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  • Tata Motors

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    INTRODUCTION Established under the parent company, Tata Group, in 1945, Tata Motors Limited has become India’s largest automobile company. It was the first Indian automobile company to list on the New York Stock Exchange. Tata Motors began manufacturing commercial vehicles in 1954 with a 15-year collaboration agreement with Daimler Benz of Germany. This partnership has led Tata Motors to not only become India’s largest automobile company but also India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer; the world’s top five manufactures of medium and heavy trucks and the world’s second largest medium

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    Land Law Fixtures Vs Chattels

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    Lai Hiu Chun (52183829) Introduction There are two issues in our case. They are a) whether the vendor is entitled to remove anything from the flat at completion or earlier so long as it is not expressly mentioned in the Agreement as part of the items sold together with the flat, and b) whether the TV satellite dish installed at the balcony shall be sold with the flat or not. In relation to (a), vendor is entitled to remove anything that are regarded as chattels or mentioned expressly in the contract only. Those which are regarded as fixtures and part and parcel of th

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