Above Cultural Expectation

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English 103

The importance of education is engrained in American culture. It is often expected for young adults to seek a higher education after high school in hopes of getting a high paying job down the road, the idea of self-sufficiency. In the novel Make Your Home Among Strangers, author Jennine Capo Crucet does a phenomenal job showing the clash of cultures in this Cuban family living in America as their world seemingly falls apart. Lizet, the oldest daughter, applies for college without permission amid much family drama. Crucet brilliantly utilizes clever syntax to depict the culture shock of Lizet’s new environment and experiences, ultimately causing friction between herself and her family. This conflict highlights the added... View More »

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Leidy simply repeating the word “awesome” back at Lizet clearly shows that the word was not one used in Lizet’s vocabulary before leaving for school while the italics draw even more attention to the word choice. It demonstrates how Leidy is putting harsher emphasis on the first half of the word as if it was a brand-new word. She continues to call it a “stupid word” learned at “that school” out of frustration and anger. She doesn’t refer to the university by name but rather by referring to it vaguely as “that school”. The place Lizet leaves them for. Through the word choice the reader can feel the resentment coming off the pages. Here Lizet is coming back using new words while Leidy is stuck in one place with a child. She doesn’t understand what College entails and the sacrifices made to get and stay there.
One of these sacrifices ended up being her relationship with her boyfriend Omar. She did not attend a highly regarded high-school, but instead one that is nationally recognized for its poor quality. This means that the jump from high-school to college is made that much harder by attending a very highly regarded university. There are multiple struggles that she never saw coming in her classes because nobody warned her. She would often call up Omar and vent to him about these difficulties and share her self-doubt and her misery, but not the pride of being there or the fun times. Normally he would cheer her up and give her a pep talk, but during their last phone conversation before she visited home he calls her dramatic and uses her own thoughts and worries against her. ...

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