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  • E-mail And Organization

    1357 words, 6 pages

    The purpose of this assignment is to summarise and analyze the study of ‘Presence, Absence, and Accountability: E-mail and the mediation of organizational memory’ by Brown and Lighfoot. It is the empirical study of network computing and use of E-mail in an Organization, to what extent and in what ways are the E-mail and other electronic technologies really changing the functioning of an organization, and how e-mail as a written form of communication has become immediate and relatively easy way of storing up the past in the archival form which are being treated as a formal business record in an

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    Comparing Microsofts Vb Net And Suns Java

    1937 words, 8 pages

    VB.NET vs. Java Comparing Microsoft’s VB.NET and Sun’s Java Abstract Java and VB.Net, both offer powerful features to programmers. This is the reason they have both come face to face leaving behind other platforms and languages. .Net vs. Java has been for some years now another big debate like Intel versus MIPS has been. While comparing Java and VB.Net, it is essential to understand that the two are programming languages that are essentially the same. In order to compare the two languages, it is essential to understand the underlying architecture working for both the lang

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    Introduction To .Net

    5971 words, 24 pages

    Chapter 1 The .NET Foundation A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral. Saint Exupery, Flight to Arras (1942) Welcome to XML Web services for ASP.NET. The Web services movement of today has been referred to as a technology that is heralding a new era of application design. You can think of Web services as a component or a method that can be called across the Web. Even though many companies are offering solutions to implement and consume Web services, this book focuses on Microsoft’s solution. In this chapter

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    It 210 Week 8 Assignment

    1040 words, 5 pages

    Object Orientated Programming Paper IT 218 C++ Professor Chithambo February 27, 2011 Abstract In the following paper I will define and provide examples of structures, classes, and unions as they refer to in object oriented programming. Then I will summarize the relationship between structures, classes and unions within OOP. In today’s advanced programming world the key to the functionality of many high level programs depends on data-encapsulation. The C++ programming makes use of this highly valuable function which is simply a means of creating “containers”

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    Linked List

    7870 words, 32 pages

    Linked List Basics By Nick Parlante Copyright © 1998-2001, Nick Parlante Abstract This document introduces the basic structures and techniques for building linked lists with a mixture of explanations, drawings, sample code, and exercises. The material is useful if you want to understand linked lists or if you want to see a realistic, applied example of pointer-intensive code. A separate document, Linked List Problems (, presents 18 practice problems covering a wide range of difficulty. Linked lists are useful to study for two reas

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    1256 words, 6 pages

    Sheree M. Johnson II BUSINESS 365 QUARTER 5, 2014 - Marketing on the Internet a. Choose your product or service that you plan to market on this site. I plan to market a National and International Medical Insurance for those who need long-term care. The insurance will be just like Medicaid but the only difference is that it will be offered to everybody international or national. It will be offer to people with low-income, no income, or income period. However, those with income will only be responsible for their co-pay fees. The reason why, I say this is beca

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    Oracle Vs Google

    1014 words, 5 pages

    Since Google came out with their own operating system for the mobile market back in 2007 their software is based on a Linux Kernel operating system which in order to it work there has to be command lines telling the device what to do which here is when oracles java comes in. According to Oracle Google has been using one of their many patens without their consent and also copyright infringement. Which in this case oracle is so sure of this that they decided to take this case into court, since Oracle is seeking hundreds of millions in damages. Google argues that they woul

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    Solutions Exercise 12

    1254 words, 6 pages

    SOLUTIONS EXERCISE 12 1) a) y =x3 ? y / = 3x 2 ? y // = 6x CHAPTER 12 Above / Below x-axis: y =0 ? x3 =0 ? x =0 y=x 3 0 – + y undefined: nowhere Thus y is below the x-axis when x ? ( ??;0 ) and y is above x-axis when x ? ( 0; ? ) . Increase / Decrease: y/ =0 ? 3x 2 = 0 ? x =0 y = 3x / 2 0 + + y / undefined: nowhere Hence y increases when x ? ( ??;0 ) ? ( 0; ? ) and y has NO relative extremes. Concavity: y // = 0 y // ? 6x = 0 ? x =0 y = 6x // undefined: nowhere 0 – + y is concave downwards when x

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    1255 words, 6 pages

    The Power of the Image This picture has been clicked by a Time Magazine’s reporter which demonstrates that definitely it has a lot to say or convey the message to the world. This is a picture of a young woman, Bibi Aisha, whose nose and ears had been cut off by her own in-laws, as punishment after she ran away from her abusive husband. The photo shocked me: I wanted to look away from it, yet at the same time I couldn’t stop looking at it. The image conveyed and in the most disturbing visual language. I am sure this picture grabbed a lot people’s attention like mine.

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    1754 words, 8 pages

    Imagine that soon all people in the world will eat at McDonald's, drink Coca-Cola, and speak English. It sounds incredible, but it can be true. Since people now live in the era of globalization, culture is going through serious changes. These changes might not affect culture in a positive way, because the possible future is that all people will have one culture. In The Novel and The Globalization of Culture, Michael Valdez Moses writes, “The old plurality of cultures, postulating various and contrary ideals, and offering various and contrary views of the future, has bee

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    Haunted Ajax

    1778 words, 8 pages

    Guilt is the feeling created as a result of violation of ones inner morality. Ajax is forced to feel immense guilt for his past actions by the gods and people of his country. Ajax was obsessed, even to the point of going insane from his exploits. He felt so haunted by his action of slaughtering the Greek cattle he decided he had a responsibility to himself to act on his guilt and take his own life. He transformed in front of the eyes of his family and country as someone who was a strong, courageous soldier to an irrational namby-pamby. He did not respond to his situation in the most sens

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