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  • 3rd Grade Observation Paper

    1265 words, 6 pages

    My first observation was done in Mrs. Howell's 3rd grade class at Oak Park Elementary. As I entered the room and took a seat at one of the empty desks at the back, I noticed how organized her room was. Students' backpacks, books, and jackets were placed on the back wall of the classroom in their designated cubby hole. This technique allowed Mrs. Howell easy access to walk around the classroom while teaching. I noticed an Accelerated Reading section in the back corner of the room where students could take tests without being interrupted by other students. There were several different academic

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    Organizational Profile: The Responsibility Project

    1479 words, 6 pages

    “I believe that no man who holds a leader’s position should ever accept favors from either side. He is then committed to show favors. A leader must stand alone.” – Mother Jones Incorporate this into a paragraph to strengthen your academic structure. The world of business today has more to keep up with than they once did, it’s not enough to just stay ahead of the competition businesses must also be innovated, they must be productive and they must stay competitive to be successful. Paragraphs must include a minimum of 3 sentences. Part of achieving these factors is the ability for management

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    Planning And Preparing An English Lesson

    1521 words, 7 pages

    Wright (2005) explains, although a teacher may have good content knowledge of the English language, when planning and preparing to teach English in a diverse classroom, it is essential to be aware that, the learners may not know what the teacher is talking about, as a result, little or no learning takes place. This essay will discuss aspects that need to be taken into consideration before and whilst planning and preparing to teach a diverse English classroom. The essay will also include some of my experiences as a student teacher when teaching English. Walt, Evans, a

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    Icelt Task 3 2 Planning Beyond The Lesson

    1507 words, 7 pages

    I. Introduction. Covering all the aspects and selecting the appropriate activities to develop language skills when teaching, could be a very challenging task for ELT practitioners as a result of many external factors such as: academic program, text books, materials or even facilities, reason why: “Thinking things through before you teach helps to reduce feelings of uncertainty or panic and inspires you instead with a sense of confidence and clarity.” (Woodward, 2001). I agree with this as the only way we can help and create meaningful learning is to foresee the activities that best-fit our t

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    The Effects Of Differential Instruction

    1788 words, 8 pages

    A qualitative research project involves collecting, analyzing and interpreting comprehensive narratives and visual data to gain insights into a particular phenomenon of interest (Gay, 2009, p. 7). One such area of interest is the effects of differential instruction on students' educational development. The Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Model presents up to 21 elements that contribute to defining how a child learns best (Dunn, 2009), thus the teacher's teaching style will factor into the child's success or failure. The initial target population is of fourth grade students and their teachers; t

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