Immigration Papers

  • Should Ivy League Campuses Be Sanctuaries To Undocumented Immigrants

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    Sociology 170 In Ivy Leaguers Want Their Campuses to be ‘Sanctuaries’ From Trump Deportations, it discusses the movement of Ivy League schools wanting to have their campuses be sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants because of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign to deport undocumented immigrants. Students, faculty, and alumni have all signed a letter stating what would like to happen for them and their families on campus. I chose to focus on this issue because with Trump becoming the new leader of our nation, he’s set how he wants to handle immigrant laws and deportation of undocumente

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    Asian Americans In The Workplace

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    Asian Americans in the Workplace An In-Depth Analysis of Korean Americans 11/19/2007 ? Table of Contents Introduction 3 History of Korean Immigration to the United States 4 Values and Customs 10 Demographical Profile 16 The ‘Bamboo Ceiling’: Barriers in the Workplace 22 A Personal Interview: A Different Side to the Story 26 Conclusion 27 References 28 Introduction The term “Asian American” has a rich history in the United States. It refers to a person of Asian ancestry who also obtains American citizenship. The term was originally used by the Census Bureau to clari

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    Economists have claimed that illegal immigration benefits our economy not only by their pre sales tax purchases but because some illegal immigrants have obtained fake documents to obtain employment (Silverstein, 1993). These documents include false Social Security numbers and individual tax payer identification numbers (Preston, 2006). And although honorable in their desire to pay taxes and contribute to the country for which they are illegally residing, some illegal immigrants are eligible for a tax refund because of their low-paying occupations (Preston, 2006). Not only does this further ani

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    Emigration – To Stay Or To Leave Bulgaria

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    Emigration – to stay or to leave Bulgaria More than a decade has passed since the peak of emigration from Bulgaria following communism's fall, but many of the country's most enterprising and best-educated young are still keen to seek a life abroad. And that is one of the most serious problems Bulgaria faces last few years. 12,1 % of the whole Bulgarian population or 937 341 people live in foreign countries. According to the World Bank this number of emigrants now is much higher, because the last information about the problem dates back to one or two years ago. Motives to migrate can be e

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