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  • Chili Pepper Peer Review

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    In the speech about chili peppers, the speaker used the organizational pattern of topical for his informative speech. For his particular speech, topical was effective because he was giving an overall informative speech about chili peppers. Chronological wouldn’t have worked because he didn’t only want to talk about their history. He didn’t want to talk about pros and con’s either, and compare and contrast wouldn’t work as well because he didn’t only want to talk about each individual pepper. His main points in this speech were the chili pepper’s history, an explanation to why they are spicy, w

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    Minimizing Interruptions

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    Minimizing Interruptions Facts: Although some interruptions are signs of involvement and interest, and other s are genuine requests for information, interruptions are rarely appreciated. When you cut others off, the speaker thinks that you don’t care about their ideas or that you believe your ideas are better than theirs. When you interrupt, you may be perceived as rude, egocentric and controlling – someone who believes that what you have to say is more important than other’s ideas. Strategies on how to cut back interrupting: Count to three after

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