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  • Pornography Sex Or Subordination

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    Pornography -- Sex or Subordination? In the late Seventies, America became shocked and outraged by the rape, mutilation, and murder of over a dozen young, beautiful girls. The man who committed these murders, Ted Bundy, was later apprehended and executed. During his detention in various penitentiaries, he was mentally probed and prodded by psychologist and psychoanalysts hoping to discover the root of his violent actions and sexual frustrations. Many theories arose in attempts to explain the motivational factors behind his murderous escapades. However, the strongest and most feasible of these

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    Everybody would agree that internet and computer becomes more and more important in one’s life. The history of internet established on the last century, first internet was limited in a group of people, it grew quickly. Nowaday, the Internet has become an important form of communication in modern society, with a forecast of 500 million online globally by the year 2003. Its increased use and accessibility have led to a burgeoning of cyber communities, where people of like minds and common interests transcend geographical barriers and communicate with one another on a rang

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    Porn And Society

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    PORNOGRAPHY AND SOCIETY There are major personal problems brought on by the consumption of pornography. However, porn’s affect on culture, churches, families and even marriages have far exceeded a problem that is merely personal. The porn problem is global. Almost 50,000 websites are pornographic.[1] That means 12% of the sites on the entire internet are dedicated to porn. There are over 40 million Americans visiting porn sites on a regular basis. Over $3,000 is spent on porn every second. This means that worldwide the porn industry is making anywhere from almost 50

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    Introduction In a world in which acts of heinous violence, murder or crude and shocking behavior seem to be a normal occurrence, it may lead one to wonder what has put society onto this slippery slope. How did this type of behavior come to be so acceptable and in some cases glorifiable? A careful study of society may lead to multi media as being the main cause in this changing of ideals. The modern world has become desensitized to the acts shown on television, movies, video games or printed in newspapers and magazines. Censorship must be employed if morals and decency are to be preserved.

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    Requirements And The Intent Of The Cipa For Schools And Libraries

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    Strayer University The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that K-12 schools and libraries in the United States use internet filters and implement other measures to protect children from harmful online content as a condition for the receipt of certain federal funding. It was signed into law on December 21, 2000 and was found to be constitutional by the US Supreme Court on June 23, 2003. CIPA is one of many bills that the United States congress recommended as a boundary towards children's exposure to pornography and explicit content online. Congress's had tried earlier with t

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    The Effects Of Viewing Pornography On The Daily Life Of An Adult

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    Cherie Professor Ojo English 1010 Causal argument The effects of viewing pornography on the daily life of an adult Picture an addiction so lethal it has the potential to render an entire generation incapable of forming lasting marriages and so widespread that it produces more annual revenue than all of the leading technology companies combined. According to an online statistics firm, an estimated 40 million people use this drug on a regular basis (Downs 2007). This lethal threat is pornography addiction. Though people may argue that viewin

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    Censorship And Music

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    The notion of censorship is very subjective and as a result is very debatable. According to Webster’s Dictionary, censorship is “the institution, system, or practice of censoring”. Generally censorship is seen as a tool to protect the political stability of the state and its citizens from inappropriate contents but as a matter of fact, it is the biggest obstacle in front of the development of the arts and literature. Throughout history, almost every revolutionizing product of art has been censored. According to Victor Lombardi (1991), with regard to music: […] censor

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    First Amendment And Pornography

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    These articles have opposing viewpoints on laws concerning pornography. Both authors argue their side of the issue while having many of the same ideas as each other. To begin, “The First Amendment Junkie” by Susan Jacoby states that certain restrictions on pornography would be a violation of the first amendment. Susan Jacoby is known for writing about women's rights and issues for popular magazines such as Glamour, McCalls, and The Nation. The next article is "Let's put Pornography Back in the Closet" by Susan Brownmiller. She is a Journalist, Women's rights activist, and a founder of Wom

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    Societal Effects Of Pornography

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    Have we considered the potential effects of the, still growing, pornography industry? What about how it has affected our population already? Based on research that has been done, the porn industry makes roughly 14 billion dollars a year (Bill Orilley Show, 2004 interview with a porn actress). However, this industry comes with many negative impacts such as addiction, divorce, influences on children, sexual dissatisfaction and many others that tear our society apart from the inside out. It is interesting that something that so many people ’enjoy’ actually causes so much destruction both within a

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    Internet As Anesthesia

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    Photographs are widely distributed and easily accessible today and at the same time, they are large in quantity and shared daily in great numbers in the Internet but because of these, what could have been a very moving image is now just another picture distributed in the Internet; the message and intention is lost due to what the web of distribution brought fort; no longer, also, is the meaning novel, even from a new photograph, but a leftover of another that was previously seen. But first, what is a photograph? According to Sontag, a photograph is a representation of

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    Institutions Vs. Individuals Who Should Create The Rules

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    Breasts and buns and thighs…oh my!! I wonder if Adam and Eve ever suspected that these three body parts and their fig leaf outfits would cause such controversy. While watching Jay Leno’s stand-up routine on late night television, he presented a picture of Adam and Eve (as part of his joke) and I remember thinking, “Wow, Susan Brownmiller would not have been too fond of that.” “Let’s Put Pornography Back in the Closet” is an essay written by the aforementioned founder of Women Against Pornography. It is based on Brownmiller’s belief that the First Amendment was never int

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    Introduction: Boundaries Of The Debate

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    The topic of free speech is one of the most contentious issues in liberal societies. If the liberty to express oneself is not highly valued, as has often been the case, there is no problem: freedom of expression is simply curtailed in favor of other values. Free speech becomes a volatile issue when it is highly valued because only then do the limitations placed upon it become controversial. The first thing to note in any sensible discussion of freedom of speech is that it will have to be limited. Every society places some limits on the exercise of speech because speech always takes place withi

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