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  • The Defense For The Predators

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    Phil 2 The view by that constant animal suffering on Earth gives humans reason to desire the extinction of all predatory animal species is purported by philosopher Jeff McMahon. He asserts several points in defense to his argument. I will refute his most relevant claims by using Peter Singer’s argument against “speciesism” and closely analyzing each of McMahon’s points. McMahon’s biggest defense for extinction of all carnivores is that it would be good to prevent the vast suffering and countless violent deaths caused by predation. His assumption that the end of all

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    Four years ago, as I have previously stated in my personal speech, I met a wonderful person who came into my life and made a big difference. When I was about to give up on life because of health problems and because I lost my sister from Sickle Cell, the most wonderful person walked right into my life. You see all she said was hello, and that goes along way. When i'm sad she's there, when i'm burdened down with problems she is there. Even though she doesnt know anything about music when i'm upset about a song, or if my choir is not sounding like I want them to sound she is there. So my definit

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