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  • U.s. Hybrids: More Dollars Per Gallon

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    There are many moral challenges facing the U.S. and the world. Yet our nation has fallen far behind on what is possibly the greatest moral challenge of our time: global warming. It terrorizes all aspects of life, from the sea level rising and water shortages, to species going extinct and diseases spreading. And as a result, the poor nations of the world and the poorer neighborhoods in industrialized countries will be victims of a disproportionate amount of pain and suffering. This is where true moral values need to be reflected. In America it’s normal for an average family to own two to three

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    A Raisin In The Sun

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    “A Raisin in the Sun” is set at in an area where racism was still occurring. Blacks were no longer separated but they were still facing many racial problems. The black Younger family faced these problems throughout the play. The entire family was affected in their own way. The family has big dreams and hope to make more of their poor lives. Walter, the main character, is forced to deal with most of the issues himself. Ruth, his wife, and Travis, his ten-year-old son, really don’t have say in matters that he sets his mind to. Beneatha, his sister tries to get her word in but is often igno

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    Subprime Crisis

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    Introduction Mortgage loans are typically classified as either prime or subprime, depending on their credit risk – the risk that a borrower will default on the loan. Subprime lending is classified as B-paper or second chance lending. It is the practice of making loans to borrowers who had problems with their credit history or their inability to ensure that the monthly payment on the loans, for which they are applying, can be met from their financial income. Applying the risk to profit ratio, subprime lender offset the higher risk involved with higher interest rate.

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    Subprime Lending

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    Introduction Many organizations and heads of organizations have faced ethics issues in the past few years. Kenneth Lay with Enron, Martha Stewart, Michael Sears of Boeing, Stan O’Neal with Merrill Lynch and many people in Congress and the House have been or are under investigation for violations of ethics. Kenneth Lay was convicted of fraud while Martha Stewart was convicted of conspiracy, lying to the government, and obstruction of justice. Both Lay and Stewart received time in prison for their actions. Many others in violation of ethics codes receive a slap on the wr

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    The House Hold Debt Bubble

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    1. The Household Debt Bubble Comments on the decline in real wages & paradoxical rise in consumption in the US, arguing that the potential exists for particularly negative consequences. Data on the family debt burden indicate the class nature of the distribution of household debt, with mortgages, credit cards, & installment buying the areas of highest debt for most families. It is argued that low-income families are prime targets for predatory lending, eg, payday loans, subprime mortgage lending. Of greatest macroeconomic significance is home-secured borrowing, & it is contended that the hous

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    Business Motivation Theories

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    There are two basic theories of motivation; content theories and process theories. Content theories focus on what actually motivates people, they study the needs that must be satisfied in order for the employee to be motivated. The need is either satisfied by an extrinsic reward (e.g. pay) or an intrinsic reward (e.g. recognition and praise). The Classical (Fayol), the Scientific (Taylor), the Human Relations (Mayo), and the Neo-Human Relations (Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor) schools of management thought are all content theories. Process theories, do not concern the needs which must be sati

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    Chase Case Summary

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    The financial services industry consists of investment banks, insurance companies, brokers/dealers, asset managers, venture capital firms, and commercial banks. We will be focusing on the credit card segment for this discussion. The credit card industry in the United States began just prior to World War I. It was Western Union who began to provide a deferred payment service to its most credit worthy customers. Over the next several decades, department stores and other retailers began to provide credit accounts as well to many of their customers. The popularity of these revolving credit account

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    Clique Theory

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    A ‘clique’ is most formally and appropriately known as a type of phenomenon, which in itself means that it is something that we only know as it appears to be. The free online dictionary comprehensively defines a clique as a small exclusive group of friends or associates or a group of people who are friendly with each other but exclude others. According to the Nation Master Encyclopaedia, a clique is an exclusive group of people who share common interests, views, purposes, or patterns of behaviour. A clique ‘is a subset of individuals from a large

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    Ten Best Things In Life

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    We talk a lot about money: How to get it, how to spend it, where to spend it, and how to save it. For all the time we devote to talking about, worrying about, and dealing with money, you’d think it was the most important thing in the world. If the time spent obsessing about money truly equated to its worth, then there would be nothing that you couldn't do or have without money. Money would be the only thing that mattered. But is money really as valuable as our obsession level leads us to believe? Money is important, obviously. Without it we'd have no roof over our he

