Substance Abuse Papers

  • Dual Diagnosis Problems In Modern Acute Setting

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    Substance use by mental health service users is a source of major concern. It can seriously affect the ability of services to assess, treat and care for patients safely and effectively. The use of non prescribed drugs and alcohol can make symptoms worse and trigger acute illness relapse. Research suggests that between 22 and 44% of adult psychiatric inpatients have problematic drug and alcohol use and up to half being dependent (Department of Health 2006). Professor Louis Appleby, in his 2004 report to the Secretary of Health on the implementation of the ‘National Service Framework’ for mental

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    Recidivism In Juvenile Drug Offenders

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    Recidivism in Juvenile Drug Offenders Are Drug Courts Really Beneficial? Written By: Jamie Research in Criminal Justice Research in Criminal Justice Research Paper Abstract In this report, I will attempt to explain what drug courts are, what they provide, and how they have an effect on the children of our nation. As a researcher, I will attempt to show to you, the reader, just how important drug courts are in our country and how they are beneficial. At conclusion, I hope to either affirm your thoughts on drug courts and their programs, or change your min

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    Ricky Hobson Period 5 4/22/11 Often people who are affected by abuse in life tend to have a higher succide rate. There are diffrent types of abuse though. Each one of them has an impact on the world of today. I will explain the main one's that affect people the most. Verbel abuse is when when one person uses words and body language criticize another person. Psychological abuse is also know as mental abuse or emotional abuse. This occurs when one controls information available to another person

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    Prevention May Just Be The Answer

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    Prevention May Just Be the Answer Leyna Keller ENG 122 Louisa Verhaart September 13, 2010 Prevention May Just Be the Answer Reducing drug trafficking in the United States is not an easy task, and achieving this task overnight will not happen. In fact, it will take many years before we will be able to observe any significant changes. The use of illicit drugs continued to rise throughout the United States. It is also an issue, which concerns parents, educators, community members and community leaders. While drug use affects the United States as a nation, there mus

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    Power And Its Abuse

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    Summary: Power itself is not necessarily a bad thing with many cases of power producing positve results. It is when power is combined with abuse that a problem begins. Many people in power abuse their position through authority with manipulative srategies. Power is defined as a political or national strength; strength might force or possession or control over others authority. Power is apparent in every society all over the world, whether its your teacher in the classroom or your states premier. Power itself is not necessarily a bad thing with many cases of power p

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    Grad School

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    The one mistake one can make in life is not to learn from our mistakes and the challenges that come our way. In fact, it is in those mistakes and challenges we learn and become better persons. I believe that with all my life experiences, and training, I am at my best when I am helping others to become their personal best, work through their mistakes, and help them to become the best that they can be. I can achieve this by attaining my Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Substance Abuse. I had a middle-class upbringing, with both parents working in civil service

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    Drug Court

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    Drug Court 1 An Evaluation of Drug Courts Shannon Albritton Seminar in Criminology Professor Fawn T. Ngo, Ph.D. April 27, 2010 Drug Court 2 An Evaluation of Drug Courts The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that the Uniform Crime Reporting Program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported in 2007 stated that there were 14,831 homicides. These homicides were almost four percent drug related. The report also includes crimes that occurred in the process of committing the drug offense. In a study done in 2004 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, where both state and federal pris

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    My Community Issue: Juvenile Delinquency

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    Introduction Of all the issues a community obtains, I decided to do my research on juvenile delinquency because it’s a serious problem that I have witnessed many unfortunate cases while growing up. One case includes the story of my then best friend, who exposed herself to the use of methamphetamines and later dropped out of high school in her sophomore year. This was a turning point in her life and is something she regrets until this day. This still remains as a serious problem in my community and affects the lives and futures of many adolescents. A picture of Marion County Before I begin

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    The Need For Drug Courts

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    Elizabeth Johnson was a model student. She was characterized by her teachers as hardworking, driven, and goal oriented. After being placed on the honor roll and graduating early from Morris High School in Will County, Illinois, she attended Northern Illinois University to become a lawyer. Within her first year at college, her life derailed. She was caught by the police and arrested for possession of marijuana. Johnson was expecting to be placed in prison but she found herself in a drug court, which assigned her mandatory drug rehabilitation. After graduating from the re

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    Community Based Correction

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    Community Based Corrections Unit 4 Assignment Professor Gordon Crews Kimberly Roundtree “As states and the federal government continue to experience an unprecedented growth in the prison population with diminished resources, the development of alternative-based punishments both before and after incarceration has become a necessity rather than a luxury (Steen & Bandy, 2007). Also known as community-based corrections, the necessity for these alternatives and best practices comes at a time when our knowledge of those programs most effective at reducing recidivism whi

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    Linking Concepts To Practice

