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  • Clique Theory

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    A ‘clique’ is most formally and appropriately known as a type of phenomenon, which in itself means that it is something that we only know as it appears to be. The free online dictionary comprehensively defines a clique as a small exclusive group of friends or associates or a group of people who are friendly with each other but exclude others. According to the Nation Master Encyclopaedia, a clique is an exclusive group of people who share common interests, views, purposes, or patterns of behaviour. A clique ‘is a subset of individuals from a large

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    Great Expectations

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    In the novel ‘Great Expectations’ , Charles Dickens brings into close focus the social attitudes of 19th Century Victorian England and warns readers of the destructive nature of unrealistic aspirations. The protagonist Pip, attempts to climb the social hierarchy and become a gentleman. Pip goes through three stages of moral maturity. He begins the story as an innocent and naïve boy with no aspirations, but in his desire to better himself, he becomes an arrogant young man where self-gratification is the driving force of all his actions. Many years later, Pip realises what he has done in life h

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    Résumé du cas Manzana Insurance S. de Treville Société d’assurance de choses (commercial, automobile, ménage, responsabilité civile...) Problème: délai de livraison des polices à l’agent (police en vigueur néanmoins) Notre but: utiliser la théorie des files d’attente pour mieux comprendre la situation Souscription des polices d’assurance (« underwriting ») Terme technique pour processus entier d’assurer un risque Chez Fruitvale: 3 équipes de souscription servent 76 agents indépendants Système d’agents: Assurance vendue par des agents indépendants 200 agents Rep

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    Mutual Insurance Company Iowa

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    The business problem facing Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa is that it is not operating as a lean operation, there is an urgent need to standardize claims processing and to keep variability to a minimum. In addition, Mutual Insurance needs to improve claim response time and customer service. Mutual Insurance of Iowa extensive sales growth this past year has resulted in record levels in claims followed. Mutual Insurance is processing over 2,500 claim forms per day and disappointed fewer than 2,500 forms a day are flowing out. The total time to process a claim, from the

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    Advantage And Disadvantage Of Conditional Fee Arra

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    COMMON LAW REASONING AND INSTITUTION RESEARCH ESSAY: 3. Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of conditional fee arrangements for legal aid. A conditional fee arrangement is basically a form of risk sharing whereby if the lawyer loses the case, the client does not have to pay. However, if the case is won, the lawyer can be recompensed through a success fee, which is worked out as a percentage of his cost. In the US, many cases have been funded this way but in English legal system conditional fee arrangement had been banned until the enactment of the Courts an

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    Healthcare Paradigm

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    “If you can't afford a doctor, go to an airport - you'll get a free x-ray and a breast exam, and; if you mention Al Qaeda, you'll get a free colonoscopy."-UNKNOWN Now this is obviously a cute tongue in cheek reference to people who may be uninsured, however, for many Americans this is very real. According to the CDC, approximately 15% of all Americans or (approx. 46.5 million) are not insured. The people that are insured, still do not seem to be getting the care they need and a lot of them end up in a hospital- no closer to any answers. According to Dr. Jerome Groopman, who holds a ch

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    Look Back In Anger

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    Plot Summary Act I The plot of Look Back in Anger is driven almost entirely by the tirades of Jimmy Porter rather than outside forces. The play is set in a one-room attic apartment in the Midlands of England. This large room is the home of Jimmy Porter, his wife Alison, and his partner and friend Cliff Lewis, who has a separate bedroom across the hall. The play opens with Alison at the ironing board and Jimmy and Cliff in easy chairs reading the Sunday papers. Jimmy complains that half the book review he is reading in his “posh” paper is in French. He asks Alison if that makes her feel igno

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    The location of a business is essential to its’ success. However, before a location can be selected legal aspects of acquiring, holding and disposing of real and personal property must be analyzed. Further insurance aspects must also be taken into consideration in addition to environmental issues and regulations. In this paper, three locations will be examined with the above education, and a recommendation will be advised of which location best would suit the business. The first location is the Colorado River, followed by the Snake River, and the last location in this analysis the Arka

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    Introduction “Without insurance the tort system would simply cease to operate.” In order to prove this statement, it is imperative to understand the crucial relationship between insurance and the tort system. Nowadays, our society has been continuously evolving into a compensation culture, especially in the countries of England and Wales and the United States of America. With the help of information technology, the public can readily access various information and advertisements regarding legal rights and compensations. Consequently, the social awareness of the entitle

