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However, if one cannot analyze the information, weigh the facts against the assumptions, be objective, then all that information is useless. Education is an on going [ongoing] process. Gone are the days when an Associates Degree could land you a decent paying job. More and more employers are seeking qualified individuals, with both experience and the credentials to fill their top paying positions. The work place has become fast paced and there is the need for more skilled and talented workers. Decisions we make today, may no longer be of any use tomorrow. The Customers needs are changing and in keeping with the demands of their clients, many large companies continuously conduct surveys so that they can better satisfy their clients. Employers seek individuals who can make rational decisions; individuals who can think on the spur of the moment, who is unbiased and rational in their decision makings. Individuals who can bring in a huge profit for the company, while at the same time are able to keep down cost.
When I worked for the Ritz-Carlton Club some two years ago, our sales records were at its highest. For three consecutive years we made our budget. Today the same club, same ideas, some of the same sales people are struggling to meet its monthly goals. No longer can one sit back and expect a miracle. You have to make it happen. The ideas or the way things were done two years ago have changed or have become obsolete. We now need to look at new marketing strategies and fresh ideas to stay abreast of this ever changing world.
In my current role as an Administrative Assistant for the Human Resources Department at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, St. Thomas, I am expected to fulfill the expressed and unexpressed wishes of my guests who happen to be the 600+ employees I serve. To successfully carry out this function, it is important that I use critical thinking in order to avoid stag View More »

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