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  • The Color Purple

    1279 words, 6 pages

    The book called The Color Purple shows many of the topics discussed in class, but for the purpose of this paper I would like to discuss three aspects that are the most concerning and disturbing. The concept of the body, reproduction, and violence shown through the novel are the most prominent and key concerns seen in this literature selection that I would like to analyze in this expository essay. Beginning with the concept of the body, The Color Purple portrays a very graphic portrayal from the first pages. "She ugly" (Walker, 9). This gives the feel that the men have high standards of

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    A Country Girls Guild To A Modern Day Love

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    I am what would be considered your typical country girl. I grew up in a very small town, rural setting. The nearest city was an actual city, yet a small one only consisting of 102,313 people. My yard was ten acres big, my nearest neighbor one hundred yards away, and on each side of me stood a big red farm. The high school I went to only had about seven hundred students. I am a country girl. Being a country girl I was extremely naive when it came to relationships. However, I learned a lot about them when I came to the city. I learned that what standards to look for

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    Dangerous Female Creatures And Odysseus

    1030 words, 5 pages

    Michele R. Carroll English 2410 Professor John Tolbert In book XII of the Odyssey, our hero Odysseus and his crew, are forced to confront several dangerous female creatures while out at sea. Odysseus is warned by his goddess lover Circe that he will encounter several ghastly female beings, and she guides him as to how he and his men should confront these terrible creatures. The dreadful female creatures: the Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis, are used by Homer to personify the menacing and beguiling aspect of nature’s wrath, while highlighting the seductive nature of women. Circe informs

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    The Life Of Romeo And Juliets Juliet

    1768 words, 8 pages

    Juliet is first introduced to us in Act 1 Scene 3, where we learn a lot about Juliet’s character. We know she is a polite, obedient, courteous and pure girl. We can see this in the line where she says: “Madam, I am here. What is your will?” (Act 1 Scene 3 L78). This shows that Juliet is a well-mannered girl because she addresses her mother as Madam. This quote also shows Juliet as obedient and always willing to help her mother because she says, “What is your will.” This scene also tells us that Juliet is thirteen and has never considered marriage. She is

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    The Not So Controversial Elements Of Ordinary People

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    Ordinary People by Judith Guest is an intriguing novel that has been banned in one school, and challenged in many others for several controversial topics including language, teen suicide, parental conflicts, sex and graphic descriptions. I don’t feel this novel should have any restrictions or censorship because of its importance and value as a work of literature. This novel indeed does have some potentially offensive material, but its reading level is high school, and I feel that by high school, people reading this book will be mature enough to handle serious topics and controversial materia

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    Sex Education In Schools

    2093 words, 9 pages

    For years there has been a debate between parents and guardians on whether there should be sex education in schools. Some are totally for it and some and completely against it. Many good things can come out of having sex ed in schools, most people just don’t want to see those good things. If people don’t start realizing that sex is apart of life then this debate will go on for forever. Only two out of three public school districts have a policy mandating sex education ( AIG, Guttmacher). Many states governments and communities debated whether sex education curricula should include informat

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    Abcs Of Stds A Measure For Measure

    1432 words, 6 pages

    It has been said that men have two heads, but only enough blood to use one at a time. While it’s merely meant as a joke, the phrase holds truth in William Shakespeare’s play “Measure for Measure”. It takes place in Vienna where whorehouses are everywhere and the Duke will do nothing to stop the massive fornication. To save face, and to make sure the town is set on the right track, the Duke puts Angelo in charge. Angelo decrees that anyone caught fornicating will be executed and Claudio is the first one caught. These characters, plus a few others, are driven by sex. They

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    Report On Cold Mountain Novel By Charles Frazier

    1002 words, 5 pages

    Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. Isolation in the Search for Meaning The loneliness that many of the characters in the novel experience informs their search for meaning in a world torn by war and hardship. For example, Ada and Inman bury their feelings of isolation, just as they internalize their grief, regret, and hope for the future. Ada grows to feel content and secure at Black Cove but recalls the alienation she felt both on first arriving and immediately after her father’s funeral. She also recollects her sense of estrangement from Charl

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    A Streetcar Named Desire Report

