Inventors And Patents Papers

  • Tesla And Edison

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    A person can walk down the street and pick any person they see to ask who was the father of invention and their answer would be Thomas Edison. There were two brilliant inventors in the late 19th century responsible for some of the modern conveniences of today, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Thomas Edison was said to have invented the light bulb, but it was Nikola Tesla that lit the world. Inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were opposite sides of the same coin. Edison a brilliant business man with no formal education and Tesla a brilliant scientist and s

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    Access To Fresh Water

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    Year 8 Geography Assignment 2009 Access to fresh water – ‘Water for Living’. ‘Lack of access to fresh water “destroys more lives than war, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction combined”.’ Access to safe water is essential for human survival. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals aim to halve the number of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation by 2015. 1.1 billion people worldwide still lack access to clean water (UN Human Development Report, 2006). This means that these people live more than 1 kilometre from safe

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    Patricia Bathe

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    When Patricia Era Bath was born on November 4, 1942, she could have succumbed to the pressures and stresses associated with growing up in Harlem, New York. With the uncertainty present because of World War II and the challenges for members of Black communities in the 1940's, one might little expect that a top flight scientist would emerge from their midst. Patricia Bath, however, saw only excitement and opportunity in her future, sentiments instilled by her parents. Her father, Rupert, was well-educated and an eclectic spirit. He was the first Black motorman for the New

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    The Myth Of The Sole Inventor

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    The theory of patent law is based on the idea that a lone genius can solve problems that stump the experts, and that the lone genius will do so only if properly given incentives. The result is a real problem for classic theories of patent law. Maybe the problem is not with our current patent law, but with our current patent theory. But the dominant alternative theories of patent law don't do much better. If patent law in its current form can be saved, we need an alternative justification for granting patents even in circumstances of near-simultaneous invention. Another possibility: patent

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    Swot Analysis: Precision Castparts Corp.

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    For over 60 years, Precision Castparts Corp. has been in Portland, Oregon. Growing from a small manufacturing company of investment castings for many different applications to a Fortune 500 company producing castings, and fasteners for aerospace, power and industrial companies in general, Precision Castparts' growth has resulted in an increased market share, as well as many acquisitions that have been strategic in their overall execution. Precision Castparts has made significant contributions over the course of the company's history with their three chairmen's contributions ("Company Overview,

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    The Advantage And Disvantage Of Patent System

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    - from an Approach of Patent Law After 6 rounds of lawsuits since 2004, in Dec 2010 Protech, a Chinese local company finally won the patent infringement lawsuit against Leviton Manufacturing Company, an American based global top 500 company. This is the first time that a Chinese enterprise prevails in U.S. patent legislation. But the cost is huge: 6 years time and over 30 million US dollars 1. The lawsuit has caused a hot debate in China on how and if patent should be protected. It is a long-time existing debate: is patent system really economically efficient or is it good for the develo

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    Technology During The Industrial Revolution

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    Willis U.S.History since 1865 Technology during the Industrial Revolution Around 1850s, America was on the move towards a new living and the large migration to the west allowed an abundance of foreigners to immigrate into America. With such a large population, people needed to work and mouths needed to be fed. As industrializing began, technological advancement helped transform the quality of life for the American during the late 1800s and early 1900s known as the gilded age. Railroads and other vast resources linked America’s society together. The development o

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