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  • Moby Dick

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    Moby-Dick[1] is an 1851 novel by Herman Melville. The story tells the adventures of the wandering sailor Ishmael, and his voyage on the whaling ship Pequod, commanded by Captain Ahab. Ishmael soon learns that Ahab does not mean to use the Pequod and her crew to hunt whales for market trade, as whaling ships generally do. Ahab seeks one specific whale, Moby-Dick, a great white whale of tremendous size and ferocity. Comparatively few whaling ships know of Moby-Dick, and fewer yet have knowingly encountered the whale. In a previous encounter, the whale destroyed Ahab's boat and bit off Ahab's leg

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    Effects Of Global Warming On Walruses

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    Effects of Global Warming on Walruses When people talk about global warming, they think of the polar ice caps being melted and humans causing too much pollution in the air from various activities. It is actually an overall increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface caused by gases being trapped in the atmosphere by the “greenhouse effect” [3]. From the North down to the South Pole temperatures are rising and the world is heating up fast. This has caused many changes in the nature of things. One such victim of the change in our climate is

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    George Orwell S Shooting An Elephant A Summary

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    George Orwell, from a first person narrative perspective of a British officer in Moulmein, Burma, writes an autobiographical essay titled Shooting an Elephant, confessing the inner conflict of a British police officer. From his experience in British-ruled India in the early Twentieth Century, his essay shows feelings in the area and the East against Europe, and faults of the imperialism. While he was there he is having to do something that caused ethical conflicts within himself, and we see it still does from the way he wrote his essay. Our narrator reveals the most significant event in his ca

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    Future Whales

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    AP Euro Period 7 Letter to Posterity As you comb through the ruins of our dead civilization, you might be thinking to yourselves, ‘What a bunch of morons,’ or ‘How could a species be this self-destructive?’ You must understand: humans in the year 2014 had no idea whales had a technologically advanced alien race ruthlessly safeguarding their welfare, or that various documentaries on whale slaughter inadvertently beamed into the cosmos would evoke their ire, or that upon their arrival, mankind would be unable to communicate with them except through whalesong — which your ancestors refused to

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    Shooting An Elephant: The Effects Of Expectations

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    English 1 Professor Zehr March 5, 2015 It is rare when a man faces a situation that will ultimately affect his life in the country he lives. This is the case in George Orwell’s Shooting An Elephant. The story takes place in the early 1900’s in a British occupied Burma. Orwell is a young British officer stationed in a Burmese town. He detests his life and job, he finds he dislikes the Burmese people and disagrees with the British occupation and has no one to share his feelings and frustration with. More than anything Orwell hates how the Burmese treat him. The Burmese take every chance th

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    Here's a conversation worth talking about: A mother dolphin chats with her baby…over the telephone! The special call was made in an aquarium in Hawaii, where the mother and her two-year-old calf swam in separate tanks connected by a special underwater audio link. The two dolphins began squawking and chirping to each other—distinctive dolphin chatter. Cracking the Code "It seemed clear that they knew who they were talking with," says Don White, whose Project Delphis ran the experiment. "Information was passing back and forth pretty quickly." But what were they saying? Th

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    Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, emptiest, coldest place on earth. An ice sheet covers all but 2.4 percent of Antarctica's 14 million square kilometers. At its thickest point the ice sheet is 4,776 meters deep and averages 2, 160 meters thick. This is 90 percent of all the world's ice and it is 70 percent of all the world's fresh water. There are lots of penguins, whales, seals, krill (the main food for whales), and even fish in Antarctica's waters, but there are no land

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    The Killer Whales At Seaworld

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    Killer Whales are beautiful animals that people pay money to see do tricks in captivity, however this is the side that Seaworld wants people to see. What happens behind those closed gates is much harsher than anyone can imagine. Cramped cages, three human deaths, and being taken from the wild are only a few things that Seaworld hides from the rest of the world. One Killer Whale in particular named Tilikum has been the main male Orca to fathering approximately 52% of the Orcas in captivity today. Tilikum is also the Orca who has been responsible for all three human deaths in captivity, but to k