    1206 words, 5 pages

    There are thousands of papers, stretching back over hundreds of years, affecting Belle Reve as, piece by piece, our improvident grandfathers and father and uncles and brothers exchanged the land for their epic fornications—to put it plainly! (See Important Quotations Explained) It is six o’clock in the evening on the day following Blanche’s arrival. Blanche is offstage, taking a bath to soothe her nerves. When Stanley walks in the door, Stella tells him that in order to spare Blanche the company of Stanley’s poker buddies in the apartment that night, she wants to take Blanche out, to New Or

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    The Biological Perspective On Homosexuality

    2997 words, 12 pages

    The term “homosexuality” is a relatively new term coming into existence as recently as the late 1800’s , early 1900’s. For a long time, homosexuality was viewed as a disease or even a mental illness. The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual listed homosexuality within its pages until December of 1973. This change left people believing that homosexuality was a choice, as if they could choose the people who their bodies displayed feelings of attraction towards. Over the years, many questions have been posed on the relationship between biolo

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    Pornography Sex Or Subordination

    4620 words, 19 pages

    Pornography -- Sex or Subordination? In the late Seventies, America became shocked and outraged by the rape, mutilation, and murder of over a dozen young, beautiful girls. The man who committed these murders, Ted Bundy, was later apprehended and executed. During his detention in various penitentiaries, he was mentally probed and prodded by psychologist and psychoanalysts hoping to discover the root of his violent actions and sexual frustrations. Many theories arose in attempts to explain the motivational factors behind his murderous escapades. However, the strongest and most feasible of these

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    Sex Sells Fashion

    1279 words, 6 pages

    Imagine flipping through a random magazine and coming across an ad with a topless young girl who is posing in a position that she would not want her grand-parents to see. An average person would automatically think this ad was to sell a sex-related product, but this is a typical clothing ad from American Apparel. Sex seems to have taken over the advertising industry but statistically speaking, does sex really sell? While Jeanna Bryner at MSNBC thinks that sex sells but perhaps not to women, Ruth La Ferla at the New York Times proves that sex sells women’s fashion such like lingerie. Jean

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    1870 words, 8 pages

    Everybody would agree that internet and computer becomes more and more important in one’s life. The history of internet established on the last century, first internet was limited in a group of people, it grew quickly. Nowaday, the Internet has become an important form of communication in modern society, with a forecast of 500 million online globally by the year 2003. Its increased use and accessibility have led to a burgeoning of cyber communities, where people of like minds and common interests transcend geographical barriers and communicate with one another on a rang

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    All animal’s on earth have certain urges and desires that coincide with their genus species. Humans aren’t any different in this aspect, but perhaps our intelligence could allow us to overcome these wants. We are beings of strong mental abilities, so if we used our brains, and not other body parts for the thinking, our urges could be controlled. Primitive urges such as mate selection, sexual behaviors, and eating are set into our genetic make-up, but gender characteristics also plays a pivotal role. In general, men make decisions more

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    Godiva And The Trinity Of Sex, Gender, And Desire

    3909 words, 16 pages

    Divine Inspiration: Godiva and the trinity of sex, gender and desire The Voice is a tabloid newspaper of the Cape Independent Newspaper stable and services the predominantly “coloured” Cape flats community. Their sex guru, Lady Trinity Celestine Godiva’s weekly sex advice column advertises to answer “your intimate questions”. Vanquished of the prevailing humdrum of medical and psychological sexologist expertise, a sultry seductive “vamp” conveys her carnal knowledge and wisdom in a primordial quest for sexual adventure and proficiency. Godiva dispenses advice in

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    Sex Education Agree Or Disagree

    2815 words, 12 pages

    In today’s world sex is a part of life. From TV to the every day interactions we experience sex. Sex education seeks both to reduce the risks of potentially negative outcomes from sexual behavior like unwanted or unplanned pregnancies and infection with sexually transmitted diseases, and to enhance the quality of relationships. Young people can be exposed to a wide range of attitudes and beliefs in relation to sex and sexuality. These sometimes appear contradictory and confusing. For example, some health messages emphasis the risks and dangers associated with sexual activity and some media cov

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    The Other Side Of The Rainbow

