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  • The Auto Industry

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    Honda of America's two manufacturing plants in East Liberty and Marysville, Ohio, renowned for productivity and high product quality, sought to leverage this expertise to improve the plants' environmental performance. This case study covers the strategic, organizational, and operational decisions facing the environmental manager in charge of the two plants as she awaited the pending visit of her corporate boss from Tokyo, who had made it clear that environmental issues were of growing importance in Honda's overall direction. The shrinking is accelerating dramatically. Just yesterday Chrysler

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    Amul Project

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    September 23, 2005 {draw:frame} Every day Amul collects 447,000 litres of milk from 2.12 million farmers (many illiterate), converts the milk into branded, packaged products, and delivers goods worth Rs 6 crore (Rs 60 million) to over 500,000 retail outlets across the country. Its supply chain is easily one of the most complicated in the world. How do managers at Amul prevent the milk from souring? Walk in to any Amul or Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) office, and you may or may not see a photograph of Mahatma Gandhi, but you will certainly see one particular photograp

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    Non Unionized Workplace

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    Trade union is an organization that consists of workers who is wanted to improve the terms and condition in the workplace. In Singapore, trade union has defined as any organization of employers or employees have main objectives. First of the objective is to establish relation in the economy. Another objective is to create a win- win situation for both employee and the employer; this objective also will be effect to Singapore economy. Lastly is to create a better standardized working environment for the employee and employer. The impact of union is to improve worker safety, increase salary f

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    Industrial Relations In Asia

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    Introduction Industrial relations in accordance to tradition, is the relationship between the management and the employees in an unionized organization. This relationship is formal and legalistic, as it involved the acts of law. It is also often viewed as the sub set of employment relationship. Industrial relations play an important role in Asia, with significant transition over the years. Despite the fact that different Asian countries opted inconsistent strategies in the aspect to industrial relations, I do not agree to the statement saying that Singapore is the odd country out when compa

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    1 BARCASTLE LTD. On his return to work from leave on January 11, 1988, Mr. Henry Smith, Personnel Manager of Barcastle Ltd. in Barbados, knew that he would be forced to make an urgent decision. He had visited the company for a short while on Friday, January 8, 1983, when the General Manager (Ag), Mr. St.Clair Brewster, informed him that he had suspended Mr. Timothy James,' a production worker and shop steward, for the remainder of that day for refusing to comply with a managerial request. After officially discussing the incident with Mr. Brewster and other members of the Management team at

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    Privacidad En El Empleo

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    Escenario III – Cost Club Como gerente del Departamento de Recursos Humanos de Cost Club se me ha asignado el que elabore una serie de conferencia en las que incluyan las leyes en los lugares de trabajo los cuales serían beneficiosos para la compañía y ayudaría a mejorar los procedimientos. A continuación se presentan las siguientes áreas a discutirse. Privacidad del Empleado El derecho de un empleado a la privacidad en su lugar de trabajo es un tema de constante controversia, especialmente en una época en la que se depende de las computadoras y del correo electrónico para hacer

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