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  • Etiquette Of An Interview

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    TIPS FOR A CANDIDATE:- While presenting oneself for an interview, the candidate should keep in mind that the interview actually begins the moment he/she step inside the door of the interview room. In keeping with this the candidate should keep one thing above all in mind, be polite. Knock before entering. This is important for two things, first when the interviewer answers to the knock he lets you know whether he’s ready for you or not and secondly, it shows that the candidate is demure in presenting himself before the interviewer. When the interviewer allows you

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    Process To Recruit

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    MGMT 315 There is an internal process to design jobs that properly describe the duties and responsibility of the position and comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The responsibilities for the employer have been published. It stated that the Supreme Court has ruled that the determination whether a human being has the ADA disability will have to take some type of consideration whether the individual is limited in performing an activity when using the mitigating measure. The EEOC stated that the owner of a business would want to comply with the ADA, and they will have suffici

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    The Career Portfolio

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    A Career Portfolio can be used in the job search as a creative alternative to the standard resume and cover letter approach. Already popularly used in occupational areas such as education and advertising, the Career Portfolio is making inroads with employers in other areas as well. Rather than simply listing your skills, activities, interests, and education and experience, a Career Portfolio permits job-seekers to better illustrate those aspects of themselves by including concrete examples such as: class papers, awards, writing samples, transcripts, photographs, certificates, etc. A prospectiv

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    Interview Errors

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    Interview Errors by Camille Del Rosario 1. Stereotyping: Stereotyping involves forming a generalized opinion about how people or the candidate of a given gender, religion, race, appearance, or other characteristic actually thinks, acts, responds, or would perform in a job without any evidence that it is actually true. Stereotyping is not only hurtful but is also wrong. It is not right to constantly put someone down based on your preconceived perceptions because this will not encourage them to succeed. One example of stereotyping is presuming that a woman would pref

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