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  • Real Estate Authority

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    The implications of the Real Estate Authority’s new regime aim to benefit both consumers and the real estate industry. In November 2009 the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) was established and replaced the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) and brought an end to self-regulation in the real estate industry. In my essay I will identify what the aims of the new regime and the measures set up to achieve them and also what their implications and possible outcomes are for property buyers and sellers, and real estate agents. The aims of the Real Estate Agents

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    Dubai Real Estate Crush

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    Business report on Nakheel Properties Ltd Executive Summary The Nakheel properties are well known developers and the leading real estate property company in Dubai and known for the mega structures buildings construction. In recent years they have underwent in to the construction of huge projects including the well known Palm Jumeirah Island, Map of the world and Nakheel towers are some of their huge projects are well know to the world. In the year 2008- 2009 the great financial crisis hit the world’s economy made a big difference in most of the country’s economic gr

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    Frank Gehry

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    Frank Gehry just happens to be one of the greatest architects. His work has such random collages of different materials that just makes it unique and outstanding. I would like to take my architects to see Gehry’s house, the dancing house and finally the Guggenheim museum. By showing them these great pieces of architecture they will come up with something fantastic that will totally create an incredible unique structure. We should start where everything started, Frank Gehry’s house. Gehry’s house located in Santa Monica has become one of the icons of postmodernism.

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    Supply And Demand Simulation

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    According to Colander (2010), the law of demand states that all other things being constant, “quantity demanded rises as price falls” or “quantity demanded falls as prices rise” (pg. 84). Conversely, Colander (2010) also states the following about supply: all other things being constant, “quantity supplied rises as price rises” or “quantity supplied falls as price fall” (pg. 90). This simulation followed the pricing of apartments in the fictional city of Atlantis, and provided an in-depth look at the changes that occurred on those prices based solely upon supply of apartments available and

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    Maximizing Profits In A Market Structure

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    XECO 212 The economy is very crucial in our daily lives and one important thing we should consider studying, is the principles and roles of the markets, to be specific, the competitive markets, monopolies, and oligopolies. The competitive market is defined as a market with many buyers and sellers trading identical products so that each and every seller and buyer is a price taker. (Principle of Economics pg.290 Mankiw) In a competitive each seller and buyer accepts a predetermined price for the particular good being presented. The cost of a product is determined by how much the buyers ar

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    Buying Vs Renting A Home

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    There are several reasons why people may choose to rent over actually buying a home. Making a choice between renting and buying is made easier in this day and age, due to the amount of information that is available on the Internet. There is an incredible amount of information on purchasing a home. The following is some information that is available to help with the home buying decision: Step-by-step instructions on the home buying process, mortgage calculators, on-line loan applications, on-line mortgage companies, and on-line real estate companies. Through the use of I

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    Frank Ghery

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    Profile Frank Gehry was born in Toronto(Canada)by Jewish/Polish parents on February the 28th, 1929 . Frank Gehry is a very prestigious architect whom has influenced many and helped design many famous abstract buildings like the Walt Disney Concert Hall in los Angeles. Frank Gehry was born into a “creative line of genes” in which is why he would often spend a lot of time with his father in a hardware store building miniature cities and buildings out of left over materials he could find. This probably was the spark for his choice in pursuing a designing career. Fran

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    Consumerism In Today’s Society: First Time Home Buyers

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    There are several steps involved when you are going to purchase a home for the first time and knowing these steps will only work as an advantage for the buyers. Knowing how much you can afford, which bank to consider for a loan and choosing your home are just a few things that come with purchasing a house. Today’s society can especially prove to be difficult with the housing market problems people are encountering. People can go into the method completely blind and end up doing the wrong thing which can result in disaster. The process of buying a first home can be intimidating and overwhe

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    Supply And Demand Simulation

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    Atlantis is a small city with lots of activities and scenery available to those who live there. Atlantis has several options for housing both detached and apartments. Atlantis has very little issues with traffic, pollution, and crime. By all appearances Atlantis seems like the ideal place to live. For the purpose of this simulation as the property manager through Good Life Management, I will be tasked to look at the cost of two-bedroom apartments and the current available at the given price. Areas we are going to explore are, demand curve, supply curve, and the equilibrium poi

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    The city I decided to research is Koreatown. Koreatown is located in the Mid-Wilshire district of Los Angeles. It has a high concentration of Korean Americans and is known for its commercial and historic buildings. It is also famous for its mid and high-rise towers. The commercial businesses are mostly Asian high fashion boutiques, nightclubs, 24 hour businesses, and restaurants. History Koreatown is located along Wilshire Boulevard. In 1800, this area saw its first settlement. Then in 1888, Henry Gaylord Wilshire bought many lots in the area after the real estate mar

