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  • Legal Research Project

    1302 words, 6 pages

    Our approach to learning Business Law this semester is to understand the major concepts of business law, and then apply them to actual work situations. For your legal research project, you have the opportunity to investigate in great depth one of those legal issues, and then to prepare an in-depth report on that issue and its implications for business people. The goal of this paper is to give you the tools you may need in your career when you face a legal issue. You’ll want to do some preliminary research before determining if you should speak with an attorney or utilize an alternative disp

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    Jieliang Home Phone Case

    2473 words, 10 pages

    Precision Factory Case Crystal Jane Ramona MBA-612-FTAM Northwood University (1) Problem Statement Jieliang, a worker at Precision, has been reprimanded for violating TQC by implementing her own short-cuts to the manufacturing process; Maty Cole witnessed this reprimand on his visit to the company and is concerned that this kind of negative feedback will hinder innovations which might increase the productivity in the future. (2) Analysis 1. The management doesn’t understand how employees are motivated, which may have caused workers not to speak up

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    Mr Pope

    1569 words, 7 pages

    A Discourse on Pastoral Poetry There are not, I believe, a greater number of any sort of verses than of those which are called Pastorals; nor a smaller, than of those which are truly so. It is therefore necessary to give some account of this kind of Poem, and it is my design to comprize in this short paper the substance of those numerous dissertations that Criticks have made on the subject, without omitting any of their rules in my own favour. You will also find some points reconciled, about which they seem to differ, and a few remarks which I think have escaped thei

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    Global Village The Castle And Own Text

    1001 words, 5 pages

    Individuals living in a global context may gain significant rewards, but may also encounter obstacles. Do you agree with this perspective? Individuals living in a global context may gain significant rewards, but may also encounter obstacles. This is shown through negative and positive effects within two texts, the film text the castle, directed by Rob Sitch and an article within a magazine, GetConnected, issue 6-global citizenship, July 2009. 3 high view Crescent and the owner Darryl Kerrigan and his family have been affected by the global village of powerful cor

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    1003 words, 5 pages

    1. Which of the following is NOT a goal of science? a. to investigate and understand nature b. to explain events in nature c. to use data to support a particular point of view d. to use derived explanations to make useful predictions ANSWER: C POINTS: 0 / 1 2. The work of scientists begins with a. testing a hypothesis. b. careful observations. c. creating experiments. d. drawing conclusions. ANSWER: B POINTS: 0 / 1 3. Science differs from other disciplines, such as history and the arts, becaus

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    Assignment 4: Saving And Investing

    994 words, 4 pages

    1. Describe a real or made up but realistic situation that could cause you or someone you know to have to use money from a financial reserve. (3-6 sentences. 2.0 points) If someone were to have a sudden, serious illness that needed a long hospital stay with large medical bills and left them unable to work, they would have to use money from a financial reserve like a savings account or a 401k plan to pay the bills. 2. How many months' worth of expenses do you think your financial reserve should include? Describe at least two reasons for this decision. (3-6 sentences. 2.0 points) You should

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    Kinect Adventures

    1004 words, 5 pages

    Christopher Baughman Instructor Richard Sykes SGD 112 September 9, 2015 Kinect Adventures Kinect Adventures is a very rewarding game. Whether it is the physical reward of getting fit while having fun or, the interesting digital animations and avatar rewards the players can receive by doing well in the challenges. The rewards are based on how well the players do in the challenges. The challenges themselves are based off a medal system, in other words depending on the player’s performance they can receive a bronze, silver, gold, or even platinum medal. If the players

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    Assignment Paper 4

    1004 words, 5 pages

    Assignment 4 Assignment4TRobinson Assignment 4: Saving and Investing (32.0 points) 1. Describe a real or made up but realistic situation that could cause you or someone you know to have to use money from a financial reserve. (3-6 sentences. 2.0 points) If you break your arm and you have to go to the hospital that is a financial reserve. Nobody expects to end up in the hospital with a sky high bill. A broken arm is very unexpected so is a unexpected hospital bill. 2

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    Ac 505 Quiz 1

    1005 words, 5 pages

    1. Question : Which of the following statements is true when referring to fixed costs? Student Answer: Committed fixed costs arise from the annual decisions by management. As volume increases, unit fixed cost and total fixed cost will change. Fixed costs increase in total throughout the relevant range. Discretionary fixed costs can often be reduced to zero for short periods of time without seriously impairing the long-run goals of the company. Points Received: 0 of 1 Comments: 2. Question : Fixed costs expressed on a per unit basi

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    Demons Tormenting Saint Anthony

