Immigration Papers

  • Progressive Reform Research Paper

    1461 words, 6 pages

    Caio Andrade Period 4 Mrs. Sadler Ethnic Issues VS. POVERTY In this research paper I will talk about the turn of century issues and problems, by writing about corruption and ethnic issues, and how they affect each other. I will also analyze document to support my argument, and this will reflect how was the life on the turn of the century, and what people thought about the government and the issues of the time. In the first document is called "The Poor in Summer" and it was written by Robert Alston Stevenson, and he wrote the document to give the poor dimensi

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    Immigration In The United States

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    The American Heritage Dictionary states that immigration is to enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native. Immigration has an affect on all countries. There are many problems associated with immigration. The problems are political, ethical, legal and economic to name a few of them. This is a very complex problem occurring around the world. In the United States, “there are eight million illegal immigrants”. That is a very big problem because “every year almost five hundred-thousand illegal immigrants come to the United States for different reasons”1. There is a hu

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    Politics Of The Boarder

    1455 words, 6 pages

    Immigration issues have been a major topic in our society. The issue to whether give the immigrants passports, or legal documents. In the United States we have a major issue due to the fact that there are many illegal aliens’ in this country. Immigration has been a topic that has had much controversy. This issue has risen a change in the frontier states causing a group of people called Minute Men "that protect the border." The United States has dealt with immigration issues and the benefits and consequences this causes. Immigration has been a major political issue that

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    An Immigrant Life

    1196 words, 5 pages

    As an individual we all know our needs and core values and if we think as a life of immigrant it is the movement of a culture to another culture, moral values, and national moral. An immigrant is referred as the moment of a person between countries. While the movement of people has exited throughout human history at various levels, modern immigration implies long term, legal, permanent immigration. Under this term, an illegal immigrant is a foreigner who either illegally crossed or international political border, be it by land, water, or air, or a foreigner who legally entered a country but ne

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    Illegal Immigration

    1174 words, 5 pages

    One of the most controversial political issues of today is that of illegal immigrants from Mexico. Illegal immigration into the United States is a problem that should be stopped, as it is unfair to both Americans and to the people of the country from which they illegally immigrated. It is thought that the majority of illegal aliens residing in the U.S. are Mexicans (Anderson 55). Roy Beck clarifies the situation by stating, "The national consensus is that the United States should be a post-mass immigration country has included most leaders of business, religion, labor, academia, and social wor

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    Immigration Reform In America

    1564 words, 7 pages

    As I sit here and think about one of the hottest topics in America today – Immigration Reform – a scene from Lethal Weapon 4 keeps playing in my mind. Danny Glover’s character, Sgt. Murtaugh, says “What happened to ‘Bring me your tired, your poor, your wretched masses yearning to be free’?” and the reply of the man playing the INS agent was “Now it reads ‘no vacancies’”. I wonder if that is what our nation has come to. Do we put a big sign out on the Statue of Liberty that reads “No Vacancies”? The immigration reform act that President Bush wants to implement has several parts to it. Th

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    The Devastating Effects Of Illegal Immigration

    2069 words, 9 pages

    The Devastating Effects of Illegal Immigration I am very proud to be an American citizen and because of this I have extremely passionate feelings in regards to illegal immigration. My personal experience living in Southern California has allowed me to see this injustice first hand and I am absolutely against it. I am perturbed when so many Americans are struggling financially today while people are sneaking into our country, taking our jobs, and not paying taxes. Every where I turn it seems as though the English language is followed closely with Spanish. I find myself wondering what country

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    Progresssive Era

    1477 words, 6 pages

    The reluctant welfare state: Engaging history to advance social work practice in contemporary society Chapter 6: Social Reform in Progressive Era The Progressive Era, which began in the last half of the 19th century, witnessed a number of fundamental changes in the American social and political structure, and the legacy of these changes continues to influence American society into the 21st century. Since the political powers were unwilling or unable to address the rapid economic and social changes brought about by the industrial revolution in America, t

