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  • Individual Armament

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    It is seen in recent years that people begin to carry guns with them. However, guns should be the equipment of military forces of a country. People would like to protect themselves from dangers but it is the duty of the military forces of a country.It is natural for people think that they live in a world which is full of dangers. There are terrorist attacks and wars around the world so, people tend to think that they should protect themselves. It will be proper to say that the latest events show that American people have individual guns for themselves nowadays. Terroris

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    The Man Who Was Almost A Man

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    Stephen Neal AML2020 Character Analysis The Boy Who Was Nowhere Near Being a Man The short story "The Man Who Was Almost a Man" is a fictional story about a young boy who desires to be treated and respected as a grown man despite his young age. What Dave Saunders fails to realize, is that being a man means you should act like one. Dave has the mentality of a young child; so, he believes that he needs a gun to get the respect he feels he deserves. It is apparent from reading this story that Dave is a pretty emotional young man. This is not always a bad att

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    Concealed Gun Carry A Right Or A Threat

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    Concealed gun carry has been a growing national trend over the past few decades. State politicians have been battling between allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms and prohibiting the carriage of a firearm out in public. According to Michael Luo “The national movement toward more expansive concealed handgun laws began in earnest in 1987, when Florida instituted a “shall issue” permit process, in which law enforcement officials are required to grant the permits as long as applicants satisfy certain basic legal requirements”(1). There have been many attempts in reducing gun

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    Guns And The College Campus

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    Gun control is a long disputed topic, and many people have their own opinions on what is right and wrong. This should be made possible; it would help with security, and peoples’ sense of safety. Many students are scared of roaming campus, whether at dawn or dusk because of the fact that crime rates are higher on campus, more than anywhere else in the state most likely. Some would go against this because of the recent shootings, or the infamous school shootings of the past. That being said, guns should be allowed in the hands of the right people with the right backgrou

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    Why Shoot?

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    Today is the day that I fire my first gun. Today is the day that I am able to continue the tradition of my family’s manhood evaluation by using a simple firearm. Today is the day that I begin to understand my father constant infatuation with these small but deadly weapons. But would I truly understand what today would bring? Now is a week past my eighteenth birthday, and a Madison’s family tradition requires a boy at this age to go through the path to the life of a man. In a few moments, my father and I would be on our way to purchase the ticket to my manhood. Ever since my childhood, I was

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    Television News Program Analysis: Trayvon Martin

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    The story that I chose to cover is about Trayvon Martin. There are gun range targets that are a resemblance of Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin a seventeen year old was shot by neighborhood watch volunteers George Zimmerman in Sanford, FL. Martin was on his way home from the store and, he had a bag of skittles and a can of Arizona tea. George Zimmerman claimed the Florida Law Stand your Ground Law. George Zimmerman was not arrested after the incident and there has been outrage and protest and an investigation by the Feds has been prompted and charges have been brought on and George Zimmerma

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    Pro Campus-carry Summary

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    Maura Ewing wrote Campus Carry: The Movement to Allow Guns on College Grounds, Explained to address the question if whether or not guns should be allowed in Universities. One of the most important supporting points in this article was the protection of students in the event of a crisis. Throughout the article she provided research that showed some campuses believe that having guns on campus would increase the risk for more issues than it would prevent. However, looking back to the beginning of the article, the main catalyst for campus-carry laws to be enacted, was a mass shooting at Virginia T

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