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    Usa World Bank

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    Problem Solution: USA World Bank USA World Bank is a company with a global position on an international and domestic level that service consumers and small business clients. The company’s past performance in relations to new products has been deemed successful. However, recently the new products were borderline profitable for USA World Bank. This prompted a sense of urgency in Brian Allen, President of New Product Development, to introduce a new product that would expand market shares. Brian entrusted this job to Mary Monroe, Vice President of New Product Development. Mary Monroe is very comp

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    Bethlehem Steel

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    In 2001Bethlehem Steel's filed for bankruptcy and inspired an employee's daughter to evaluate her father's pension plan just weeks after the September 11 tragedies aggravated a weakening U.S. economy and just months before her father planned to retire. The economies battered equity markets and plunging interest rates show signs of a "pension crisis," the history and government role in U.S. private defined-benefit pension plans. An attempt to estimate the pension plan's true asset-liability condition and to advise if the father’s upcoming retirement is still possible from a historically dominan

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    Great Expectations

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    In the novel ‘Great Expectations’ , Charles Dickens brings into close focus the social attitudes of 19th Century Victorian England and warns readers of the destructive nature of unrealistic aspirations. The protagonist Pip, attempts to climb the social hierarchy and become a gentleman. Pip goes through three stages of moral maturity. He begins the story as an innocent and naïve boy with no aspirations, but in his desire to better himself, he becomes an arrogant young man where self-gratification is the driving force of all his actions. Many years later, Pip realises what he has done in life h

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    A Simple Plan Questions Grade 12M Chapter 3 Conscience: The self in search of the Good 1) Perhaps the primary question that this film asks, are laid out by the script itself. After watching the movie, answer the following questions : How can a man be happy? What does it take? A man can truly be happy when he has nothing to worry about. In this case, money is the main answer. In the movie, Hank was living a normal life with normal challenges. He, at first saw that the money was not important and that what he currently has is enough for him. But when faced with that much money, it propose

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    Usa World Bank Problem Solution

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    U.S.A. World Bank Problem Solution “Competent researchers and astute managers alike practice thinking habits that reflect sound reasoning-finding correct premises, testing the connections between their facts and assumptions, making claims based on adequate evidence” (Cooper et al, 2006, pg 2). U.S.A. World Bank, an International and domestic institution is planning on expanding market share through new products. Recently two proposals have been initiated: a consumer rewards credit card, and a credit card line of $200,000 for small businesses. Management accumulated research d

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    Résumé du cas Manzana Insurance S. de Treville Société d’assurance de choses (commercial, automobile, ménage, responsabilité civile...) Problème: délai de livraison des polices à l’agent (police en vigueur néanmoins) Notre but: utiliser la théorie des files d’attente pour mieux comprendre la situation Souscription des polices d’assurance (« underwriting ») Terme technique pour processus entier d’assurer un risque Chez Fruitvale: 3 équipes de souscription servent 76 agents indépendants Système d’agents: Assurance vendue par des agents indépendants 200 agents Rep

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    Mutual Insurance Company Iowa

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    The business problem facing Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa is that it is not operating as a lean operation, there is an urgent need to standardize claims processing and to keep variability to a minimum. In addition, Mutual Insurance needs to improve claim response time and customer service. Mutual Insurance of Iowa extensive sales growth this past year has resulted in record levels in claims followed. Mutual Insurance is processing over 2,500 claim forms per day and disappointed fewer than 2,500 forms a day are flowing out. The total time to process a claim, from the

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    Is Curve

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    INTRODUCTION Is curve represent equilibrium in the goods marked deriving from the loan able funds formation. It is a curve which explains the relationship between families of savings schedules. (IS curve shows the quality or savings and investment at various dominance of levels of income the rates of interest) LM curve represent equilibrium in the money marked showing combination of interest rates and levels of income at which demand or the supply of money an equal. IS-LM curve shows intersections of IS and LM curves. It determines the output and interest rate in the

