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  • Language Teaching Methods

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    Q 8. Choose two or three methods of language teaching and discuss. Overview In this assignment I will emphasize on different approaches to language teaching. These methods I will discuss about include Grammar Translation Method, Direct Method, and Communicative Language Teaching. I will try to provide the description and different aspects of these language teaching methods. In addition I will emphasize on the benefits of these language teaching methods. The Grammar-Translation Method The Grammar-Translation Method was initially used to teach Latin and Gree

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    Health And Social Care Unit 1 P 1

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    P1 Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context. Informal communication When we use informal communication, it is normally when we are communicating with friends colleagues and also family. When using informal language it can sometimes make it harder to communicate and understand. For example when people are texting or even talking or on a chat forums. A lot of people might use this kind of language through arguments or debates. The meaning of context is the different places in which communication can ta

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    Problems In Egypt

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    If a student is 'painfully shy' as you say, but otherwise non-disruptive, my inclination would be to let him be. After all, we’re not in the business of changing people’s personalities – only their language! One of the dangers of a communicative teaching approach, which emphasises expression, interaction, and spontaneity, is that it may sit very uncomfortably with learners of a certain personality type – like your Chinese man. But you could also experiment with certain “low risk” activity types, such as reading aloud. For example, students write a mixture of true and false sentences about them

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