    1006 words, 5 pages

    Museum Assignment I 1. Why did you choose these two art works? When we started covering 15th Century Art in Northern Europe, I was astounded by the differences that could be found in this art compared to that of the Early Italian Renaissance. One of the works that stood out to me the most was that of Martin Schongauer, Demons Tormenting Saint Anthony, c. 1480-90. This piece of art held so much meaning and passion behind it that I was constantly reminded of it in my everyday life. I chose this art work because it was different and unique; also because I could somehow relate to being the Sai

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    Section 4 Assignment Personal Finance Class

    1007 words, 5 pages

    Assignment 4: Saving and Investing 1. Describe a real or made up but realistic situation that could cause you or someone you know to have to use money from a financial reserve. (3-6 sentences. 2.0 points) I babysit two kid for parents that work during the day so if one of the lost their job I would lose mine, If I saved up a financial reserve then I might have to use it to pay for my phone bill or for clothing I need. 2. How many months' worth of expenses do you think your financial reserve should include? Describe at least two reasons for this decision. (3-6 se

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    Paper About Nectar

    1011 words, 5 pages

    Allyson Mecca Nectar Case Study: Making Loyalty Pay SITUATION ANALYSIS Nectar is Britain’s largest rewards program: (over 54%) ? Justin King took over as Sainsbury group chief executive ? Nectar provides Sainsbury with valuable information about their customers that helps keep Sainsbury thriving (target marketing, shelf stocking, etc.) ? Sainsbury is losing dominance ? Once the dominant sponsor - collectors started earning points from other sponsors ? Sainsbury’s CRM might not be as strong as if they had their own loyalty program ? Over half of Sainsbury’s marketing bud

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    Succes From Within: Cue For Treason

    1009 words, 5 pages

    A great deal of success can be derived from strong characteristics present in one’s personality. In Geoffrey Trease’s novel Cue for Treason, the protagonist Peter Brownrigg displays multiple characteristics to gain success against Sir Philip Morton, the antagonist, as well as the other rivals he is pitted against. Peter Brownrigg’s perseverance and determination help him conquer the tough situations that he goes through. Additionally, Peter’s bravery also helps him attack his fears to succeed against his opponents. Lastly, Peter’s loyalty helps him with prioritizing goals as well as helping hi

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    Recruitment Of A Star

    1008 words, 5 pages

    Running head: RECRUITMENT OF A STAR Recruitment of a Star Rafael Martinez Grand Canyon University HRM 635 Recruitment of a Star Like many good decisions, the decision on who to hire should be supported by common sense and not by fear. The fear of what others will think is powerful in this case study. What will Stephen Conner’s boss say about his selection? What will their customers think? What about the other department heads? The writer thinks that Stephen Conner would pick David Huges because that is politically correct and it would make Mr. Mc

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    Personal Finance

    1252 words, 6 pages

    1. Describe one short-term goal that you have and at least one thing you will need to do in order to accomplish that goal. (2-4 sentences. 1.0 points) One short term goal I have is to make A’s on every assignment. One thing I can do to accomplish that is study, take more notes, and take my time on the assignments. 2. Describe one long-term goal that you have and at least two things you will need to do in order to accomplish that goal. (2-4 sentences. 1.0 points) A long term goal I have is to save up for a car by two years. One thing I can do is learn how to budge

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    Customer Loyalty

    1238 words, 5 pages

    Customer Loyalty and sAtisfaction Customer Loyalty can be difficult to define given the different views that are presented within the literature. Zithaml, Berry and Parasuraman (1996) determine that loyalty includes a customer’s intention to stay with an organisation and that loyalty includes four elements: repurchase intentions, recommending the service provider to other customers, less complaints and tolerance of price increases. Oliver, (1999) provides a different definition and describes loyalty as a customer’s overall attachment to a product, service, brand o

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    Beginning Of The National Consumer Agency

    1225 words, 5 pages

    The National Consumer Agency (NCA) originated from March 2004. The Consumer Strategy Group of 2004 presented its report, “Making Consumers Count”, to the then Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment (Ireland), Micheál Martin, in April 2005. Among the report's key recommendations was the establishment of a new agency to champion consumer rights. The NCA was set up on an interim basis in May 2005, and established on a statutory footing on May 1, 2007. Its chief executive is Ann Fitzgerald, a former chief executive of the Irish Association of Investment Managers. She also chaired the Consum

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    Dillon V Champion Jogbra

    1259 words, 6 pages

    Introduction Employee handbooks are very essential to a business. They state the what, when and how they expect their business to run and the procedures that they will carry out. In the front of most employees’ handbooks, they have a disclaimer that tells/notifies the employee that any information stated in the handbook, does not constitute any terms of employment, it also may clear up any misunderstanding that the employee may have, when it comes to their employment within the company. The case Dillon v. Champion Jogbra centers on the disclaimer and an implied contr

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    Bus 670 Assignment 2 Ikea Gunggung Children's Swing Recall

