Volleyball Papers

  • Mental Toughness Training For Volleyball: Mike Voight

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    This book is basically an explanation about volleyball in the mental aspects rather than the physical aspects. Mental toughness is crucial in excelling athletic performance. When an athlete is mentally unstable it does not matter how fast or how strong he or she is physically is, when your nerves make the best of you everything in your game will go wrong. There are four sections in this book: Components of Toughness, Barriers and Breakdowns to Performance Excellence, Training Strategies for Automatic Execution, Training and Coaching Effectiveness. Each of these sections are divided into chapt

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    With the movie and television show of “Dodgeball” The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) has debated about the games values, so they’re trying to eliminate dodgeball in Physical Education (“Position On Dodgeball in Physical Education” 1). The movie and the television show both display scenes where people are being violently hit by the ball. NASPE believes that dodgeball isn’t a safe activity for K-12 Physical Education programs, and doesn’t teach students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime. They argue dodgeb

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    Rules Of Volleyball

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    There are many rules of the sport of volleyball. With these rules, there are also many different positions in volleyball. The main positions are the setter, right side hitter, outside hitter, the libero, and the middle hitter, also known as the middle blocker. The rules of volleyball include how to serve, how to rotate, what is legal to do during a volley, how a team should rotate, the size of the court, the net and the ball and some common violations. The purpose of this paper is because I am out of gym because I got hurt playing volleyball. The serve is the action

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