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    LINKING CONCEPTS TO PRACTICE 3) Employee drug testing is an controversial issue in the modern day workplace because there are laws protecting employee rights, and claims that drug testing is a violation of privacy on the employees behalf. I am a true believer that organizations have every right to have a preference for employees who are not substance abusers; hence, I support the motion about drug testing being absolutely necessary, and would most probably be the best precautionary act when it comes to the success of an organization. Safety reasons are of top priority

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    Prisoners With Special Needs

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    CJA 234 There are many inmates in prisons that have different special needs. Some of these needs are based on whether the inmates are male or female. Males have some special needs to take care of their selves that females do not and vice versa. Then there are those who suffer from a mental illness. Their special needs are much different than those who have basic needs. People who suffer from substance abuse have needs in the area of addiction. All these different kinds of people with diverse needs effect the jails and prisons in various ways. If people were not cared for properly there wou

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    Intergenerational Alcohol Dependency Info Sheet

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    Children of alcoholic’s are especially vulnerable In the United States one in four children* experience alcoholism or alcohol abuse in their home.1 This exposure can lead to emotional and behavioral consequences, medical and psychiatric issues, and educational and developmental consequences.1 Children of adult alcoholics have been reported to have lower life satisfaction, less satisfactory relationships, have difficulty with individuation, and experience higher alcohol abuse and dependency.2 The National Household Survey of Drug Abuse reported that an estimated 4,499

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    Unit 204 Nvq 3

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    Physical abuse – Physical abuse is when an individual is physically harmed. This could include, slapping, punching, biting, pinching or kicking. Signs and symptoms of this could be – unexplained marks on individuals of which could include cuts and bruises. Unexplained injuries. Individual flinching when approached by others. Sexual abuse – Sexual abuse is any form of a sexual nature including exploitation, inappropriate touching, and rape. Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse may include, unexplained injuries/bruising to genital area. Genital soreness or infections, such as reoccurring U

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    Safeguarding In Social Care

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    Define the following types of abuse: * Physical Abuse Physical abuse is an act of another party involving contact to intended to cause physical pain or injury. It can involve: hitting, punching, kicking, biting and any type of rough handling. * Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse is an action that pressurises someone to do or play a part in something sexual that they do not want to do. It can also refer to a person’s ability to control their sexual activity or the circumstances in which sexual activity occurs, including rape or restricting access to contraceptives. Examples of sexual abuse

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    Abuse Of Power And The Impact It Has

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    Power is defined as a political or national strength; strength might force or possession or control over others authority. Power is apparent in every society all over the world, whether its your teacher in the classroom or your states premier. Power itself is not necessarily a bad thing with many cases of power producing positve results. It is when power is combined with abuse that a problem begins. Many people in power abuse their position through authority with manipulative srategies. Such behaviour can have negative, inaccurate, unfair or even bias outcomes. The thre

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    Co Occurring Disorders

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    Research pertaining to substance abuse and mental health illness are prevalent in understanding how to assist individuals who are suffering from substance abuse, mental illness, or both. The research article that was most surprising to me was Treatment Benefits the Mental Health of Adolescents, Young Adults, and Adults. NEDS Fact Sheet 78 (Karageorge, 2001). This study revealed that 23% of adults reported suicide attempts prior to substance abuse treatment, the reported number of suicide attempts reduced to 4% after substance abuse treatment (Karageorge, 2007). This st

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    Interview: Dorra Mcclaster Substance Abuse Counselor For The Attic Correctional Service

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    On June 17, 2011 at 1:00pm I interviewed Dorra McClaster , a substance abuse counselor for the Attic Correctional Service. The interview took place in her office at 303 W Court St, in Janesville, WI. The reason for this interview was for me to gather as much information in the substance abuse field as possible and the requirements needed for this type of position, and to expand my professional network, and possible employment leads. I didn’t have to wait long when I got there. She welcome me in with a smile, we shook hands and walk to her office. We set down and she ask me, wh

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    Safeguarding Protection From Abuse In Health And Social Care

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    Knowing and being able to recognize the different signs and types of abuse is an important part of working in a care setting. ~ Physical abuse includes hitting, slapping, pushing, pinching and kicking. Force feeding and misusing medication or restraint – refusing access to toileting, catheterizing when not necessary or for the convenience of others. ~ Sexual abuse includes rape, sexual assault, forced masturbation, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, forced witnessing of sexual acts or media, penetration or attempted penetration of intimate areas, and sexual acts when there has been no co

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    Rehabilitation In The Community

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    Rehabilitation in the community refers to sanctions that are imposed on convicted adults, as well as adjudicated juveniles, that occur in a community setting as opposed to incarceration. The purpose of a community sentence is to repair the harm the offender has caused and to reduce the risk of reoffending in the future. Probation forms the basis of community supervision, while most other sanctions are programs or conditions of probation (Alarid, 2013). These other community sanctions range from residential programs, to economic sanctions, to nonresidential options. Probation is the first

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