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    7604 words, 31 pages

    Immigration to the United States has been a major source ofpopulation growth and cultural change throughout much of thehistory of the United States. The economic, social, and political aspects of immigration have caused controversy regarding ethnicity, economic benefits, jobs for non-immigrants, settlement patterns, impact on upward social mobility, crime, and voting behavior. As of 2006, the United States accepts more legal immigrants as permanent residents than all other countries in the world combined.[1] Since the liberalization of immigration policy in 1965,[2] the

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    Illegal Immigration

    2697 words, 11 pages

    Illegal Immigration in the United States Illegal immigration is one of the biggest controversies and vastly debated issue in the United States of America. With the number of immigrants increasing hastily illegal immigration has got the interest of the American economists and politicians. The issue of illegal immigration has also gained the attention of press as illegal immigration is a national issue and hurts the sentiments of millions all over the world. Many believe that illegal immigration into America is a pest on Americans especially the working population

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    Discuss The Positive And Negative Impacts Of Immigration

    1332 words, 6 pages

    Discuss the positive and negative impacts of immigration referring to specific examples you have studied. Migration is the long-term movement of people from one area (donor region to another receiver region). Movement of an area is referred to as emigration, while movement inwards is known as immigration. In this case, the receiver region I studied was Dublin, a place that suffers both positive and negative impacts of immigration. People migrate for a variety of reasons. They may be compelled to leave one area and drawn to another. These motives can be classified

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    The Dream Act

    1043 words, 5 pages

    It is hard to take a position on the Dream Act. There are a lot of pros and cons to this legislative bill. “The Dream Act would give immigration minors a temporary, six year residency on the path to citizenship, if they came to the U.S. before the age of sixteen, had been in the country for five years, graduated from high school, have no criminal record and attended college or served in the military for at least two years.” Conde, C.. "A Field of Broken Dreams. " The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education 24 Jan. 2011: ProQuest Education Journals, ProQuest. Web.  7 Mar. 2

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    Obama Articles

    2260 words, 10 pages

    AP Govt/Econ. P.7 (1) Freshman Republican calls out Obama on debt (June 7, 2011) Freshman Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) is publicly pressuring President Barack Obama to show leadership on debt ceiling negotiations, urging to take a page from former President Bill Clinton’s playbook and forge a consensus ahead of the Aug. 2 deadline to raise the debt limit. “I look back to the early '90s when President Bill Clinton was faced with many of the same political problems you now face,” Labrador writes. “He was unpopular and unable to govern in an era in which the people were fed up with liber

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    Arizona Immigration Law

    1567 words, 7 pages

    Arizona Acts in Accordance with Americans Illegal immigration has long been a problem for the United States. The most common route of entrance into the U.S. by immigrants the past few decades has been the U.S. - Mexican border. Entering the country legally takes more time and therefore, the process of naturalization is undermined through illegal immigration. Naturalization is the process by which foreign citizens gain citizenship through the fulfillment of the requirements set by the United States Congress (United States 1). Until recently, the laws in place against i

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    Immigration Discrimination

    2391 words, 10 pages

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddles masses yearning to be free,” hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to our country have been greeted by these words on the gates of Ellis Island. America is an idea of hope, freedom and a new beginning. For countless immigrants, the struggle to arrive in America is rivaled only by the struggle to gain acceptance among the population. Immigrants come to America seeking economic opportunity and freedom for themselves and their children, and have more often than not experienced discrimination for it. The purpose of this

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    America's Illegal Immigration Dilemma

    1870 words, 8 pages

    Since early years, our world had become extremely aware that almost everyday, foreign groups or individuals, from several different locations, set out on a dangerous task in order to find a new destination . This task is known as the illegal act of Immigration and can be defined as the process by which people immigrate across national borders to other countries. Immigration is an illegal act because it involves the cross of national borders to other countries without having the right to be in that particular country, thus breaking our worlds immigration laws. Many aspects contribute to a per

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    Dream Act

    1238 words, 5 pages

    Personal stories Group 3 English 110-41517 Professor Summers 11/22/2014 Dream Act Presentation Lately we have all been hearing about the DREAM Act but we aren’t really aware of what it actually is. Curiosity sparked me and my group, so we began to research it. The DREAM Act stands for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors, this is a proposal for a law that would potentially give permanent residency to certain illegal aliens. To be eligible for this permanent residency the applicant must meet certain requirements: The applicant must have entered the

