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    Is no news actually good news? Lately it seems like news is becoming less and less important to the daily lives of people all across the world. At one point, it meant so much more to us all. With inventions like the television and the internet, the expansion of news has greatly changed from the days of telegrams on horseback or transmitted over wire services. Even though it spreads from all four corners of the world, it’s not an acronym for the cardinal directions: north, east, west and south though. A false claim in 1842 started this, by saying that “in former

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    Should Juveniles be charged as Adults? By LaToya Young Throughout history juveniles have been treated different than adults in the US Court Systems. Juveniles were considered innocent and blameless as to where adults were considered hardened criminals. However, due to an increase in juvenile crimes during the mid 1980’s through the early 1990’s legislature was led to adopt a “get tough” attitude toward juvenile offenders. Studies show that juveniles tried as adults for misdemeanors often become lifelong criminals; however by providing more prevention programs fo

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    Barn Burning: Would You Tell On Your Father?

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    In “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner, the ultimate test of loyalty is displayed through a boy’s decision to either end his father’s harmful arson spree, or protect his father, who has taken care of him for as long as he has lived. Sarty’s father had burned barns down for things that he saw as wrong as retaliation and this started to become a nuisance to Sarty because of his internal conflict between doing the right thing in terms of the law, or staying loyal to his father who is breaking the law. When Sarty saw that his father was going to burn down Major DeSpain’s barn, he told De Spain tha

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    Modern Day Media Communication With The Public

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    The media is a way of communicating to the public about way is going on now, for example world news, celebrities, financial. The media has the right to report what they want without any permission of anyone, and the media can report what is going on in the area or world news without any true evidence that this is actually true, because the United States government allows the media to have some freedom of speech to report within rules and guidelines of the F.C.C. that monitors every move the media makes in reporting, broadcast, promote whatever they want without any permission that the informat

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    Strategic Initiative Paper

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    Like many other Fortune 500 companies, Lowe’s started as a small business. What began in 1946 as a hardware store that offered a little bit of everything to the residents of North Wilkesboro, NC has grown into “the second largest home improvement retailer worldwide and the 7th largest retailer in the U.S.” (Lowe’s, 2009, ¶ 1). The growth did not occur overnight but developed through sound management that used many strong corporate strategies including strong strategic and financial planning initiatives. Proof of this is found in some of the first managerial decisions such as the strategic plan

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    Proposal For A New Career Exploration Program For Service Canada

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    This proposal is for a new career exploration program for Service Canada office of Cornwall, Ontario. It will examine the use of four standardized assessments in career counseling, then select and budget relevant assessments and resource material. The anticipated client group includes: unemployment recipients (70% recently unemployed due to downsizing), average age is 30-40, 60% female, 20% First Nations, 20% professional immigrants, and an English and French population. To get a fuller understanding of an individual undergoing career counselling, there are four main groups of the psychomet

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    The Problem And Solution For Fake News Annotated Bibliography

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    Fake news has always been an issue in the U.S.A. for as long as anyone can remember but recently earned its place in the spotlight being one of the most talked about topics nationwide. Fake news has existed for a long time and coincides with free speech, so it will not go away anytime soon. It used to be limited to newspapers and television, but with the rise of the internet and social media in the 21st century, it has become easier to create/spread fake news. My essay will breakdown what fake news really is and describe all the different types of mediums of fake news. It will also cover past

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