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  • Leadership

    1001 words, 5 pages

    Leadership. One word and yet so many different views on what it could possibly mean. While writing this essay many of my friends and family members felt obliged to have their say in the topic. And after long draining sessions of hearing all of them (much reluctantly on my behalf) I was forced to consider can we really give any one definition for such n abstract word? The dictionary defines leadership s directing or heading and running on a course. Is this definition really the right one? Or rather is it the only one? Most of the view points I received were based on our nation’s leaders. They

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    Advertising And Magazines

    1006 words, 5 pages

    Advertisers Drives on Magazines Many different types of magazines are made for different target audiences. Advertisers use Maxim, a magazine that focuses on the "fun and wilder side of life" and the desires of the male counterpart specially the "Experiencer" type, as a medium to position their goods and services. In the article "What We Are to Advertisers," James B. Twitchell defines the word "Experiencer" as a type of consumer-group that is "enthusiastic, impulsive, and even reckless." This connotates people who are young, satisfied, "happy go lucky," and maybe at th

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    Deborah Tannen: Sex, Lies And Conversation

    1506 words, 7 pages

    In “Sex, Lies and conversation”, Deborah states The idea that Women always complain that communicating with a man is like trying to talk to a stranger who doesn’t know your language. On the other hand, Men complain that women like to talk and talk “She just wants to talk about her own point of view”. This shows us how differently men and women perceive conversation in their relationships. Tannen realized these differences when studying videotapes another researcher had made of best friends asked to have a conversation together. In contrast to the girls, boys were extrem

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