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    Principles Of Communication In Sc

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    21 Principles of communication in social care settings 1. Understand why communication is important in adult social care settings. 1.1 Identify different reasons why people communicate. Reasons may include: * expressing and sharing * ideas, feelings, needs, * wishes and preferences * obtaining and receiving * information * getting to know each other 1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of working in adult social care settings. Effective communication can affect: * service provision * teamwork

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    With economy sour, consumers sweet on herbal meds By LINDSEY TANNER, AP Medical Writer Lindsey Tanner, Ap Medical Writer Tue Jan 13, 2009 CHICAGO – The choice between $75 prescription sleeping pills or a $5 herbal alternative is a no-brainer for Cathy and Bernard Birleffi, whose insurance costs have skyrocketed along with the nation's financial woes. The Calistoga, Calif., couple seem to reflect a trend. With many Americans putting off routine doctor visits and self-medicating to save money, use of alternative treatments is on the rise — even though evidence is ofte

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    Bad Drivers - An Epidemic

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    Bad drivers have become an epidemic in the nation. They drive around recklessly and carelessly putting other drivers in danger and at risk. This includes motorcyclists. The current system is not doing its job reducing the bad drivers or bad driving habits. According to the website of the Texas department of public safety you will get your license revoked if you have “At least 4 moving traffic violations within a twelve 12 month period or At least 7 moving traffic violations within a 24 month period.” (Texas Department of Public Safety.)This does not help the problem because first of all you ta

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    Organizational Systems & Quality Leadership, Kot Task 2

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    Western Governors University A1. Medicare Part A In California, Mrs. Zwick’s 5 day inpatient hospital stay will be covered by Medicare Part A with an initial deductible of $1,132. For her skilled nursing facility stay, Medicare Part A covers her first 20 days. Starting with day 21 through day 40, Mrs. Zwick is responsible for $141.50 for each day. A2. Medicare Part B In California, Mrs. Zwick must first pay a 2011 annual deductible of $162 before Medicare starts to pay its share. Once the deductible is met, Medicare will pay for 80% of the services it covers (physician services, sur

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    Marketing Branding Case Study Aflac (Afl)

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    I chose the publicly traded company AFLAC Incorporated (AFL). When I think of successful marketing the Aflac Duck comes to mind. In the 2010 Annual report, Dan Amos, Chairman and CEO, stated the introduction of the duck increased name recognition from less than 10% to where 9 out of 10 people know the company name and product in a little of over ten years. Aflac was founded in 1955, is present in all 50 states as well as Japan, insuring 50 million people worldwide (Aflac Annual Report for 2010). The Aflac Annual Report for 2010 also listed assets at 2010 year-end totaled more than $101 bi

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    Ascent Of Money

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    ECO/372 The Ascent of Money written by Harvard Professor Nail Ferguson as a way to converse about “The Financial History of the World” (Ferguson, 2009). Ferguson describes the increase and development of economics concentrating on insurance, financial institutes, and the bond market. Ferguson reveals the method in which history can enlighten our comprehension of the existing economic predicament for American worldwide domination or control. Ferguson's main premise is that these institutions, which are highly criticized these days, are vital for the success of the capitali

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    Business Trip Security

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    When you are going on a business trip, whether it is simply to a different city in your state or halfway around the world, it is important to consider your security. This is particularly important if you are one of the principals of the company, as a business can often be held liable if something bad happens to an employee on a business trip. Properly preparing the safety and security aspect of the trip is a relatively simple task that in most cases will take only a few hours, but could save you and your company a lot of problems. Here is how to ensure that your next business trip will be

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    Why Government-run Healthcare Is A Bad Idea

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    There is a general agreement among healthcare providers and policy makers that the American health care sector needs reforms in order to improve the quality of care make it affordable and increase access. Nonetheless, some of the proposals that have been put forward have raise serious concerns that might undermine the chances of good reforms. One such proposal is the proposed public or government-run health insurance plan. The new plan would put the government in direct competition with health insurance giants such as Blue Cross Blue Shield. The insurance plan has been designed to emulate gove

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    American Public And Support For Standardized Health Care

