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  • Does Morality Depend God

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    The aim of this essay is to discuss the ethical issue of whether God commands what is good or if something if good because God commands it. First, I will clarify the difference between these two statements and then go on further to explore whether one or neither statement is true. The first statement, what God commands is good, implies that there is a source of goodness independent of God and that he simply abides by what is good and is the greatest example of good but not the ultimate source of moral goodness. If we are talking about a Christian view of God as omnibenevolant then He always do

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    Extract From Great Expectations Charles Dickens

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    The extract from Great Expectations is a scene where the character Pip is giving his perspective of the other character, Jaggers, who is a lawyer, and his office and Pip very much sees Jaggers room as synonymous to Jaggers character. The atmosphere of the room is best described by the repeated descriptive adjective, ‘Dismal’. Dickens writes from Pip’s perspective through 1st person. His impression of Jaggers room is not a positive one and as Pip searches through the room, it develops and this little world is built up, all through Pip’s eyes. Pip is the protagonist; everything is through his ey

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    Veronica And The Three Bears

    1424 words, 6 pages

    ONCE upon a time, deep into the woods there were Three Bears who lived together in substandard housing as a result of economic disadvantage. One was a pre-adult, Vertically Challenged Bear; one an average-sized bear of great averageness; and the other was a full-figured, altitudinally endowed, masculine bear. They each had a biodegradable container for their organic porridge, free of artificial colors and flavors. There was a petite container for the Vertically Challenged Bear, an average-sized container for the Bear of Average Size, and a substantial container for the

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    Dont Read

    1002 words, 5 pages

    Relationship story Diana Holland was panting after running down the flights of stairs in her typical New York, 1890’s mansion. Diana, wrapped in her expensive white silk dressing gown, hurried through the kitchen and out the back door, her long brown curls bouncing with every step. She was moving determinately and full of desire. Her big lips were always full of expression. She kept her head down and stepped into the familiar horse’s stable. She stood on the soft ground, the air around her heavy with the summer heat. She smell of hay and horses filled her nostrils. T

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    Child Observation

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    Data collection: This report is based on a “Behaviorism Observation”. I designed a simple form to record the data based on specimen record and event sampling in which the researcher records a description of the particular entire steam of behavior, in addition to all instances of particular behavior during a specified time period. This young boy acts up when his father walks away, he thinks this behavior is ok, because the mom is really not enforcing him to stop. So therefore, he is learning its ok to act this. He needs to learn the consequences of acting this way. Analysis and Discussion:

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    Basic Music

    955 words, 4 pages

    Child Observation Report Method used: Systematic Observation (Specimen Record and Event Sampling) Data collection: This report is based on a “Systematic Observation” (Berk, 2003, p.44). I designed a simple form to record the data based on specimen record and event sampling in which the researcher records a description of the particular entire steam of behavior, in addition to all instances of particular behavior during a specified time period. (Berk, 2003, p.44-45) Analysis and Discussion: According to Piaget Cognitive Development Theory (Berk, 2003, p.133), this child is in the p

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    Basic Music

    1014 words, 5 pages

    Child Observation Report Lecturer: Dr. Stephanie L. Knight Observer: Afra Mohamed Taha Observant: 3-4 year old boy Topic: Entire Observation Setting: Airport. A family consists of a father, a mother, three daughters and a son. Goal: Observing the boy to see his entire behavior, in addition to his reaction to reinforcement and punishment. Time: 52 minutes Method used: Systematic Observation (Specimen Record and Event Sampling) Data collection: This report is based on a “Syst

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    Why Some Chairs Loast Their Arms

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    Form Follows Function Due to the influences of culture, architecture, technology, function, aesthetics, fashion, and social symbolism, the chair has been ever changing and over time has lost its arms and regained them over and over again. For the last 150 years the evolution of the chair has paralleled developments in architecture and technology and reflected the changing needs and concerns of society. Just as tastes change, so do other factors, such as expectations of comfort, which vary from period to period and between different cultures. The use of new technology

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    Narrative Essay: A Day To Remember