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    Ppm Maturity

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    A CENTER FOR BUSINESS PRACTICES RESEARCH REPORT Project Portfolio Management Maturity A BENCHMARK OF CURRENT BUSINESS PRACTICES value project office project management maturity 410 TOWNSHIP LINE ROAD HAVERTOWN, PA 19083 484.450.0100 • WWW.CBPONLINE.COM Center for Business Practices CAPTURING, ORGANIZING, AND TRANSFERRING MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE PROJECT PORTF TFOLIO MANA MATURIT TURITY PROJECT PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT MATURIT Y 2 Executive Summary ORGANIZATIONS ARE AT the bottom rungs of the project portfolio management maturity ladder, and they hav

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    Reasons American Shop

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    America is a nation of shoppers. They shop so much that the nation’s economy is based on them spending their money. If America stops spending, the economy goes down. When Americans start spending, the economy goes up. Shopping is no longer just for the rich. It has become a major problem for every social economic level. But until our society identifies the causes, Americans will not stop shopping. When investigating the very root of the causes of shopping, a financial company found four fundamental causes for why Americans shop: competition, to relieve stress or worries, easy credit, a

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    Class In Great Gatsby

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    F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the theme of class in The Great Gatsby as a strong role throughout the story. He starts off the book, not even the story, with a poem in the beginning that demonstrates the theme of class. There is a wealthy man that is trying to astound a woman by drawing attention to him, while looking foolish doing it. Of course, the woman falls for the man and his money. Money is everything to the upper class. Without money, they think they’re lives are nothing. The wealthy also lack many morals. Nick grew up believing he was better than everybody else and l

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    Eurocurrency Markets

    1713 words, 7 pages

    Instructions: use the place after each question for typing your answers. Feel free to extend the space, if necessary. That's the reason I am sending you a Word doc. rather than pdf file. However, try to keep your answers precise and concise. This is an INDIVIDUAL piece of work. Please be aware of consequences of copying and plagiarisms. Questions: 1. Provide a definition for the term "Eurocurrency-market" The Eurocurrency market is a money market for investments. However these investments are denominated in currencies different than the one in which the

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    Advantage And Disadvantage Of Conditional Fee Arra

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    COMMON LAW REASONING AND INSTITUTION RESEARCH ESSAY: 3. Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of conditional fee arrangements for legal aid. A conditional fee arrangement is basically a form of risk sharing whereby if the lawyer loses the case, the client does not have to pay. However, if the case is won, the lawyer can be recompensed through a success fee, which is worked out as a percentage of his cost. In the US, many cases have been funded this way but in English legal system conditional fee arrangement had been banned until the enactment of the Courts an

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    Geomechanics Lab Report

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    3/29/2011 CIVL462 - Laboratory Report Geomechanics 2 Justin Hill Direct Shear Test Introduction The shear strength is one of the most important engineering properties of a soil as it is required whenever a structure is built. Structures require foundations in the ground and solid foundations are dependent on a soil’s shearing resistance. Moreover, the shear strength is needed for engineering situations such as calculating the pressure exerted by a soil on a retaining wall, sheet piling, determining the stability of slopes or cuts and determining the bearing capacity for foundation

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    Prestige Telephone Company

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    Prestige Telephone Company AIM 4343 – 02/09/04 Top management of Prestige Telephone Company, is considering alternative courses of action which might be taken to improve the performance of a new subsidiary, Prestige Data Services. It was originally conceived as a mechanism by which high and nonregulated returns could be used to augment the profits of Prestige Telephone Company, while at the same time providing computer services to that company. The subsidiary’s performance has not lived up to expectations. Nevertheless, after two years of operation, Prestige Data Services has succeede

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    Healthcare Paradigm

    3976 words, 16 pages

    “If you can't afford a doctor, go to an airport - you'll get a free x-ray and a breast exam, and; if you mention Al Qaeda, you'll get a free colonoscopy."-UNKNOWN Now this is obviously a cute tongue in cheek reference to people who may be uninsured, however, for many Americans this is very real. According to the CDC, approximately 15% of all Americans or (approx. 46.5 million) are not insured. The people that are insured, still do not seem to be getting the care they need and a lot of them end up in a hospital- no closer to any answers. According to Dr. Jerome Groopman, who holds a ch

