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Al Capone Dies at the age of 48
On January 21, 1947, Capone had suffered a stroke. He started to recover, however he then got pneumonia. Yesterday on January 25, 1947 Al Capone perished in his Palm Island, Florida, home surrounded by his family.
Capone who’s birth name, Alphonse Gabriel Capone, born in Brooklyn, New York to immigrants from Italy Gabriel and Teresina (Teresa) was the fourth of nine children raised in a loving Italian catholic family. Capone was a good kid; he did well in school despite the fact that his teachers (not much older than he was) and schools did not have high hopes for any student that was not American. It was not until the sixth grade that Capone took a turn for the worst.
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Capone enjoyed custom suits, cigars imported from Cuba, gourmet food and drinks, expensive jewelry along with female companionship of the not so “nice girl” side all courtesy of his wealth. Capone had become a celebrity, a feared celebrity but a celebrity all the same.
His opponents struck back for the forcefulness of Capone’s enforcement of regulations, Hymie Weiss and Bugsy Moran from the North Side gang desired to take Capone down. On more than one occasion, Capone’s cars were pierced with shots and on the 20th of September 1926 the North Side gang shot into Capone’s staff as he was dining in the Hawthorne Hotel restaurant. A convoy of nine or more automobiles, using tommy guns and shotguns ravaged the external part of the Hotel and restaurant on the first floor of the establishment. Capone’s guard flung him to the floor at the first sound of a gunshot blast. Capone funded the medical attention of a young child and his mother whom would have been blind without it. This event encouraged Capone to request a truce; however his truce fell on deaf ears. The attack was thought to have been the doings of Bugsy Moran and his boys and the attack left Capone a little shaken.
For his voyages away from Chicago, it was rumored that Capone had several sanctuaries located in: Brookfield, Wisconsin, Saint Paul, Minnesota, French Lick, Indiana and many more locations. As safety measures, Capone and his men would show up abruptly at train depots all over the Chicago area buying up whole sleeper cars on evening trains to such places as Cleveland, Omaha, Kansas City, or Little Rock ...

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