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  • Fake Empire And Freud

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    In her analysis Angela Zimmerman states, “’Fake Empire’ explores the darker side of life as experienced by disengaged Americans”. Her political interpretation concentrates on America’s hegemonic response to the attacks after 9-11 and a nation’s collective detachment to this confusing and turbulent time in American history. In a fairly extensive interview with National Public Radio, members of The National discussed the album The Boxer, and in particular, the song “Fake Empire” but did not link any anti-American sentiment in their interpretation to the admittedly ambiguous lyrics. Though th

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    The Control Function Of Management

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    Introduction The control function of management an organization is an activity to ensure that others are doing what should be done after strategy and organizational planning is made. The activities usually include a description of some type of measurement and feedback process. The basic process of controls involves three steps:- 1. establishing standards. 2. measuring performance against these standards. 3. correcting deviations from standards and plans. This article addresses a broader perspective on control as a management function. The first part summarizes the general control prob

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