Gun Control Laws Will Not Stop School

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Opinions About Gun Violence Have Changed
Why not? One simple reason is that Congress and the White House are both in the hands of Republicans,
who generally aren't eager to impose restrictions on firearms. But maybe the Republicans are in power
partly because of the new mood that has settled over the issue of gun violence.
It has become clear over the years that most of these spectacular episodes are so freakish that they are not
amenable to regulatory solutions. It has also become clear that any imaginable gun-control laws are not
likely to have much effect on crime in America.
Even the staunchest anti-gun organizations made only perfunctory efforts to capitalize on the Minnesota
shootings. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun... View More »

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As it happens, this sort of mayhem is rare and getting rarer. [A 2004] federal report on school
crime and safety notes that the number of kids killed at school dropped from 33 in the 1998-99 school year
to 14 in 2001-02. Other violent crimes against students at school have also declined.
Common-sense security measures, like limiting access to schools by outsiders, may help. But eliminating
such shootings entirely is asking too much. Says Ronald Stephens, executive director of the Californiabased
National School Safety Center, "It's very difficult to stop an incident like this unless you have an army
standing at the door."
Most Americans have probably figured that out, and while they may be shocked and saddened by mass
murder, they don't expect it to ever be eradicated. That sort of realism is no ally of gun control.
Source Citation:
Chapman, Steve. "Gun Control Laws Will Not Stop School Shootings." School Shootings. Ed. Susan
Hunnicutt. At Issue Series. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2006. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale.

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