    1257 words, 6 pages

    Negligent Tort Nadia Evans Ashford University BUS 670 Legal Environment Leah Westerman Ikea Gunggung Children's Swing Recall Introduction The GUNGGUNG children’s swing from the IKEA stores is a product that is used by the children for making fun. GUNGGUNG is intended for indoor and outdoor use by children between the ages of three to seven years. It is made of green polyester fabric and hangs from a plastic suspension fitting attached to steel hooks. The full length of the suspension strap, including the sling seat, is 17 feet and the width of the seat is 0.8 f

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    Ethel's Chocolate Lounge Case Study

    1270 words, 6 pages

    1. Describe the type of consume buying decision that best describes the choice to indulge at Ethel’s. The type of consumer buying decisions that was used in Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge case study are interpersonal influences. “Consumers are faced with purchase decisions nearly every day, but not all decisions are treated the same says,” Thomas Sims (2004) of News Week Magazine. According to Sims, it is important to understand how consumers treat the purchase decisions they face. If a company is targeting customers who feel a purchase decision is difficult, their marketing

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    James A Moore V Mack Trucks Inc And Worldwide Equipment Inc

    1501 words, 7 pages

    Running Head: James A. Moore V. Mack Trucks and Worldwide Equipment, INC., James A. Moore V. Mack Trucks, Inc., and Worldwide Equipment, Inc., A. Mason Abstract This research paper will examine the Vehicle Warranty suit filed by James A. Moore against Mack and Worldwide Equipment, Inc., The case was appealed at the Court of Appeals of Kentucky, after the Floyd Circuit Court of Kentucky granted judgment in favor of Worldwide Equipment, Inc., on the basis that there is no arguable issue because Worldwide, Inc., properly disclaimed conditions stated and warr

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    Comparison Contrast

    1514 words, 7 pages

    Compare/Contrast Essay Defined: Compare and contrast essay has two parts: compare and contrast. 1. Compare: shows how things, persons, places, etc. are same. 2. Contrast: shows how things, persons, places, etc. differ from each other. Focus: Determine the ways in which certain things or ideas—usually two of them—are similar to (this is the comparison) and/or different from (this is the contrast) one another. The LB Brief book, page 14 (4th edition), poses the question, “How is [the topic] like, or different from, other things?” Purpose: By assigning such essa

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    An Ideal Society

    1517 words, 7 pages

    When choosing what my ideal society would be, many countries came to mind just for their popular standing. Immediately countries other than my own popped in my head. Germany, Russia, France, Finland. Some countries I have visited and others that I desire to one day travel to. But when finally having a moment to think about it, I realized that it goes farther than just picking countries for the curiosity they bring. Economic and social factors do come into play, when choosing a place that I feel fit to spend the years of my life in. How comfortable would I be? Would I li

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    Sale Of Goods Act Soga

    1761 words, 8 pages

    Introduction The ‘terms implied by legislation’ mentioned by Kang refer to the implied terms in Sale of Goods Act (SOGA). SOGA is an act which applies to contracts where ownership and rights of goods is transferred between a buyer and seller for a monetary consideration. SOGA only applies to a sale transaction which involves goods. Also, it applies to web-based sale when both parties are based in Singapore. As long as Singapore law governs the contract, SOGA will apply even if parties are in different countries. Besides the agreed express terms of contract be it in

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    The Drawer Boy” Written By Michael Healey

    1775 words, 8 pages

    The art of sacrifice and loyalty are inspirational when viewed. Although when faced being the individual sacrificing and being loyal to another, can affect a relationship to strengthen and carry on in living for yourself and others, no matter any hardships. We slowly will learn that individuals are not all self indulged and in for it for no other purpose then to become successful for themselves, it is about learning to gain happiness and being able to devote it to yourself and others. Ironically, we only see to do such deeds when we ourselves have been through similar c

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    Source Of Power Paper

    2938 words, 12 pages

    Before I, introduce the source of power. We must first understand what power means. POWER! What comes first in your mind if you hear this word? The ability for computer, lights all electronically equipment to work, to be in control, the ability to change people, act of force. Power has many definitions depending on the concept in which you use it. In today's life power is all around us in the office, in the supermarket, at the bank, in the executive suite, in our churches, hospitals, schools and homes. Power is the ability to influence and produce a desired effect on other individual

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    Business Reaserch Proposal

    2525 words, 11 pages

    Linking monetary rewards to high employee productivity. 1. Abstract 2. Introduction a. Background b. Nature of the Problem c. Purpose of the study - Research Objective d. Hypothesis e. Null Hypothesis f. Research Questions g. Definition of terms 3. Review of Related Literature 4. Methodology a. Problem Solving Methodology b. Data Collection c. Sample d. Instrument e. Analysis f. Assumptions g. Limitations 5. Discussion 6. References 7. Appendix Linking monetary rewards to high employee productivity. A Research Proposal Abstract The link between monet

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