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    The Forgotten Member

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    Identify and summarize the stages of group development. After reviewing the case in the textbook (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn & Uhl-Bien 2010), Christine and her team are in between the storming and norming stage. In the forming stage, they got to know each other, learning their strengths and weaknesses. During this stage, Christine should have noticed that she was going to have problems with Mike. He was not going to take this assignment very seriously, as he was always fooling around. In the storming stage, team members come together and learn their expectations,

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    Activos Corrientes Y Activos No Corrientes

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    Activos Corrientes y Activos No Corrientes Universidad de Phoenix ACC/400 20 de septiembre de 2014 Activos Corrientes y Activos No Corrientes Cuando hablamos de activos nos viene a la mente un conjunto de bienes y derechos de los cuales una empresa es su titular. Hay otras partidas que son de característica común utilizadas al generar ingresos. El Activo lo podemos distinguir entre aquellos Activos no Corrientes y los Activos Corrientes. Pero tenemos que tener presente que el Activo no Corriente es el de bienes y derechos que son adquiridos permaneciendo

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    Com Week 7 Assignment

    1080 words, 5 pages

    While walking through most college campus sites around the United States, you may notice many credit card marketers on the sidewalks trying to receive the attention of the college students. Many citizens and politicians have talked about these ambulant credit card marketers. There is two points of view, the people who support this kind of marketing, and the people who are against it. I am against this type of marketing to students, and hopefully you will too when you finish reading this essay. The purpose of this essay is to explain why credit card companies should not

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    Citibank Launching The Credit Card In Asia Pacifi

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    Citibank: Launching the Credit Card in Asia Pacific (A) Summary Citibank is a prestigious, consumer-oriented international consumer bank. Citibank’s Asia Pacific branch, operating in 15 countries in the Asia Pacific and Middle East area, earned $69.7 million in 1988 and set the goal of earning $100 million in 1990. In order to reach it, the launch of a new product – credit cards – was considered. The idea of a credit card launching in the Asia Pacific region wasn’t supported by the New York headquarter as well as by many country managers: it would be risky since th

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    Marketing In Credit Cards

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    While there are significant untapped product development opportunities for credit card issuers to distinguish themselves, Anja Sönksen, senior consultant at Edgar, Dunn & Co, sees more sustainable opportunities through employing marketing advances, especially in the area of process innovation. Business is tough for credit card executives in Europe. Major environmental changes such as the introduction of new technologies, the implementation of SEPA, the strong growth of prepaid cards, new entrants to the market and an increasing empowerment of cardholders will impact

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    Legal And Ethical Issues Within The Subprime Mortg

    2914 words, 12 pages

    Legal and Ethical issues within the Subprime Mortgage Industry Green 1 Executive Summary This purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the legal and ethical issues surrounding the subprime mortgage industry. I will describe these issues as they pertain to the professionals that issued them and the people that were affected by them. The subprime mortgage industry has been the center of attention since the beginning of

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    How Deos Cd Work?

    1976 words, 8 pages

    2. HOW DEOS CD WORK? a wide array of choices, people sometimes have difficulty in figuring out what are the best CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates they can take advantage of. When looking for the top rates, we have to take it step by step so we can have a flow of thought whenever we go rate hunting. The most important thing when we canvass for interest rates and the best deal for your certificate of deposit, we must explore what we are going into. It is never a waste of time researching definitions, knowing how it works and familiarizing terms used you should know wha

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    Look Back In Anger

    2946 words, 12 pages

    Plot Summary Act I The plot of Look Back in Anger is driven almost entirely by the tirades of Jimmy Porter rather than outside forces. The play is set in a one-room attic apartment in the Midlands of England. This large room is the home of Jimmy Porter, his wife Alison, and his partner and friend Cliff Lewis, who has a separate bedroom across the hall. The play opens with Alison at the ironing board and Jimmy and Cliff in easy chairs reading the Sunday papers. Jimmy complains that half the book review he is reading in his “posh” paper is in French. He asks Alison if that makes her feel igno

