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As a freshman, I didn’t have many options in who to pick for this interview because all of my professors, teachers, and teaching assistants (T.A.’s) are not of my major. But of all of these people, I chose my General Chemistry I T.A., Michael Vega. On the day I sent my e-mail to him, he seemed eager to answer all of my questions on that day, although I did allow him some time to answer. Upon receiving his response to my e-mail, I got thorough answers, proving to me that my teachers and teaching assistants do care.

Michael attended Kishwaukee Community College in Malta, IL, but then eventually transferred to Northern Illinois University which led to him earning his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in the summer of 2013. Starting out at community college, he lived off campus. Even when he transferred to NIU, and to this day, he still commutes. Because of this, he wasn’t completely involved on campus due to the jobs he held. He spent his time on campus solely for classes and undergraduate research. He told me how science had always been his favorite subject throughout high school, so he says that he will eventually move into forensic chemistry while having a biochemistry emphasis.

Michael told me a lot about himself, but instead of quickly answering my questions about what a first year college student should do, he answered them with passion. He tells me that it is never too late to volunteer in things related to my major, and that it is always a good thing to have connections, especially with others in my major. He even mentions that Physical Therapy is a physically demanding job and suggests that I should work out (if I don’t do so already - which I do). He advises freshmen students to consistently ask questions and attend office hours. He even shares a short story of how a student went to our Chemistry professor’s office hours while upset and left with a smile on her face. He says to always have relationships with our seniors and teachers so that I can more View More »

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