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It is sometimes not uncommon for Americans to provide excuses and blame the “system” as to why they are disadvantaged or lack access to a good education. Muslim minister and human rights activist Malcolm X is an inspirational example that attaining a good education is possible for most people, regardless of their circumstances. In an excerpt from his autobiography, Malcom X chronicles his difficult and unconventional path to that good education while he was an inmate at Norfolk Prison Colony. Although Malcolm X was a controversial figure in American history, he had undoubtedly become an eloquent spokesman and advocate for human rights. This essay will analyze the effectiveness of Malcolm X’s assertion that the pursuit of a... View More »

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Malcolm X recounts his personal experience during his seven-year incarceration against seemingly difficult odds. He continues by reflecting on how mastering a dictionary and using the prison library at every opportunity provided him with an education that rivaled, if not exceeded, that of those attending some of the best colleges. Malcolm X’s example of himself as a young man equipped with only an eighth grade education who evolved into, what some may argue a scholarly man, strengthens his argument and inspires his African American audience to strive for educational excellence.
In addition to his narrative, Malcolm X appeals to his audience’s emotions as another strategy to inspire them to be better educated so that they may become adequately equipped to combat the current and past oppressions of the African American people. For example, he states “book after book showed me how the white man had brought upon the world’s black, brown, red, and yellow peoples every variety of the suffering of exploitation” (Malcolm X 215). The message to the author’s audience might be, intentionally or not, two-fold. One, it encourages Malcolm X’s audience to learn as much as possible about how they and other people differ from Caucasians, and are oppressed people. Two, his audience may become increasingly frustrated or even infuriated about their current situation that they will be inspired enough to take action. This action could come in the form of acquiring as much knowledge as possible to battle the oppression in both conventional and unconventional ways. The author makes historical ...

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