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    Mother Of Exiles

    1379 words, 6 pages

    We have become an embarrassment to ourselves. The deportation of peoples migrating to this country is something that is against the very core of what this country is supposed to be about. We have lost our way and let our government trample on the American dream. There is glaring evidence that the deportation of folks migrating here is against the contract we have shown the world of expressed invitation, and that the cost to us each year is not worth it given that the results show more people enter this country illegally then are being caught and deported. It’s time for Americans to care about

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    Immigrant As Employees

    1090 words, 5 pages

    The United States of America has had a perennial problem concerning illegal immigrants working in the country. Indeed, the problem does not appear to end soon since every single day there are immigrants getting into the country illegally and proceeding to get employment. As a developed nation, the country’s phenomenon growth has ensured existent of many employers who require labor. In effect, the need for a workforce has necessitated an influx of illegal immigrants seeking employment and a better life in the country. The estimated figures of these illegal immigrants are around 22 million of t

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    1236 words, 5 pages

    Could immigration be beneficial to the United States? Immigration has benefited this country. Immigrants have been a source of cheap labor to the United States in fast food businesses to high-tech industries (U.S. immigration facts, 2007). Legal immigrants create jobs since some are entrepreneurs in different areas. Illegal immigrants make up 24% of all workers employed in farming jobs, 17% in cleaning, 36% in insulation installation, 29% in roofing and drywall installation, and 27% are butchers and other food processors. Others like the most skilled create jobs in technology and e

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    My Antonia Immigration

    1539 words, 7 pages

    Immigration Changes and Similarities: For Better, Worse, or No Effect? The United States of America is known as “the land of the free”. With the many opportunities and ways to have a better life, America is the place to be. All over the world, people strive, dream, and wish that one day, they will be living here. When people do come to America, they see a light at the end of the tunnel. However sometimes that light is blocked and hard to see because they are different, they are not from here, because they are immigrants. Legal immigration has been around since

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    How Immigrants Changed America

    1773 words, 8 pages

    Even though there are policies and regulations to prevent the influx of illegal immigrants in the United States; why are they not being enforced or do the people feel that illegal immigration should be ignored in the United States? Everyone in the United States of America is an immigrant or has descended from immigrants. The Constitution of the United States begins: “We the People of the United States…” Nonetheless, we know the United States was not and then and is not now made up of a single group of people. It is made up of many peoples. Immigration is defined as action of coming to l

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    Enforcing Immigration Laws

    1367 words, 6 pages

    Donald Madden Debbie Audilet ENG: 111 June 13, 2015 State vs. Government: Enforcing Immigration Laws One could only imagine how difficult it is to govern and deal with illegal immigration issues in a state as large as Arizona; with it being, as noted in Davenport’s article, the nation’s busiest illegal entry point. There are specific laws designed to regulate illegal immigration. While the effects of illegal immigration are being experienced throughout the state, it is somewhat suppressed in its dealing with the effects because the federal gove

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    Illegal Immigrations Effect On The Economy

    1393 words, 6 pages

    Get Off Our Lawn! Meet Fernando. He has dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. Fernando came to America when he was 19 in the back of a rusty old pickup truck, hidden by bushels of hay. He came here to find work so he could feed his family and keep a roof over their heads. He spends everyday in the hot sun, repairing streets, lifting lumber, or landscaping, whatever will get him a dollar. Then he sends every penny back home to his family, keeping them afloat. Some people will tell you America benefits from people like Fernando. What most people don’t know is that Fernan

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    Migration Into The United States

    1002 words, 5 pages

    Throughout the entire history of America, it has been considered a place where dreams come true; a place in which dreams can be turned into reality. People from Europe and Asia fled to America in seeking religious freedom and “the American Dream.” Unfortunately, America was one of the few places in the world where people decided their own wealth and social status, and could increase it at will. Ultimately, the United States of America attracted millions of immigrants from all over the globe. Since the beginning there was always something for everyone in America. Weather

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    Economic Impact Of Imiigration To Uk Wages

