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    There is a good example of the essay.Summary- Some big companies such as Prada decided to delay or even canceled their IPO plans because of the current stock situation. One analysis said that the IPO volume will fall another 25 percent annually in 2009 after the 45 percent decline in 2008. In 2007, almost 250 IPOs took place, but in 2008 only less than 50 IPOs came in the global market. Even though Visa succeeded to get the money by a U.S company for $17.9 billion for its IPO, which was the largest ever float, the number of IPO is not likely to increase. One main reason to stop the number of

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    Amscanholdings Inc.

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    Evaluation of BNM Amscan Holdings, Inc. is probably BNM’s closest competitor (albeit much larger) with respect to being an online retailer of party goods. Look up Amscan’s financials, calculate the selected financial ratios, and relay to management how they are faring against their largest competitor through a comparison of the ratios. (Only compare years ending 2007 and 2008. For the “equity” in “return on equity”, include paid?in capital. BNM 2007 2008 BNM actually has a higher current ratio than the larger competitor. BNM’s inventory turnover numbers are slightly less than

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