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    End the horrific and inhumane slaughter of more than 25,000 porpoises, dolphins and small whales each year. are still harpooned worldwide or driven into shallows and killed in traditional hunts. Dolphins don’t belong in captivity Just because dolphins are always smiling doesn’t mean they’re happy. What you can do Dolphins and whales are at the top of the marine food chain and play a pivotal role in ecosystems, but a history of unchecked whaling and illegal hunting have threatened their future Captivity kills, and international dolphin traffickers are h

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    The Earth Of Mankind By Pramoedya Ananta Toer

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    In the book, “The Earth of Mankind,” by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, it talks about a young Javanese boy journey through love and heartbreak. With historical ties the writer, Proameodya Ananta Toer, was able to convey the point of view of a young Javanese boy’s experiences in the unjust life in Java. In the 19th century, a unique society has taken its place in Java, Indo’s. Dutch, Natives, and Hapa’s, which are mix-bloods, intertwine in a unique culture shown in the novel, “The Earth of Mankind.” In the 19th century, Java is ruled by a Sultan and a sultans power can reach in far places therefore h

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    Dolphin Killings

    1259 words, 6 pages

    English 10H Looking at a small fishing town in Japan called Taiji, it seems as if it came right out of a story book. Three hundred miles from Tokyo on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, it harbors not only fish, but a big secret. Every year, in this small village, over two thousand dolphins are slaughtered. It was a secret the Japanese have kept for four hundred years, until now. Though the Japanese think the dolphin killings are fine, many others do not. As someone who has always loved animals, I believe that the dolphins killings should stop. The Japanese fishermen use a technique for ca

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    The Cove: Guardians Of The Sea

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    World class free diver Mandy Raw Crookshanks said, “When you’re out swimming in the ocean, it is the most incredible experience having a wild creature come up and be so interested in you. There are no words, but there is some level of communication with them; an understanding between the two of you” (The Cove). During the Greek Era it was punishable by death to kill a dolphin. Today, Japan alone, is killing up to 23,000 dolphins per year. In 1986 the IWC, International Whaling Commission, banned the ability to sale whales on the market. One year later, Japan tripled in the amount of dolphins

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    Moby Dick

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    Andrew Woollard English 367.02 WI 2000 Moby Dick Character Analysis: Ahab Moby Dick can be viewed as a tragedy. Webster’s Dictionary defines tragedy as a “dramatic composition, dealing with a serious or somber theme, typically that of a great person destined through flaw of character or conflict with some overpowering force, fate or circumstance to downfall or destruction.” This describes Moby Dick very well, as we discover as the story unfolds. Ahab, one of the key characters in the novel, can be viewed as the protagonist, one who causes the actions that occur and who

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    Revenge Is Never Sweet

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    Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian philosopher and leader, remarked once that “an eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind.” He implied that if one is wronged, then rather than seeking revenge, it is better to forgive one’s adversary. Seeking revenge, he suggested, only compounds the wrong that has already been committed; responding to violence with more violence is not a viable solution. This wise notion defines the main premise in Herman Melville’s novel, Moby-Dick, in which the author explores the dire consequences of the mad desire to pursue vengeance. Ahab

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    Allegory In Moby Dick By Herman Melville

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    One of the greatest American novelists of the 19th-century, Herman Melville has explored themes of work, perfection, the law and ultimate meaning. Throughout his novels and short stories, Melville demonstrated an expert’s touch in crafting thoughtful and complicated allegories. Allegories are extended metaphors that, when unraveled, reveal deeper meanings about what they focus on. In his career, some of Melville’s most finely developed allegories appear in his short story “Bartleby, the Scrivener,” his novel “Billy Budd,” and two of his novels “Mardi” and “Moby Dick.” The novel itself, “Moby

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    A Tragedy In Black And White

    1506 words, 7 pages

    Aquariums are a common attraction to many Americans. People are enthralled by these exciting creatures they would never see away from a television screen. Usually this is a win-win situation. The aquariums make money and the animals are cared for. Yet in some circumstances the profit is all that matters. Such is the case with one of the most famous aquariums SeaWorld. In recent years there have been a large number of controversies that have come to light. Allegations of mistreatment of the animals that border on animal cruelty are abundant. The shady way in which these animals are acquired in

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    Wildlife In Theme Parks

    1522 words, 7 pages

    1. Introduction: The focus of this report is animals in captivity. Having animals in captivity is a subject which attracts many different opinions. This report will investigate the opportunities and problems of having wildlife in captivity, then analyse the positive and negative impacts of using animals for commercial purposes, it will also evaluate if it is responsible and sustainable tourism, and finally conclusions will be drawn and recommendations will be suggested. Senior tourism students have been assigned the task to investigate, analyse and evaluate the issue of animals in captivity.