    1332 words, 6 pages

    Sophie Johnson is the neighborhood’s head mom and chief bitch. My entire middle school staff is in the habit of disappearing whenever she has an appointment and I even had a secretary once who called in sick on the days of Sophie’s scheduled visits. When I fired her she unrepentantly informed me that her job description didn’t include sucking up to a know-it-all, ex-Homecoming Queen with a Napoleon complex. Since I couldn’t argue with her logic, I wrote her a glowing recommendation but had to let her go just the same. Sophie has a furious tick in her left eye when she gets angry that slows

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    Sex Past Present Future

    1161 words, 5 pages

    I personally have begun to question the pathways today’s adolescence have swerved upon regarding sex and the precedents it holds in regards to values. Sex was once a physical bond between two people, a spiritual ritual performed after two people were bonded in holy matrimony to express their undying devotion to one another. Sex was a true physical passion between a man and a woman following their marriage ceremony. In today’s world among most adolescent youth, sex is more commonly viewed and valued as no more than just another recreational activity people participate in. Sex is beginning to be

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    The Morality Of Cybersex

    1011 words, 5 pages

    In a world where technology continually prevails, contact with computers and the internet are becoming increasingly obtainable. With the internet comes a virtual world where communication is faster, easier, and more accessible than ever before. It is not surprising, then, that cybersex and online relationships have increasingly grown in popularity among internet users. Writer Stephen O. Watters in his article “Affairs” allocates private incidents of a few women who have been unhappy with their marriages. Due to their unsatisfying love life, they have sought correlation

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    Persuasive Speech Cybersex

    1361 words, 6 pages

    Persuasive Speech: Cybersex Outline Thesis: “Experts say its exciting, forbidden and becoming increasingly common” reports The Press on October 4th, 2006. Birds do it, bees do it, and now people with PC's do it. In fact, nearly everyone I know on-line has ventured into sexually-oriented areas of the Net in search of heat- inducing thrills. "But HOW do you do it?" Why would you do it? Does it really fulfill that area of your life that you could not have otherwise shared with another human being in person?? Uninitiated friends nervously ask, "How can you have sex without know,

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    A Brief Essay On The Sad Lack Of Imagination In Invertebrate Oriented Erotica With Brief Notes On The Lascivious Nature Of Both The Lophotrochozoa And Ecdysozoa Or Getting Beyond Hur Hur That Squid Tentacle Looks Like Penis

    2159 words, 9 pages

    Preamble: I am here to write about what I see as a severe lack of imagination, creativity, and all around failure of spirit and mind in the erotica world when it comes to sexual relations with non-mammals. As an invertebrate biologist, well versed in the bizarre sexual proclivities of the invertebrate and plant world, and witness to many a ribald joke by fellow students and professors of these wonderful creatures, I am sadly disappointed in the writers and filmmakers of the world. I hope that this small tract can outline not only where you have gone wrong, but provide some future directions s

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    The Effect Of Advertisements On Sex Role Perception

    2173 words, 9 pages

    Abstract This study measured the effect of advertisements on female’s sex-role perception. A number of 39 female participants took part in this experiment. They were divided into the control condition and the experimental condition by random assignment. The control condition viewed 20 neutral advertisement slides. In the experimental condition, the participants were exposed to sexually-biased advertisements. The Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI) was administered as pretest and posttest. It was hypothesized that participants in the experimental group would show a more feminine sex-role perception

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    1612 words, 7 pages

    Social Psychological approach to aggression * Social Psychological theories of aggression-SLT, Deindividuation * Explanations of institutional aggression Biological explanation of aggression * The role of neural and hormonal mechanisms in aggression * The role of genetic factors in aggressive behaviour Aggression as an adaptive response * Evolutionary explanations of human aggression, including infidelity and jealousy Explanations of group display in humans e.g. sports events and lynch mobs Evolutionary explanation of human aggression This theory suggests that agg

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    Premarital Sex

    5236 words, 21 pages

    A B S T R A C T Marriage, whatever the country, tribe, religion or even custom, is agreeably considered as one of the holiest things owned by mankind. Having marriage once in life, without divorce, is their absolute dream, whereas allowing teenagers to have sex before marriage can degrade the holy values of marriage and such dream as it leads teenagers to be sex addicts and construct a wrong, misleading perception of marriage. Firstly, sex before marriage for teenagers constructs habits of being sex addicts. Indeed, sex education should be given in the early age to p

