Career Development - Where I See Myself In 10 Years

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Freedom, the ability to act on an independent level. Being able to choose how to behave, where to live and what to do all relate to what is known as the American Dream. Basically, one has the capability of writing his or her own life story. The American Dream is important to me because where I see myself in 10 years can have many different outcomes, and I have the power to choose which path to take. In 10 years I should have a job, I am a hard worker and will continue to work while I still can. Hopefully, it is with my dream full time job and my side job. But if things do not go according to plans I have a backup job just in case. To get the best possible outcome I have to finish what I started many years ago, school.

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But the longer I work there the more the shifts drag on and it is starting to get old. I cannot see myself staying there another year or two because I want to move up in the world, and Jewel is not what I have in store for my full time job.

Overall, I am still in school and have to finish. I will pick a full time job according to my major. I will keep my side job of coaching because that is one of my passions and it is extra money. And if for some odd reason I cannot get my desired full time job, I have a backup plan to work at Jewel. The American Dream is waiting for anyone who is willing to reach for it, I am willing enough to go for it because I want to move up in the world and be successful. ...

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