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  • Bernie Sanders

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    Bernie Sanders has always been for disability rights. A quote that is posted in Bernie Sanders’ campaign page, under Fighting for Disability Rights (2016) says, “The Americans with Disabilities Act established a clear national mandate that we as a nation have a moral responsibility to ensure that all Americans have access to the programs and the support needed to contribute to society, live with dignity, and achieve a high quality of life.” Under the same page, it states that Bernie Sanders will do three things for the people with disabilities. As President, Bernie plans to “protect and expand

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    The issue in this case study is should Paperco buy the new machine? Paperco has three options; the first option assumes that the rumored tax proposal is not enacted and that the new drying equipment replaces the old in December 1986. Paperco would retain all tax credits due to the fact the machine has been in service for 84 months, and continue to use a 5 yr ACRS depreciation model. This option has a positive NPV of $59,481 and an IRR of 12.69%. The second option assumes that the new tax proposal is enacted. The new drying equipment is installed in December 1986. Paperco signs a binding

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    lexingtonTo the delight of many environmental groups across the country, California Democrat Henry Waxman has ousted fellow Democrat John Dingell of Michigan from his post as chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The 255-member House Democratic conference voted 137 to 122 Thursday to replace Rep. Dingell, a close ally of the auto industry, with Waxman, a longtime champion of environmental causes. The vote places Waxman in charge of a panel with one of the broadest jurisdictions of any congressional committee, responsible for legislative oversight relating to consumer prote

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