    1003 words, 5 pages

    Nickell and Saleheen (2008) investigated the ‘Impact of Immigration on Occupational Wages’ in Britain. Firstly, the labour market was segmented by occupation to see which occupations were affected by immigration and the trends in wages across different jobs. An empirical analysis of the change in occupational wages was conducted using regression analyses. The variation of wages and immigration across regions, occupations and time was considered. The research reveals that immigration had the largest impact on the wage of low-skilled/semi-skilled workers. A 10% rise in th

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    Illegal Immigrants

    1004 words, 5 pages

    Funding for Illegal Immigrants Illegal immigrants receiving tax payers funded social services has been the subject of heated debates for quite some time now. The fact that our current economy is affecting most Americans these days is not making this situation any easier. A lot of US Citizens struggling with new realities such as losing their jobs, homes, and cars don’t even qualify for government assisted programs. These Americans resent the fact that illegal immigrants are able to access assistance when they don’t contribute to the system. We may or may not feel

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    Immigrant Experieces

    1001 words, 5 pages

    Conrad Harper Professor Jon Panish English 100 Immigrant Experiences In the memoir Brother, I'm Dying, the author, Edwidge Danticat, gives an account of the events that connected her father Mira, and uncle Joseph before their deaths. Danticat also recounts the experiences of her and her family in Haiti and their immigration to the United States. Danticat discusses the lives of both her father and uncle in Haiti and her father and mother's eventual immigration to the United States. Danticat describes her parents trip back to Haiti and how they started the process of

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    The Guilded Age

    1006 words, 5 pages

    “Glitter on surface but corrupt underneath.” These are the words of Mark Twain as he describes what he has appropriately named The Gilded Age. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries the United States experienced a period of great population growth and change, a time when an agrarian society of small rural producers grew into an urban society ruled by industrial corporations. The Gilded Age also produced a national transportation and communication network, the corporation became the main form of business organization, and the political culture was rapidly chang

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    Remediation Analysis

    1011 words, 5 pages

    Carmen Espinal Mrs. Ranes ENC1101 December 8th, 2013 Remediation Analysis America has always been characterized for the acceptance of large amounts of immigrants and the cultural diversity that gives the nation its complex culture. However, integration of cultures and immigrants becomes a complicated process when the immigrants themselves raise boarders around them and limit their experience to ethnic groups. In order to express my opinion more efficiently, I chose to remediate my essay into a short video that would target recently arrived immigrants, specifically colle

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    Immigration And Immigration Law In The United Stat

    1009 words, 5 pages

    Instructor: Rebecca Cain Class: LEG 101 Student: Gema Smith Homework: Paper project assignment IMMIGRATION AND IMMIGRATION LAW IN THE UNITED STATES Right about a million immigrants arrives in the United States each year. The United States is the nation of immigrants. The United States is also known as “the melting pot” and it is because there are different cultures, races and religions from nearly every country in the world. Historically immigrants come to the US in search of “The American Dream”. Most immigrants come to the United States

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    Impact Of Polish Migration On The United Kingdom

    1008 words, 5 pages

    Migration has economic, social and political effects on both countries involved, i.e. the home and the host country. Some of these effects are symmetric in the sense that the positive effects for one country are mirrored one-to-one by negative effects on the other. Other impacts of emigration may be beneficial for both countries. It is difficult to find a specific feature of migration that has a negative impact at the same time on both countries, as in this case it would probably did not happen. It is difficult to give accurate figures about the total Polish-origin community in UK. It is es

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    Social Security

    1252 words, 6 pages

    For as long as I can remember, my parents and grandparents have had long discussions pertaining to when they reached the age of 65 they would be able to retire and receive their social security on a monthly basis. Social Security, a benefit granted to us by birth; but what about the individuals who were not born in this country? Individuals who leave their country and enter into the United States illegally, to obtain the American Dream? Illegal immigrants come from all around the world, entering into the United States seeking employment that may provide a better eco

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    U.s Immigration And Customs Enforcement

    1250 words, 5 pages

    Immigration is a very controversial issue that we have been facing for several years many are in favor of it and others against it. I would like to make a change and give out enough information to those who see immigrants as criminals when in reality they are normal human beings that are in search of the “American Dream.” A change must be made, a opportunity must be offered, and a life must be changed this is what I want for each and one of these individuals who leave their home countries and families in order to pursuit better life conditions. What is the “American Dream?” Many