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    Lost In Lust

    1154 words, 5 pages

    Lust is having an intense or unrestrained sexual craving and desire. In the short story “Lust,” Susan Minot does a very good job at portraying the mind of a promiscuous high school girl. Lust can be very powerful and seductive, but it is selfish and completely opposite to love. Girls who have sex with a lot of different boys can identify with the desire to feel needed. The characters in “Lust” are written in a way as to draw attention to the dysfunction and disconnection of everyone involved. The narrator herself is nameless and faceless throughout the story, making the

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    1363 words, 6 pages

    Cyber Adultery Sex is defined and seen differently by different philosophers, scholars and cultures all over the world. Some feel that sex is like any other physical activity carried out by human beings, for example playing tennis, and others feel that there is a great deal of morality and emotional thoughts surrounding this activity. In my opinion, sex is something special as it cannot be experienced with just anyone because while having sex one creates a moral and pure bond with the other person. The attributes that makes sex special are trust, passion

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    Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Critical Analysis Paper

    1035 words, 5 pages

    Brick and Maggie had been married since college, so you would think that what they shared was special, unbreakable, true love. Everything that they built became deferred when Maggie slept with Skipper, Brick’s best friend. We can’t really give a solid explanation as to why she did this because we don’t know her motivations, but she may have committed this act for various reasons, one being to shift any displacement in Brick’s mind from her to skipper. Perhaps she was trying to prove a point because she thinks that Skipper loves her husband. Perhaps she was trying to sav

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    Protagonist S Relationship In On Chesil Beach

    4486 words, 18 pages

    Flensburg University Seminar: Contact and Conflict, Love and War in Contemporary Fiction Lecturer: Dr. Geoff Parker Essay topic: Reasons for the failure of the protagonist´s relationship in Ian McEwan´s “On Chesil Beach” Author: Sveja Hogrefe 2nd Semester of Culture – Language - Media (MA) Freyastraße 6, 24939 Flensburg [email protected] Tel.: 0461-4935615 CONTENTS 1. Introduction p. 1 2. Areas of conflict between the main characters 2.1. The impact of the cultural context and gender specific behavior p. 2-4 2.2. Mc

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    Gender Identity

    1057 words, 5 pages

    Gender identity is one’s sense of being either male or female. Although assumed to be designated by a child’s sex assignment at birth, gender identity can occasionally be hindered by hormonal errors during the fetus development stage. Further complications with gender identification may also continue later as internal conflict occurs between one’s physical sexual genitalia and the inner sexual self (Rathus, Nevid & Fichner-Rathus, 2005). While the majority of the human race has no confusion about their anatomical sex based on physical traits which identify us as male or female,

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    Teenage Pregnancy

    1640 words, 7 pages

    She's walking back and forth waiting impatiently; her mind thinking about how much this can affect her life, and what will her parents think. She has already taken note that her body has been acting differently. This could be the longest five minutes of her life. As soon as the last minute switches over, she hesitantly looks. It is positive. She was almost certain it was going to be this all along, but she never wanted to admit. Those two small lines in the result box just became the biggest reality check of her life. She is only fifteen years old and is having a child. What is she going to d

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    Her Eyes Lips Hair Smile

    8692 words, 35 pages

    [Her] eyes lips hair hands smile voice antonio e. N A D E R A Antonio Nadera Rutgers – Newark English Composition 101 Professor Rosetti 10 October - 23 December 2010 . . . Following my 19th birthday, I was forced to depart from a commitment that involved the most touching, benevolent individual that another has yet to compare to. It was a mere three years ago that I embarked on what would become chapters upon chapters of positively and negatively charged emotions . . . (Emotions are conducted in the frontal lobe as the cover illustrat

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    Gender Identity

    1856 words, 8 pages

    Jeffrey Ross Psy/340 March 31, 2011 Pamela Harris Gender Identity A zygote becomes male or female because at six weeks X and Y sex chromosomes establish control and hormones aid in the development of sexual organs and behavior. Hormones have several functions and types. The pituitary gland and the gonads found within the endocrine system release hormones into the body that help the development of the zygote and determine whether it will be a male or a female. Hormones aid in the development of sexual organs and are essential for sexual maturation. Although hormones are an importan

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    The Sexual Response Cycle

