that I am a mean, rich, shallow person with little regard for other people. Now, having grown up in Naperville, I can personally attest that many of the people who live there are, well, mean. I don’t know their back stories so I try my hardest not to judge, but many are extremely

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    Hedwig And The Angry Inch

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    Hedwig and the Angry Inch Response to Topic A: Hedwig used music, comedy, and pathos to tell the story. I think these elements were used very well to tell the story of Hedwig’s struggles. This film has pushed in a direction ever so controversial, touching subjects as cross-dressing, gender bending, etc. It is a film that celebrates individuality. The music in this film played a big role in telling Hedwig’s story. Hedwig’s music combined moments of comedy, and emotion to deliver a side of storytelling that the audience could very well appreciate as the film unfolded Hedwig’s struggles. The mus

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    David Ochoa September 16, 2009 English-Mr. Harrison Summer Reading In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry Jonas is taught that his world is perfect, but finds out that society is controlled. Jonas was one of the main characters of this novel. Throughout reading The Giver Jonas seems to always be seeking more warmth and human contact then what the society he lives in already allows. The character Jonas portrayed various characteristics. Three of those characteristics that he portrayed were intelligence, curiosity, and kindness. The first characteristic that Jonas portrayed was hi

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