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The pay was right and my decision were made with the families I nanny for. Everything worked out great. I implemented and evaluated the solution I chose and decided it was the best idea for me and I would never go back and change my decision to be a waitress. I love what I do and I am glad I made the right decision!
My General Decision making styles, I would say, are Conceptual and Behavioral styles. A decision making style reflects the combination of how an individual perceives and comprehends stimuli and the general manner in which he or she chooses to respond to such information (pg 257). I am a conceptual decision maker because as it states in the book i have a high tolerance for ambiguity and tend to focus on people or social aspects of a work situation. I take broad perspective to problem solving and consider all of my possibly (Like you could see in my earlier paragraphs). I like to have many options and not just one and have many things to choose from. I am very willing to step outside of the box and take risks as well. There can be a downside with conceptual style because it can foster and idealistic and indecisive approach to decision making. This does not usually happen to me but I am sometimes very indecisive onto what I want while making decisions.
I thought I was also a Behavioral descion making style. I work well with others and enjoy social interactions (which is why I nanny) at school and waitress back at home. My opinions are openly exchanged and I am supportive to suggestions, new ideas, and prefer verbal to written information. In the behavioral decision making style the downsides are having a tendency to avoid conflict and to always be concerned with others. I do see this in myself a little, but not too much. I hate saying no and I always want to make people happy while making decisions. I have learned though it is not always going to be that way and sometimes saying no is OK.
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