    1182 words, 5 pages

    Axia College of the University of Phoenix For women, sexual pleasure comes from the clitoris. The clitoris has only one purpose, to provide sexual pleasure sensations [ (University of phoenix, 2009) ]. For a man, the penis derives the same sexual stimulation as well as carrying the sperm and urine. Sexual response is an important part of reproduction. Without these responses and sensations we would not be likely to engage in sexual activities. Sexual expression is a large factor in the sexual cycle. Many express themselves sexually to hold status symbols. Masturbation and religious belief

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    Porn And Society

    3474 words, 14 pages

    PORNOGRAPHY AND SOCIETY There are major personal problems brought on by the consumption of pornography. However, porn’s affect on culture, churches, families and even marriages have far exceeded a problem that is merely personal. The porn problem is global. Almost 50,000 websites are pornographic.[1] That means 12% of the sites on the entire internet are dedicated to porn. There are over 40 million Americans visiting porn sites on a regular basis. Over $3,000 is spent on porn every second. This means that worldwide the porn industry is making anywhere from almost 50

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    2566 words, 11 pages

    Choose a constructed idea, such as ideal body, beauty, status, craft, celebrity or power. Has the concept been damaging for humanity and how has art and design been implicit in its promotion? Body image is innermost to how we feel, live our lives and interrelate with others. “Physical appearance is often the most readily available information about a person and conveys basic information about that person-most obviously, for example, the person’s gender, race, approximate age, and possibly even socioeconomic status or occupation”(Cash&Pruzinsky, p.52) It is often fr

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    2219 words, 9 pages

    Introduction In a world in which acts of heinous violence, murder or crude and shocking behavior seem to be a normal occurrence, it may lead one to wonder what has put society onto this slippery slope. How did this type of behavior come to be so acceptable and in some cases glorifiable? A careful study of society may lead to multi media as being the main cause in this changing of ideals. The modern world has become desensitized to the acts shown on television, movies, video games or printed in newspapers and magazines. Censorship must be employed if morals and decency are to be preserved.

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    Human Mate Selection In Males And Females

    1719 words, 7 pages

    Abstract The purpose of this study was to see if there is a difference in males and females in their selection of a partner for a short or long-term relationship. The main theme was to see whether it is more common in males or females, to favour a good personality over physical attractiveness. To observe this, 439 first year Psychology students from the University of Canterbury completed a questionnaire referring to this field of study. Every participant was presented with two pictures of the opposite sex. They selected which person out of the two pictures, would be

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    Sex Education

    1593 words, 7 pages

    Sociology Final paper 04/28/2013 What is sex education? Sex education is a broad term used to describe education about human sexual anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, and other aspects of human sexual behavior. Commonly sex education is taught by parents or caregivers, school programs, and public health campaigns. In today’s society, it is debated whether sex education should be taught in schools or at home. Certain parents are against sex education being a part of the school curriculum. They argue that sex education is a sensitive topic and that it should b

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    Globel Women Book Report

    1675 words, 7 pages

    Global Woman: Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy is a book of essays edited by Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hochschild. The essays are concerned with the experiences of women from poor countries who seek employment in rich countries in order to provide an income for their families. The women are usually exploited and forced to do menial domestic labor or to work as prostitutes. The basic purpose of the essays is to expose the problem and to get more people involved in improving conditions for underprivileged women around the world. One of the t

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    Dunny's Connection With His Mother

    1810 words, 8 pages

    The most pivotal point in a man’s life is his initial relationship with his mother. If this connection is tarnished during childhood, major psychological problems will occur. This situation of a broken relationship with a mother and son is seen in Robertson Davies’ Fifth Business. This novel addresses the long term psychological problems evolved from a weak initial relationship of a son with their mother. Dunstan Ramsay, the novel’s protagonist exhibits the issue of how a rough childhood can impede on relationships later on in life. Dunstan’s relationship with his mother leads him to develop t

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    Drag Queens

    1000 words, 4 pages

    Drag queens are considered to be the third gender. These performers are men that dress in extravagant costumes and flawless makeup then sing, dance or both to a perfectly choreographed routine. Because these men have two different identities they choose to be referred to as male or female depending on their current attire and environment. However, unlike transgender activists, who like to be addressed in the gender of presentation, the drag queens slip easily and unnoticed out of their usual use of the female gender. A large majority of the performers are homosexuals, b

