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  • How To Do A Back Flip

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    I. Intro A. Let me show you something flipping awesome, (Do a standing back flip) a back flip. B. Today, I am going to show you how to perform a fundamental skill in both the sport of gymnastics and in cheerleading; a standing back flip. And since I come from a gymnastics background, I’ll show you the gymnastics way of doing it. C. When learning how to perform a back flip you need to consider three main factors: Using safety, learning how to perform it correctly and putting everything together. II. Body A. First is using safety, safety is crucial when it comes to learning a new skill es

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    Harley Davidson Preparing For The Next Century

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    Harley Davidson has had a rollercoaster ride of success. During its earlier years, Harley quickly jumped to the top of motorcycle sales worldwide. With its simple V-Twin engine, Harley had created a bike that was both appealing and reliable. The biggest appeal was how easy the engine was to tinker with as motorcycle mechanics were far and few between, but most of all the sound of “raw power” was what owners loved. This love for raw power and made in America machinery, brought many loyal customer to Harley throughout the 40’s and 50’s. These customers were generally viewed as tough people,

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    Harley Davidson: Strategic Change

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    Our report handles the problem of how Harley Davidson which produces traditional bikes can maintain its position in this changing environment. Company Information: Harley Davidson’s EPS has been growing at a very strong rate for the last decade. Since 1996 the company’s EPS has grown at an extremely fast 22 % annual rate. Industry Structure: Decisional Problem: Decision Alternatives: Alternative One - Continue as before / Status Quo Alternative Two – Reposition Buell Alternative Three – Renewing the Harley Davidson Brand Alternative four – Selling Buell Stateme

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    Harley Case Analysis

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    Harley-Davidson Case Analysis MGMT 4290 Professor McGowan Keiven Cosgriff I. CORE PROBLEM Harley-Davidson has a strategy problem; the company’s core problem is its need to reexamine and alter its strategy to ensure continued success in the changing global environment. Harley-Davidson has a solid foundation and the potential for continued success and industry leading performance, however, times are changing and Harley must adapt. II. S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS Strengths Harley-Davidson is a strong company with several core strengths. First, Harley has unprecedented brand recognition an

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