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    Savanna Biome Of Southern Africa

    1764 words, 8 pages

    Southern Africa, a region rich in biodiversity existing in different types of many biomes and ecosystems, such as fynbos, savannas, grasslands, succulent Karoo and Nama Karoo as the region’s main biomes common to this part of the world. Each of these biomes and eco systems are categorized according to their foremost types of vegetation and characterized by the types of species which exist in and adapt to that particular environment. In this essay it will discuss in detail the characteristics of the savanna biome, such as its species diversity, threats to the system, geo

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    Animals Deserve To Be Free

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    The capturing and displaying of animals has been around for nearly 200 years, the practice first being exercised by the Zoological Society of London in 1826. Ever since then, capturing animals to display for the public's enjoyment or “education” has become more and more popular all over the world. These zoological societies take animals from their wild habitats and families in order to show them to the public, with the excuse that they’re educating unknowing citizens, or protecting and saving these animals from injuries and extinction. At what cost though? These animals may be getting help whi

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    Animal Cruelty

    1780 words, 8 pages

    Each day the number of animal cruelty cases in the media is only the tip of the iceberg. Most animal cruelty cases are never reported and the animals suffering goes unrecognized. Some of these types include; fur trade, animal testing, dolphin and whale slaughter, animals in sport and even in zoo’s. There are many types of animal cruelty, some of which people do not even recognize as being cruel towards animals. Forty to fifty million animals are killed each year for their fur ("Speak out for Species Web"). Rabbits, raccoons, dogs, foxes, chinchillas and many more are killed in ways that are

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    Man And The Sea

    1780 words, 8 pages

    Reading through the novel The Old Man and the Sea one, as a reader, can perceive several themes in the book. Hemingway suggests certain subjects for discussion which built up the whole plot, therefore giving us options to choose the one we believe is the main one. In the past weeks we have been discussing, in a debate, which is that main theme. My group’s theme was “Man Defeated” and although it is hard to affirm that this theme was the prevailing one of the book, we firmly defend it. Various arguments were established. Some argued that the novel’s theme was Santiago’s

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    The Effects Of Poaching On Animal Populations And The Planet

    1788 words, 8 pages

    Poaching is the illegal hunting, killing or capturing of wild animals and plants. It is these undertakings that are contrary to local or international conservation and wildlife management laws. Poaching can occur in a variety of ways, such as ones failure to comply with regulations for legal harvest, resulting in the illegal taking of wildlife that would otherwise be allowable. Key to the violations of laws is that only wild animals can be poached. Domestic animals killed or stolen are considered to fall under the category of theft. An example of this would be cattle rustling, which has b

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    In The Life Of Jonah

    2476 words, 10 pages

    INTRODUCTION The book of Jonah is listed in the Old Testament among the Minor Prophets. Unlike the other books of the Minor Prophets, the book of Jonah is more of a reference and narrative surrounding Jonah's life rather than a listing of prophecies. This book, although only 4 chapters long, is comparable to that of a biography (Vine, 1996). The story of Jonah's life is interesting and comparable to the lives of many Christians, pastors, and even sinners in the world. There is a message within Jonah's life to be learned by everyone. It is important to mention that Jonah's name is fro

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    The Environment And Greenpeace's Work

    2458 words, 10 pages

    Introduction to Greenpeace Greenpeace is a non-profit global organization with many environmental goals. With home bases in 41 different countries, Greenpeace campaigns to stop climate change, stop the nuclear threat, stop whaling, say no to genetic engineering, save the oceans, and protect our ancient forests. In 1971 Greenpeace was established, in Canada, by a community group called “Don’t Make A Wave”. They were campaigning against environmental degradation, when the US government was conducting underwater nuclear tests, and a boat of volunteers sailed to the area, to try to stop the tes

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