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  • Hybrid Vehicles

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    A hybrid car is an automobile that has two or more major sources of propulsion power. Most hybrid cars currently marketed to consumers have both conventional gasoline and electric motors, with the ability to power the vehicle by either one independently or in tandem. These vehicles are appropriately termed gas-electric hybrids. Other power sources may include hydrogen, propane, CNG, and solar energy. The technology used depends on the goals set for the vehicle, whether they be fuel efficiency, power, driving range, or reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Consumer oriented hybrid cars, which have

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    Ford Hybrid

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    Ford Hybrid EMG3301 Susan McCabe Abstract What made the Ford Escape Hybrid the most complex project in Ford’s history? Was it because it was the first hybrid SUV? Or was it because it was the most technically advanced product the automaker had ever attempted to put into mass production. (Salter, 2004) What kind of challenges was the hybrid team faced with? Was it motivation, time, money, knowledge, or supplies? The purpose of this paper is to discuss the project life cycle that is evident, was it effective having two project managers, the toughest challenges that were faced by this

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    Hybrid Cars Comparison Report

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    Memorandum To: Ms Phapphayboun From: Janie Causby Re: Hybrid Cars Comparison Report Introductory Summary The hybrid car market is one of the fastest growing divisions in the automobile industry with a very desirable growth rate. Hybrid cars make the US more energy secure and are presently quite vulnerable to oil supply, since 95% of the US transportation depends on oil disruption [5]. It only makes sense to change from conservative to hybrid cars in helping the economy and the environment. What is a hybrid vehicle? The hybrid vehicle is powered by both a gasolin

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    Hybrid Cars

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    Term Report To: Hugh BLAIR From: Alen HABIBIC RE: Term Report Introduction: For many years, automakers have been attempting to design a viable electric vehicle. It has long been known that oil is a finite resource and with the demands for oil largely driven by America's demands, as well as the ever-increasing demands of other industrialized nations, both automakers and governments have long been desiring of a pollution-free alternative that does not rely on oil and gasoline to run. o Definition of Hybrid A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses an on-boar

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