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    Body Language

    999 words, 4 pages

    Body language is a form of communication that requires no writing or sound to get across things that you think and feel. Body language is prevalent in all humans whether it is conscious or unconscious. People may be totally unaware of the fact that they are communicating a feeling or idea without actually saying it. Body language though is different depending on culture and location, as all spoken languages are, yet gestures and body language are a silent language that helps to understand one another. Gestures and body language communicate as effectively as words- maybe even more effectively

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    Curleys Wife

    1002 words, 5 pages

    Curley’s wife is presented as a dream destroyer and a flirt in this novel, however Steinbeck suggests that there is a more complex character. She is a product of an evil, social, and economics environment of the 1930s; It was a society which degraded women. Curley’s wife puts herself out there as a desperate flirt, but while she’s flirting with guys she’s only looking for someone she can talk to. When Curley’s wife is talking to Lennie she tells him how she doesn’t get to express her feelings while living on the farm. She realizes that Lennie has mental disabilities the

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    Safety Risk

    1003 words, 5 pages

    After a century of railway working all over the world, and despite the fact that we have almost said the last word in safety, both in protecting the millions who travel by train and the employees who work them, accidents still happen and sometimes with disastrous results. It is with a view to minimising them, so far as our own railways are concerned, that I would give a little sound advice to the younger members of the service, and I include all Departments, viz., Locomotive, Traffic and Maintenance. From experience gained in the course of nearly twenty-five years in t

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    Sex Discrimination In The Workplace

    1001 words, 5 pages

    LAWS 340 BXC 07 December 2014 Trans-ditional: Sex Discrimination in the Workplace The United States of America is a huge melting pot- diverse in so many ways; it is sometimes difficult to comprehend. There are people here from just about every part of the world, each different in their own unique way. While America has been accepting of all her citizens, there are a few things that do not “flow” so well with her. Homosexuality being one of things to emerge at a steady rate eventually made its way into the norms of society. Unlike homosexuality, the non-traditio

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    The Struggle

    1005 words, 5 pages

    Why was she just standing there in the rain? Her beautiful bright blue eyes made anybody that she met, smile. Her luscious blonde hair made her very unique compared to everyone that was around her. Even with the rain draining onto this lonley women, her makeup always looked flawless. The shimmer in her eye showed that something was on her mind. Her mind was racing from what had happened the night before and only her wrists told the secret. Water started to pour down her face but not from the rain that previously stopped. But from the thoughts that were racing thr

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    Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

    1004 words, 5 pages

    Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder? Attraction is defined as “arousing or compelling the interest, admiration, or attention of”. Explained in this way attraction appears to be simple. However, the opposite is quite true. What truly defines attraction has no rules, no definition, and no explanation. The way someone walks, talks, laughs, or smiles are all features that can attract or arouse interest from one person to another. Although, it is also true that one action can be extremely attractive to one person, while it has no effect whatsoever on the next. While it

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    Cause And Effects Of Hooking Up

    1006 words, 5 pages

    It’s Only A Hook-Up, No Hard Feelings The term “dating” is so overrated and now in the shadows all over our college campuses. Most people now see dating as being an outsider to everyone else and making it harder to enjoy the college experience that every high school student awaits for. Back in the older days you would see couples going out together on Friday nights and spending quality time with one another. Now, Friday night means time to turn up! You will mostly see college kids going out to the club dancing on anything they can grind on, and if they’re lucky they wi

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    The Dress

    989 words, 4 pages

    The short story is about two siblings, Rachel and Flora, who lives alone with their mother. It was the birthday of the mother for the two siblings, and Rachel had bought a new dress for the birthday celebration. While she was searching for the dress in the house, she had the thought that her sister Flora must have taken it, which made her angry. Flora had the dress and she was at a café with her Italian boyfriend Alberto. Whilst Flora was at the café with Alberto, her cocktail slipped out of her hand which resulted for a horribly stain on the front of the dress. The family met up in a luxur

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    Risks For Being Sexualy Active

    999 words, 4 pages

    Persuasive Essay According to the survey, analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “50.9 percent of the 39,642 students in grades six to 12 admitted to being sexually active.” Adolescents start to have sex temptations as they grow older. Many fall into these temptations without thinking about the consequences and in the future, they end up regretting it. Sex isn’t something to take as a joke or a game, its suppose to be something way important than just pleasure, but unfortunately as the generations are changing, it keeps getting worse. Unfortunately, this happens becaus

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