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    1256 words, 6 pages

    The focus of this case study was to observe the new Phoenix day labor site also named “Macehualli”. This name came from the Aztec language. This site opened on Saturday February first 2003. We visited this site on April 29th 2003 at approximately 8:15 a.m. until around 9:45 a.m. Our goal was to talk with the key people involved in the day labor project. We inquired about this programs working status. Is this program benefiting the people who come here looking for work? We choose this site because of the interest in immigration by the U.S. and how do these immigrants fin

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    The United States Of Divided People

    1267 words, 6 pages

    The United States of Divided People? Immigration is a well-known term. It has been done for several decades, even centuries, and has united the people of the world across all countries. But why do people immigrate? A part of the increasing immigration can be seen as a result of the worldwide globalization. The world is past earlier complications, and the cross-country relationships keep becoming better. People crave for success in life, and some countries just can’t offer that opportunity in as good extent, as countries like America. The modern America is a country bui

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    1267 words, 6 pages

    Refugees and Immigrants Sang Nguyen Per. 4 A refugee is an involuntary immigrant who is forced to leave the homeland because political, religious, or ethnic persecution. An immigrant voluntarily chooses to emigrate and start life anew in another country. Seadoc uses the term Southeast Asian Americans to refer to refugees and immigrants from the countries: Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The reason why reduces came to the United States are related to the complicated history of their homelands. Western nations have been interested in colonizing Southeast Asians for c

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    Injustice Unfair

    1269 words, 6 pages

    The article “Illegal Immigrants Allowed to Practice Law in California” talks about how the United States is prepared to give undocumented people the right to get driver license. It also says that now undocumented people can even become lawyers. "While Washington waffles on immigration, California's forging ahead," Brown said in a statement. "I'm not waiting." He said this because he knows that here in California illegal immigrants are the vas majority of people who live here. “Other new laws prohibit law enforcement officials from detaining immigrants based on federal

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    Illegal Immigration Reasons And Circumstances

    1239 words, 5 pages

    Illegal immigration includes many different status and different requirements to get in the process. There are many reasons and circumstances that the illegal immigrants have when they across the line, putting sometimes in risk their lives or just they leave their beliefs, cultures and loving families. Spread of Distribution of Locations Where Illegal Immigrants Reside by State. The population of Illegal Immigrant has increased since 2000 around the country estimated from 11.5 to 12 million individuals. The more impact of this situation has been showed in California Sate. Note. Fro

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    Usa Immigration

    1482 words, 6 pages

    ”The open door policy in the united states began to close to immigrants, in search of a new life, for a number of reasons. One case of argument was the use of racism and nativism to put negative views forward on these non-WASP immigrants. Also, the rise in crime and lack of jobs helped to expedite these views along with communism. Finally another major reason for changing attitudes towards immigrants in the 1920s, was Americas use of isolationism. However, some of these arguments claim that the door began to close well before the 20s and these negative attitudes had been in place a lot longer

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    Italian Migrants In Argentina

    1499 words, 6 pages

    Argentina is a country that has been molded by its immigrants. The largest group of immigrants has come from Italy over a span of about 40 years from 1880 to 1920. Italian immigrants in Argentina have helped shape the country as it is today by contributing to organized labor and economic success. As the flow of migrants increased from Italy to Argentina so did their power in the labor movement. The driving force behind Italians migrating to Argentina was the opportunity of becoming an independent farmer. Because of Italians deep desire to be landowners themselves instead of tenant farmers, t

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    Historical Framework Of The Issue Of Immigration

    1501 words, 7 pages

    The issue of Hispanic immigration was started in the year of 1942 when the government of the United States of America and Mexico came into an agreement which is known as “Mexican Farm Labor Supply Program”. The reason behind starting this program was lost of American manpower during the World War II. This program was also called as “bracer (day laborer program)”. Due to this, large number of Mexicans was brought to the America. The labor force was staying in US only and sending money to their families. The government of Mexico and labors were interested to continue this program because the l

