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  • Group Interaction Analysis

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    Interaction Analysis Receiving what Aristotle called “Phronesis,” which in this case was a better understanding of human interactions as I was able to observe communication among fellow classmates. I was able to compile evidence, using a transcript, to analysis a particular group’s interactions. While participating in this group, I was able to, not only analyze the interactions of others but analyze myself as well. Prior to taken this course with Jessica Robles, this task to analyze human communication would have assumingly been easy. Having more of an understanding of human communicatio

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    The ancient art of tattooing has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in North America. Prevalence rates for tattoos are difficult to assess but have been estimated at 10%-20% of men and 7% of women with tattoos in the United States (Copes &Forsyth, 1998). Estimates are not yet available in Canada, however, there is no reason to suspect that Canadian rates would be markedly different.3 Historically, although men with tattoos have experienced negative judgments and reactions (Gray, 1994; Rubin, 1988), they have arguably received greater social acceptance than have women with tattoos (

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    Tattoos In The Workplace Your Right To Bear Arms

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    Your Right to Bear Arms: Tattoos in the Workplace If we have the right to express ourselves freely, then people with tattoos should be able to work anywhere. When looking for a job, image is the first thing an employer looks at. What about qualifications and references? When do employers look at those? What is more important? “Devotees of body piercing and tattoos may hate to admit it, but they are often negatively judged by the public because of their body modifications”, and having these visible tattoos it makes it harder to find a suitable career (Bahadosingh). This is mainly becau

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    When you judge people from how they are and how they act sometimes just wrong. When people sterotype other people. I will talk about few category where people sterotype the most that Politicians, Tattooed People, Feminists, Senior Citizen. When you read my paper I hope learn from it. Stereotyping is making assumptions about a group of people that can lead to unfair judgment of them. . . .In the case of seniors you have age discrimination, where we can't get jobs, or some apartments. I have a friend who is incontinent and has to wear diapers. People are embarassed to be seen with her, or are

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    Discrimination Still Exists

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    The movement of radical body modifications such as tattoos and piercings are becoming an extremely common form of self expression in today’s world.  Self expression is ones way of showing the type of person they are, rather it being artistic by detailed tattoos or a simple "tough guy" with an eye brow piercing.  However, self expression is also a double edged sword, specifically in the job industry.  People of all ages, but mostly directed at ages 18-25 are finding that their piercings and tattoos are making it fairly difficult to find a job.  Jobs around the world are denying applicants the

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