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    1467 words, 6 pages

    The location of a business is essential to its’ success. However, before a location can be selected legal aspects of acquiring, holding and disposing of real and personal property must be analyzed. Further insurance aspects must also be taken into consideration in addition to environmental issues and regulations. In this paper, three locations will be examined with the above education, and a recommendation will be advised of which location best would suit the business. The first location is the Colorado River, followed by the Snake River, and the last location in this analysis the Arka

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    Setting Portfolio Objectives

    1553 words, 7 pages

    Chapter Four Setting Portfolio Objectives ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS 1. The income objective generates a reasonably consistent level of income from the portfolio. Higher levels of income can be achieved by investing in higher risk securities. The growth of income objective initially accepts a lower level of income because of some investment in equity securities. As time passes, the equity securities normally appreciate, thereby increasing the principal value of the portfolio, and enabling additional funds to be invested in income-producing securities. 2. Second

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    2698 words, 11 pages

    Introduction “Without insurance the tort system would simply cease to operate.” In order to prove this statement, it is imperative to understand the crucial relationship between insurance and the tort system. Nowadays, our society has been continuously evolving into a compensation culture, especially in the countries of England and Wales and the United States of America. With the help of information technology, the public can readily access various information and advertisements regarding legal rights and compensations. Consequently, the social awareness of the entitle

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    The Dangers Of Credit Cards

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    Credit cards are an inevitable factor in growing up. Once you turn eighteen it all starts. You receive applications in the mail daily and commercials appear on television as well. This starts to spark an interest. So you say to yourself, "I think I'm responsible enough to get a credit card, I'll only use it for emergencies." Then you apply and it may take a couple times to finally be approved for one. This only makes it worse, of course, because you realize how long you have waited and now you get to buy anything you want, after all you don't have to pay it off for a month. The year is 2001, m

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    Themes Of Old Man And The Sea

    1020 words, 5 pages

    Major Themes Unity Hemingway spends a good deal of time drawing connections between Santiago and his natural environment: the fish, birds, and stars are all his brothers or friends, he has the heart of a turtle, eats turtle eggs for strength, drinks shark liver oil for health, etc. Also, apparently contradictory elements are repeatedly shown as aspects of one unified whole: the sea is both kind and cruel, feminine and masculine; the Portuguese man of war is beautiful but deadly; the mako shark is noble but cruel. The novella's premise of unity helps succor Santiago in

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    Pag Ibig Housing Loan Vs A Bank Loan: A Comprehensive Guide To Home Buying

    980 words, 4 pages

    Having their own house is the ultimate dream of every Filipino family. But the truth is,  most of those who plan to purchase a house do not have a ready cash to pay for it, or even if they have, they would prefer to apply for a loan to complete it. Saving for your first home purchase may take for a couple of years, and by the time that you are ready for it, the house that you wanted must have long been sold. Or the value of your money can no longer purchase the same quality house you’d always wanted. You might want to consider applying for a housing loan to realize your dream. When we hear o

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    Db 123 Tma 1

    1001 words, 5 pages

    Question1. Briefly describe the key points that emerge from the data in Table 1. From table 1 we can see the various figures by major non-card methods. Initially the main thing we can see is from 2005 up to 2011 the total figures from the table are constantly increasing year by year. Within 6 years they rise from 9,152,012 up to 9,798,408. One of the main components that caught my eye is ‘cheques’ when thinking of cheques the first thing I think is...’when is the last time I saw one of those?’ clearly showing how as time progresses our usage of cheques has decreas

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    Principles Of Communication In Sc

    1001 words, 5 pages

    21 Principles of communication in social care settings 1. Understand why communication is important in adult social care settings. 1.1 Identify different reasons why people communicate. Reasons may include: * expressing and sharing * ideas, feelings, needs, * wishes and preferences * obtaining and receiving * information * getting to know each other 1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of working in adult social care settings. Effective communication can affect: * service provision * teamwork

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    Bill Millers

    1003 words, 5 pages

    Bill Miller and Value Trust Background Information Bill Miller is one of the most renowned professional fund managers. This can be proven by the outperformance of the Value Trust, which is managed by him, compared to its benchmark index, the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500), for an astonishing 14 years in a row; and this marked the longest streak of success for any manager in the mutual-fund industry. By the middle of 2005, Value Trust is worth $11.2-billion. Bill Miller’s approach to investment management was research-intensive and highly concentrated. For i

