How To Become A Good Student

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Chapter 1 - Motivation
To become a good student, you need to get motivated! Motivation can come from seeing the situation of many poor children around the world who are not lucky enough to get a proper education. This is a good thing to keep in mind when you find yourself not wanting to attend class or study at home. Another reason to get motivated to study is that you will enjoy a better quality of life as an educated person. You can go to educational websites, like this one, and surf them with interest. You must not force yourself to study, as this will make learning a chore and you will not feel like even opening your books. You will have many academically good students in your courses. Try becoming friends with them (or encourage... View More »

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Obey your elders, don't bully your classmates at school. Remember, try imagining yourself in the other person's situation, and you'll know how much you hurt them with your actions. Say hello to your teachers and schoolmates when you see them, people will appreciate your friendliness and be friendly in return. Use good manners in class. Raise your hand, don't interrupt if someone is speaking, and if you don't have a nice thing to say, then don't say anything at all.
Above all, try helping your friends in any situation and you'll be remembered as one of the best friends at school! Don't just do it for a good reputation, but for a good future and for yourself. You should also know that words from your mouth are enough to break relationships (or worse) so don't utter foul, discouraging, or insulting words. If someone is being rude, don't encourage them by laughing because that only makes them continue in their bad behavior.
Don't take this as a lecture, but as a guideline! Behavior should be first and then comes academics. Even if you aren't good at school, you'll be famous for your behavior, and good friends are truly worth more than gold.
Your behaviour should be such in a way that it should impress others.

Chapter 4 - Management
This is one of the many questions that children ask their teachers, "Ma'am, I can't study!". Let's ponder on these things : Are you devoted to studying? Are you just studying for your parents? Are you just cheating in exams for getting good grades and marks? The list goes on.
First of all, as mentioned above, study somewhere that has a ...

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