Seismology Papers

  • Science Of The Nazca – South American Plate Boundary

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    The Chile Earthquake of 2010 is one geological event that was associated with the Nazca/South American Plate Boundary. The magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck at 3:34 A.M. on February 27, 2010, with an epicenter 200 miles southwest of Santiago, and a focus 22 miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. A 300 to 375 mile stretch of the fault had ruptured, and caused the earthquake. This fracture was caused by the stress brought on by the convergence between the Nazca and the South American Plates, and the fracture had a secondary effect of lifting a portion of seabed in the Pacific Ocean, causing

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    Decision In Paradise Part 1

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    At Lund International, our brands, and the products under them, are the focus of everything we do. And it shows. It shows in more than 150 product lines we offer, in the care and craft we put into every product we introduce, and in our tireless commitment to leadership and innovation (2008; Lund International). Lund International has chosen to branch their products Internationally with the main location being the country of Kava. Once we landed in Kava we realized this country was not as we had pictured it. Kava appeared to be a mess which could cause problems with branching Lund products.

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    Visualisation Of The Future: Web 3.0

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    Various discussion, opinions, and perception have been floating around especially in a forum such as PC magazine. According to Tech Encyclopedia, Web 3.0 is a nickname for Semantic Web. However, some defined as the other Semantic Web. As u heard it before and I have mentioned in the earlier posts, Semantic web is trying to develop a concept of transforming everything such as documents, emails, videos, images, etc into elements of a database. Hence it will provide precise and well-defined meaning for users. In my opinion, Web 3.0 could be the next Semantic Web Services whereby according t

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    Geology ? Earthquakes I chose to do my assignment on earthquakes, because I have been through many growing up in California, and I have always wondered about them. There are many types of earthquakes. The most common are tectonic, which my paper will be about. There are also volcanic, collapse and explosion earthquakes. All earthquakes create waves that travel through the Earth's interior. An earthquake is the sudden shifting of the earth's natural means of releasing stress. When the shifting occurs, it creates vibrations, called seismic waves. The speed of seismic waves depends on th

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