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    One common topic in many political conversations is government standardized health care. Government standardized health care is not what this country needs for so many different reasons. Just for starters, the general American public does not support the bill, but our governments legislation is still trying to force it on the American public. Also, more and more government officials are losing support for standardized health care.        Everywhere you go, there is evidence of our economy taking a down turn. Whether it is in the news paper, on television, or a topic in

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    Protection Against Mayhem

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    English 1A Are you protected against Mayhem? People value few things in this world more than safety. In our culture, a key factor to keeping yourself and your loved ones being safe when something devastating takes place is having the right kind of insurance. Anything could go wrong at any moment and Allstate has capitalized on that message by coming up with their mayhem ad campaign. In there commercials they personify the concept of Mayhem. At first glance, you might think that the commercials are directed towards new drivers, but they are actually targeted towards their parents. Many of

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    Life Insurance

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    Life Insurance is a contract between an insured (insurance policy holder) and an insurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money in exchange for a premium, upon the death of the insured person. Depending on the contract, other events such as terminal illness or critical illness may also trigger payment. The policyholder typically pays a premium, either regularly or as a lump sum. Other expenses (such as funeral expenses) are also sometimes included in the benefits. Life policies are legal contracts and the terms of the contract describ

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    Male Insurance Premiums Higher Than Women

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    Throughout our country, males have a higher insurance premium than females. The reason for this is the statistics of male drivers. These statistics show that men are more reckless than women because they are more aggressive drivers. Men make more insurance claims per year than women do, which means insurance companies have to pay more. Men also typically drive more sports cars than women do, which are faster and more tempting to do something dangerous with. All of these statistics are the cause of a higher insurance premium in males. Men are more likely to be reckless while driving an automo

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    You Decide Risk Management

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    Purpose A risk management plan is created so as to support Little Falls Hospitals mission and vision statements as it pertains to the clinical risk of the hospital, patients, visitors, volunteers, and employee safety, and any possible operational, business, and property risks. Culture Principles The Patient Safety and Risk Management program will support Little Falls Hospitals philosophy; everyone is responsible for patient safety and risk management. It is essential to have participation and teamwork among providers, management, staff and volunteers. The Patient

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    Predictive Analytics

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    When surfing the web, most shoppers have been to, used, or even paid a few bills. Have you ever noticed that on these popular sites that it will suggest things that you might like? The website somehow remembers what you looked up before and tries to ask you about similar items. It’s almost as if the website has a mind of its own. Can you recall getting car insurance and the salesman asks you about your driving record. Ever wonder why they ask these types of questions? Have you ever been to a doctor for a checkup and they ask about family history? If the doctor sees a litt

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    Coursework Of Risk Management And Control

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    Coursework of Risk Management and Control BP CASE STUDY (a) Analyse the BP case study of Doherty and Smith in the context of the insurance market and tax environment that existed at the time. Doherty and Smith analyze why BP now insures against most smaller losses while self-insuring against the larger ones. Their analysis focuses on factors affecting the market supply of insurance as well as the corporate demand for it. On the supply-side analysis of the insurance industry, the very large public company reached the conclusion that it has a substantial comparativ

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    Who Is To Blame For A Death?

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    Business Law BUS311 Two years ago one of my dearest friends passed away due to complications of a lifelong illness. During his last stay in a medical facility he finally lost his battle with his disease. While hospitalized, he had to undergo a surgery in which was ultimately why he did not survive. At some point throughout his life we all knew that it was a matter of time before he left his residence here on earth. This was a troubling time for many of us especially those who were very near and dear to him. During his illness any procedure that needed to be done by physicians, there was

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    Healthcare Delivery: Financing Options

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    Healthcare delivery is the biggest and costliest industry around. Healthcare consists of many avenues of delivery including physician office visits, emergency room visits, hospital admissions, surgeries, and pharmaceuticals. Delivery of healthcare is very costly to individuals, businesses and organizations, providers, and governing bodies. Here in the United States, there are many programs and services available to help aid individuals in covering those costs. As for the providers of healthcare, there has to be a balance in the costs they incur while treating patien

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    Medical Insurance Policy

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    Designing a financial policy for a hospital requires complete knowledge of financial policies and procedures according to federal, state, and company guidelines. In business there are three major elements to critical thinking that include logical inquiry, problem-solving, and evaluative decision-making. The basic elements of an effective medical office financial policy are: 1. Have a good policy that can be a patient as well as a provider or staff member can follow. 2. Clearly spell out financial obligations including financial arrangements, payment plans, and payments not cover

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