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    Roger Daniel's Guarding The Golden Door No Immigration Policy

    1507 words, 7 pages

    “Guarding the Golden Door” by Roger Daniels is an exquisite explanation of the American immigration system through history and in recent policies. Since 1882, the United States has claimed that their immigration goal was to prevent it from happening, while ironically enabling just the opposite. Consequently, the only true policy that has been applied to American immigration is that it is on a continuous loop of inconsistent policies, which are altered based on the current disposition of cheap labor for American industry demands. Most of the United States immigration policy has been created by

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    Latino Immigration

    1511 words, 7 pages

    Latino Studies 102 Research Paper Illegal immigration effect on Latinos in the U.S. United States immigration has always been a popular topic, however, ever since the early to mid 1900s the immigration flow has been astronomical. The term "illegal immigration" refers to a person who has entered a country without legal authorization. This paper will show the relevance of illegal immigration into the U.S. and the effect it has on the Latino’s in the Unites States. The Latino population is made up of different countries, cultures, and varieties. The pattern of migrat

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    Homeland Security Act 2002

    1502 words, 7 pages

    The Homeland Security Act of 2002 was introduced in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks and subsequent mailings of anthrax spores. On November 25, 2002, President Bush signed into law the Homeland Security Act of 2002. “In consideration of the breadth of the Act’s intended goals to defend the United States and protect citizens from the dangers of a new era, as declared by President Bush” (2003). This Act created a significant impact on America, and a new federal agency, the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”), which was combined 22 existing and separate federal agencies, including th

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    Turkish-german Relationship In Downward Trend

    1741 words, 7 pages

    The relationship between Turkey and Germany is a very familiar topic; it has been discussed throughout the years due to the large population of Turks currently residing in Germany. Even with Germany’s recent economic reputation in all of Europe, drawing in a large influx of immigrants from many European Union countries, it is difficult to speak about immigration in Germany without involving the influence that Turkey has had since post World War II. Despite the presence that Turks have in Germany, their relationship dating back to the 1960’s continues to have its struggles throughout the years

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    Immigration Reform

    1739 words, 7 pages

    Prosperous nations such as the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom will always attract immigrants that are in search for a better life. The problem is that many immigrants do not follow the proper immigration channels. The United States has an illegal immigration problem as immigrants enter the country illegally by crossing the border between the United States and Mexico, or they enter legally but overstayed their visas. The United States Immigration Reform is specifically targeting the problem of 12 to 20 million undocumented workers in the United States. The Immigration R

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    The Irish Famine

    1717 words, 7 pages

    During the Famine years, 1845-1855 destitution, eviction and despair resulted in the emigration of nearly 2.5 million Irish. The majority of those sailed to the United States in the hope of escaping a land filled with poverty and British oppression. After the Famine, economic deprivation and a change in agricultural cultivation continued to be the main forces driving emigration. Furthermore, mass evictions, the near-famines of 1861-1864 and 1879-82, constant poverty, a change in subsistence farming, assisted emigration and remittance sent home by relatives to help other

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    Immigration In Depth Analysis

    1752 words, 8 pages

    Immigration It is 5:30 p.m. in Minneapolis as Adriana makes her way to work against a flow of people streaming out of the lattice of downtown stores and office towers. She punches a time card, puts on a uniform and sets out to clean her first bathroom of the night. A few miles away, Ana arrives at a suburban Target store at 10 p.m. to clean the in-house restaurant for the next day's shoppers. At 5:30 the next morning, Emilio starts his rounds at the changing rooms at a suburban department store. A half-hour later, Polo rushes to clean the showers and locker room at a

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    History Of Asian Americans

    1768 words, 8 pages

    The first Asians to come to the western hemisphere were Chinese Filipinos who settled in Mexico. Eventually, Filipino sailors were the first to settle in the U.S. around 1750 in what would later be Louisiana. Later around 1840, to make up for the shortage of slaves from Africa, the British and Spanish brought over slaves or "coolies" from China, India, and the Philippines to islands in the Caribbean, Peru, Ecuador, and other countries in South America. In addition to prospecting for gold in California, many Chinese also came as contract laborers to Hawai'i to work in

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