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” In less than two years, I achieved two major goals; a Bachelors degree and a management position. Education is and has been my drive to personal growth and opportunity.
Seven years ago, I rotated into a new management role at my present company; Daimler Corporation. I accepted a challenging role in an environment where I had limited experience. At the same time, my lovely wife and I were expecting our first child. A new job and a “new born” would soon be upon me and both required OJT; on the job training. And with all that was going on in my life, I still wanted to return to university. However I knew in my heart that would not be possible. So I settled into my two new roles and rested my educational drive.
Within Daimler, the current senior staff; director level to chief, have graduate and post-graduate degrees. When an E3 level or higher position is posted, those who have applied have two or more degrees and strangely enough, in Germany where a Masters Degree is equivalent to a PHD, most managers have a doctor title on their business cards. Other than my own drive to further my education, I believe that with a graduate degree on my resume will increase my chances for a promotion into the senior management level. Additionally, I have the support of my manager and more importantly, my wife.
I am now in my current position for seven years, my two daughters have grown and become more independent, I have the support I need from both work and home, and this is the ideal time to take the first step toward my MBA. I can still see the cyclist in that commercial carrying his bike from the locker room to the classroom. And as he hung his bike on the wall, he turned to his coat rack and put on a very sporty, yet stylish Anderson Sports Coat. The professor had arrived. View More »

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