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  • Mandatory Military Service

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    According to some countries, every young person must serve two years of military service. What is military service? As stated in the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, military service is the system in which every adult, or every male adult, in a country has to spend a period of time in the army, navy, or airforce. Some say that the United States should consider mandatory military service due to the military conflicts that the United States has around the globe. However, serving one’s country should not be mandated, especially among the young people. Each individual should have th

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    Evaluation Job Analysis For The U.s. Air Force

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    Human Resources Management My employer is the United States Air Force and the pay is dictated by the Congress and there are many influential factors that go into the pay scale. Being as I am stationed in Japan and there aren’t even local businesses or city offices to look for interviewees. Being as such I decided to look into the pay system and scales of the United States Military and look at how jobs are divided based on pay and compensation. In the United States Military there are tons of benefits that are offered to the service members and their families in an attempt to keep member

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