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  • Leadership- Born Or Trained

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    With right atmosphere and proper nurturing, leadership skills get sharpened over a period of time making an individual an effective leader. Training managers does enable them to be effective leaders, however for managers to be effective leaders they do need to have some personality or traits. Corporate houses organize leadership modules and teaching of leadership skills is a mandatory module in every manager’s list of programs for management trainees. To put it in simple words, leaders can definitely be trained but it is important to have a strong and forthright personality to become an effec

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    Alberto Medina Ch111 Experiment#3 Dr. Lall-Ramnarine 7 test tubes 10 disposable Copper (II) sulfur solution 1M hydrochloric acid solution 1M sodium chloride solution 1M silver nitrate solution 1M barium chloride solution 1M sodium sulfate solution 1M lead (II) nitrate solution 1M potassium chromate solution 1M ferric chloride solution 1M potassium thiocyanate solution Solid sodium bicarbonate Zinc powder Magnesium strips Procedure: Observe and recorded on the d

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