Wrestling Papers

  • A Drug Is Discovered That Prolongs Life And Restores Youth And It Leads To Forced Restrictions Of The Population And Worse

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    A drug is discovered that prolongs life and restores youth, and it leads to forced restrictions of the population and worse… FLAP: I decided to respond to the prompt by writing a short story. Thus it enables me to clearly express my intention constructively and allowing the reader to have a better understanding. The audience who I will be addressing are adults and teenagers who have an interest in short, science-fiction stories. The purpose of this story is to demonstrate the beginning of a dystopian world where the government uses extreme methods to manipulate and

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    Driving westbound on the dark empty 1-5 all I could think of was, “Did that actually just happen?!”. Five long months of waiting and wanting and within a matter of hours all of that unsettled anxiety was demolished and it was everything I could have ever wanted and more. I began to think back to the beginning of all of this and it seemed so distant and unreal. But tonight, tonight was something out of a story book, something you see in romantic comedy. Tonight was the night that I finally saw my Mr. Perfect. Could this actually be happening to me? Five long months ago m

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    Who Was The Man That Wrestled With Jacob

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    After doing intensive search through the Liberty library I have found three resources that I will use to try and answer the question. Who wrestled with Jacob? By Fred Blumenthal published in the Jewish Bible quarterly volume 38, number two, 2010. In his article Blumenthal poses a series of questions, a total of eight and all. “Which he says the text leaves unanswered: 1. Why did Jacob take his family and possessions across the river, after having received the message that his brother was approaching with a small army? He points out that a river is a natural line of defense in an adv

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    Struggles Of Two Couples

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    The Tortilla Curtain: The Struggles Of Two Couples T.C. Boyle depicts a fictional story about social realism in the world. The Tortilla Curtain explores the lives of two couples fighting for the American Dream. The first couple, Delaney and Kyra Mossbacher are fighting to hold on to the American Dream. The second couple, Candido and America Rincon are fighting to have what every American has. Boyle compares the two couples through their living situations, values, and conflicts that each of these four people have to deal with throughout the novel. First of all,

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