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    Corruption And Power

    998 words, 4 pages

    When one receives power, it’s easy to forget the struggles, hardships, and problems of those without power. The fear of losing power leads to corruption and the loss of empathy. With the separation of natives and whites there has been a lot of corruption in Johannesburg. The power that some have they have taken advantage of it. This leads to even more being corrupt because they feel it’s alright.             The corruption of power is shown through the words and actions of John Kumalo, Stephen Kumalo’s brother, because he is afraid of losing his power which leads to him being dishonest

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    Nature Of Intelligence

    1004 words, 5 pages

    Piaget noted reality is a dynamic system of continuous change and, as such, is defined in reference to the two conditions that define dynamic systems. Specifically, he argued that reality involves transformations and states. Transformations refer to all manners of changes that a thing or person can undergo. States refer to the conditions or the appearances in which things or persons can be found between transformations. For example, there might be changes in shape or form (for instance, liquids are reshaped as they are transferred from one vessel to another, humans chan

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    The American Dream

    1005 words, 5 pages

    The American Dream The American Dream can be defined as many different things. People like Oprah, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett could be defined as living the American Dream because they have everything; to money, cars, clothes, huge houses, and on top of that people love them. However not at people believe having a ridiculous amount of money, cars, big houses, and fame is living the America Dream, some believe just having a wife, kids, being free, and getting a decent income is living the American Dream. Although many people have their opinions on what the America

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    1004 words, 5 pages

    With economy sour, consumers sweet on herbal meds By LINDSEY TANNER, AP Medical Writer Lindsey Tanner, Ap Medical Writer Tue Jan 13, 2009 CHICAGO – The choice between $75 prescription sleeping pills or a $5 herbal alternative is a no-brainer for Cathy and Bernard Birleffi, whose insurance costs have skyrocketed along with the nation's financial woes. The Calistoga, Calif., couple seem to reflect a trend. With many Americans putting off routine doctor visits and self-medicating to save money, use of alternative treatments is on the rise — even though evidence is ofte

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    Discovery Of America

    1005 words, 5 pages

    A research proposal concerning: Who deserves the credit for the discovery of America? The discovery of America is the most controversial issue discussed in many classroom settings. Many people think that Columbus deserves the credit for the discovery of America while, others believe that he deserves no credit because when he landed on the Island there were already natural inhabitants there who had been living there for centuries. When I think about this situation many questions run through my mind like: Why did he receive all the credit for the discovery of a place

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    Money Cant Buy Success

    1006 words, 5 pages

    For all the time we devote to talking about, worrying about, and dealing with money, you’d think it was the most important thing in the world. If the time spent obsessing about money truly equated to its worth, then there would be nothing that you couldn’t do or have without money. Money would be the only thing that mattered. But is money really as valuable as our obsession level leads us to believe? Money is important, obviously. Without it we’d have no roof over our heads, food in our bellies or clothes on our backs. Money allows us to do and have more things than

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    Alternates On Healthj Insurance

    1006 words, 5 pages

    ALTERNATES Shun your distributor, choose tax-saving instruments online Published on: 20 February, 2013PrintPrint Send to friendSend to friend PDFPDF Time is running out for individuals looking to complete their tax saving investments. Many salaried tax-payers will have to submit the details of their actual investments to their employers within the next few weeks. According to experts, with very little time on their hands, these individuals typically fall prey to the sales pitch of canny distributors who promise to take care of all the paperwork. Needles to say, m

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    Bad Drivers - An Epidemic

    984 words, 4 pages

    Bad drivers have become an epidemic in the nation. They drive around recklessly and carelessly putting other drivers in danger and at risk. This includes motorcyclists. The current system is not doing its job reducing the bad drivers or bad driving habits. According to the website of the Texas department of public safety you will get your license revoked if you have “At least 4 moving traffic violations within a twelve 12 month period or At least 7 moving traffic violations within a 24 month period.” (Texas Department of Public Safety.)This does not help the problem because first of all you ta

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