    999 words, 4 pages

    College English/Period 3 A Day to Remember The lucent incandescent lights hit the enormous auditorium stage, as everyone quivered in their seats full of anxiousness. Skepticism abruptly filled my head in that moment,  like air entering a balloon about to hit its popping point, and this anxiety caused my hands to feel quite clammy as if all of my painful emotion spread through my body, and bundled up to my long, and bony hands. I could feel puddles of sweat start to pour down from my armpits like pounding crystalline waterfalls. My eyes wandered around the room to spectate nothing, but to m

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    Rob Parson At Morgan Stanley

    1253 words, 6 pages

    INTRODUCTION Morgan Stanley, which is an investment bank in the U.S. under the leadership of its new president John Mack started a new phase of organizational renewal in 1993. The aim for this renewal was to transform the bank in to a “One-Firm Firm”. This was the vision that Mack with his top executive team developed. They set a goal for the bank to be the world’s best investment bank and a firm of choice for its clients, people, and shareholder. Executive in Morgan Stanley knew that achieving this goal needed unexpected efforts, commitment and dedication. They beli

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    Strategic Choice And Evaluation

    1252 words, 6 pages

    In this paper, the author will evaluate alternatives for First Slice Bread Kitchen to realize growth. In addition, the best value discipline, generic strategy and grand strategy for First Slice Bread Kitchen will be identified. Finally the strategy or combination of strategies will be recommended for implementation. Realizing Growth First Slice Bread Kitchen must realize growth in order to survive. Quick-service restaurants are highly competitive. Strategy and strategic vision must be fully employed to overcome an already crowded market. The utilization and study of value discipline, ge

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    Full Cicle An Essay About Place

    1248 words, 5 pages

    It was a cold March day in 2008 when I walked into my new house. This house was new to me in a way but an old dear home in another. The reason why this house was so dear to me was because my “new” home was the house I had grown up in. The place I had lived in until I got married in 2005. After getting married I had moved out into a small apartment with my new husband. In 2007 my parents started building a new house, and when it was ready in 2008 they offered my husband and I to rent the house they were moving out of, my childhood house. I jump at the opportunity because I wanted to be b

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    Mysteries Of Harrris Burdick The Seven Chairs

    1255 words, 6 pages

    The fifth one ended up in France. No one had recognized the origin of the object or who had previously owned it. It merely arrived with a crumbled parchment that read, "Deliver to the Île de la Cité." This was, of course, the long-held site of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, most distinguished for its captivating architectural design and beautiful stained-glass windows. The chair, at first glance, would appear to be a rather upscale dining chair, constructed of stunning mahogany and with precise, accurate craftsmanship. The cushion was deeply ornate - the colorful floral patterns thought

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    Descriptive Essay

    1270 words, 6 pages

    I am driving through my town, windows down, feeling the warm summer air blow through my Barbie blonde hair, the sun prickling my fair skin. My music is playing, sending me into the world that the lyrics are creating. Then suddenly, I snap back into reality when deep in my stomach, it is yelling at me, reminding me of its emptiness, urging me to find the nearest meal. Listening to my stomach’s demand, I pull up to the tall walls and freshly painted building, with bold red letters that say “Chick-fil-A”. I feel a slight smile on my face when I remember the last time I at

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    Foundations Of Human Development And Sociology

    1493 words, 6 pages

    There are many facets to the foundation of human development and sociology, as well as a multitude of factors contributing to who we are, and more importantly, WHY we are who we are. There are three dimensions to the human development, biological, psychological and social, and all three are pertinent to the human development, affecting overall growth and maturity. They all interact together to hinder or progress human development. Loosely related are some of the fundamentals of sociology, including human diversity, cultural competence, and the connection between social order and the general sy

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    My One True Home

    1748 words, 7 pages

    ENC 1101 My One True Home A well-known rainbow colored fence steals my attention on my detoured path towards home. A massive sign pronounces that the fence belongs to an in-house daycare. In a moment of pure instinct I hurtle the car to the left, leaving in my wake a jumble of honking horns behind, and the colorful childcare facility. After fifteen years, I find myself facing a familiar stranger. I come up to a white, cookie-cutter home with pink edgings in the heart of Kendall. The only difference that I can see is the well kept lawn and a bronze statue of a baby angel. Its playful exp

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