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  • Sports Psychology

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    Sports psychology has emerged as new aspect for many coaches and athletes trying to gain a competitive edge. This is simply because of its competitiveness through mental imagery, goal setting, mental toughness and focus and flow. Have you ever heard a coach say: “its ninety percent mental, ten percent physical”? This is especially true when tenths of a second separate a great athlete, from an average one. This new found art is being taken advantage of by athletes and coaches everywhere, looking to one up their opponents. One of the most basic forms of sports psychology is goal setting. Thi

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    Ordering Public Spaces Including Pedestrians And Motor Vehicles

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    Compare and contrast the approaches of Buchanan and Monderman to ordering public spaces that include pedestrians and motor vehicles. This essay will be looking at two different approaches to ordering public spaces. A public space is a social space that is generally open and accessible to people, i.e - roads, pavements, parks and beaches. (Wikipedia, 2012) The aim for this essay is to compare and contrast Buchanan's approach with Monderman's approach. This will be done by first giving a description of both of their approaches and then let it lead through in to four di

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