Article Critique: Goal Setting In Teams

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For this assignment, I chose an article from the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. It is entitled “Goal Setting in Teams: The Impact of Learning and Performance Goals on Process and Performance.”
This study examined the impact of three alternative types of goals (specific learning, general “do your best” learning, and specific performance) on team performance. Eighty-four-person teams engaged in an interdependent command and control simulation in which the team goal and task complexity were manipulated. Contrary to research at the individual level, teams with specific learning goals performed worse than did teams with general “do your best” learning goals or specific... View More »

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Enemy forces should not be allowed to move into the restricted areas but friendly forces could. The teams would have to determine if the force was friendly or enemy. Each member on the team could exchange information with team members. Each member also had an asset that was composed of different capabilities that could disable enemy forces. An asset that was high on one dimension was low on the others. Each team was given their goals and told what to focus on as a group. According to the statistical measures the author’s put in place; their hypotheses were proven true.
I found this article very interesting as a supervisor and it adds to my knowledge. I have always believed that goal setting was a very important part of success. Goal setting is mentioned in both this class and in Organizational Behavior. Our textbook mentions goal setting on page 167. In summary, the text says that with individuals, specific and hard goals result in higher motivation levels that no goals or “do the best you can” goals. It also talks about goal orientation. There are two types of goal orientation; learning and performance. Both of these were tested in the study at the group level. They found evidence to support their theory that these findings from the textbook do not hold true at the group level. This evidence has changed the way I think about goal setting. I have always approached goal setting the same on an individual level and a group level. This study has made me realize that I need to tailor my methods. As a supervisor, I want to see my employees perform to the best of their ...

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