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    Marketing Plan

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    Marketing Plan - Dawn Waite DW Real Estate Realtors seeks to make first-time homebuyers comfortable, happy, and worry-free both during the home buying process and even after their closings. By doing this, DW Real Estate hopes to build a reputation as THE real estate agent in Iowa for first-time homebuyers, effectively eliminating competition within their market. This marketing plan details the current and new marketing programs and practices of DW Real Estate Realtors, which will lead to establishing and consolidating this reputation. SWOT Analysis STRENTHS- We ar

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    Homelessness A Contemporary Social Issue In America

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    Homelessness in America is a problem that the United States is combatting on a daily basis. There are many words that have been used to describe the homeless population such a bag ladies, bums, and beggars. There are different degrees of homelessness depending on where you are lucky enough to sleep at night. Some individuals live in a tent, abandoned buildings or even under bridges. Others may be fortunate enough to have an automobile they can utilize as temporary shelter. (Homelessness:Societys Problem, Charlene Collins) There is an apparent correlation between the increase in homelessness

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    The Fountainhead: A Lacking World

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    Two wrongs can actually make a right. Egoistic by definition means limited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs. The definition of stubborn is having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons. These two characteristics combined with Howard Roarks other notable qualities essentially combine to make one remarkable character. Furthermore with the addition of characters such a Stephen Mallory who lacks confidence in his originality, Dominique Francon with her refusal to allow herself to be

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    Learning Experience At Unisa

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    PYC205A THEME 1: QUESTION 1c: My learning experience at Unisa has been a pleasant one thus far, I understand that there are thousands of students enrolled at the University and I am impressed that up to now I have not had any real problems with my studies. I have completed 19 subjects so far and I have experienced that some of them were more interesting than others, some were easier to study maybe because I was more interested in them and others were boring but yet necessary in order to reach my final destination. Some had prescribed books and others not, some had multiple choice questions

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    Valuation Assignment

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    CONTENT 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 3. Objective 4. Knowledge of value characteristics in appraising real estate 5. Determinants of value 6. Conclusion 1. Executive Summary Real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation is the process of valuing real property. The value usually sought is the property's Market Value. Appraisals are needed because compared to, say, corporate stock, real estate transactions occur very infrequently. Not only that, but every property is different from the next, a factor that do

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    Factors Affecting Supply & Demand Of Nyc Residential Real Estate

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    The City of New York has one of the most competitive markets for consumers who are looking to live there. This competition allows much of the available supply to be rented/sold at a premium. There are many factors (independent variables) that affect the supply and demand for New York Residential real estate. Each of New York’s 5 boroughs has similar factors that the consumer looks for in determining where he/she ultimately decides to live. Below is just a sampling of these factors: - Price/Value/Alternatives - Apartment Size/Amenities - Neighborhood/Location

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    Market Structure

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    The number of firms which manufacturing homogenous products is known as market structure in economics. There are five major different market structures which the economy runs on: monopoly, oligopoly, monopsony, oligopsony, and perfect competition. The number and size of the homogenous firms, and also market entry difficulty are elements which determine market structure. Market Structures have a great impact on market pricing, in that market structure truly shows the relationship between the consumers demand and the supply which the seller has control over. In other

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    The Role Of Jobs - Contrast-argument Essay

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    Jobs play a huge role in life when its time to make money. A job is a area in which professional, mannerly and respected work is done for an agreed price. They are various amount jobs but the ones that stand out to me most are being a lawyer, electrical engineer, architect and doctor. These occupations define in what a job should be. Being a doctor is the most clear to me of what a job should be like. Of course, not all occupations show professional and mannered work is done for an agreed price. One example I can say street dealers. Street dealers by definition are people who sell narcotics

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    Real Estate Agents And Brokers Analysis

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    The Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers’ NAICS code is 531210.This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in acting as agents and/or brokers in one or more of the following: (1) selling real estate for others; (2) buying real estate for others; and (3) renting real estate for others. After more than 100 years of development, the U.S real estate industry is relatively mature under the legal environment and financial instrument. The house price has increased 2 or 3 times during the past 100 years. As shown in Exhibit 1-1. Exhibit 1-1 Source: “U.S. house prices realty che

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    Real Estate Economics

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    Real Estate is, by definition, the land and everything that is a part of it and the extent of one's interest in it. The word real in real estate stands for the fact that it is land and different than personal property. It is real property, property that is more or less immobile. The word estate in real estate stands for the interest that one has in the property. This definitions shows that real estate is a different sort of property. It is property that may be legally yours but it is still not your personal property. Real Estate is land and property that can be acquired, owned or tran

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    Norms And Expectations In Society

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    Norms are the expectations of what is supposedly “right” or “correct” in society. Examples of norms include facing the door in an elevator, driving on the right side of the road in the United States, and writing on a piece of paper starting on the top, left side. These are norms because they are what most people in a group, regardless its size, believe is right. The norms it holds are important because it is what keeps order within the group and what differentiates from the “in-group” and the “out-group.” For our assignment, we were required to perform two social deviations that are neither m

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